The New Camera Gets Camera of the Year from “The Verge”

I’ve been loving the new camera.  As you all know I constantly bang the drum of keeping your equipment on the smaller side so you are more likely to bring it with you.

The Sony NEX-5N to me has been the best compromise of price/size/image quality/build quality/features

Here’s what “The Verge” had to say about it-


The door that Sony cracked open with the NEX-5 has been blown wide open by the NEX-5N. Besides making the body marginally thinner and adding a touchscreen, Sony endowed the NEX-5N with a truly supreme image sensor. Its 16-megapixel CMOS sensor competes with the Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D (each company’s latest and greatest midrange DSLR) for noise performance, while delivering image quality that leaves other mirrorless cameras in the dust. If the NEX-5N had a universal microphone input and a more generous battery, it’d be a formidable DSLR replacement for professionals as well. As it stands, it’s the top choice for any hobbyist looking for the best image-quality-to-camera-size ratio.

I’ve been absolutely loving mine.  Soooo much fun to shoot with.  I highly highly highly recommend this camera for anyone from the person that wants the image quality of a large chunky DSLR in a much smaller form factor.

I’ll say it again though my mantra is if you only own one camera it should be one that you feel comfortable carrying around with you.  This won’t fit in your pants pockets like the Canon Powershot s95/s100 or Sony HX9V but it will blow away their picture quality with it’s larger sensor.

Click here for the shots I’ve taken with mine


Love it!

WBUR’s Radio Boston 01930 Story Contest- Get On It!


Hi Joey,
I’m an avid reader of GMG (I discovered the site when I came back to live in my childhood home in Manchester – when I’m feeling particularly Gloucester-centric, I say I live in West Magnolia) and wanted to let you know that the WBUR show Radio Boston has a contest where people write stories about certain zip codes and 01930 is up for this week. The stories are due on Monday, but maybe you or some of the other writers who read GMG would be interested in entering.
Here are the details:
-Allison Sigrist


1. How does this work?
Each month, Radio Boston will pick four ZIP codes in Greater Boston. Listeners are then invited to submit their original short stories and essays, which must take place in one of the four ZIP codes.

2. How long can my story be?
It should be no more than 500 words.

3. Must it be fiction?
We are accepting fiction and non-fiction.

4. Do I have to live in one of the ZIP codes?
No, your story simply has to take place in one of them.

5. Which ZIP codes are highlighted this month?
For the month of December, we’re featuring: 01930 (Gloucester), 02301 (Brockton), 02482(Wellesley) and 02131 (Roslindale).

6. When is this month’s deadline?
All stories for this round must be submitted by 10pm EST on Monday, January 9th.

7. Why ZIP codes?
This project is about place. We want you to tell us about your communities, and breaking down the Boston-area by ZIP code allows us to go deeper into specific towns, neighborhoods and villages. The ultimate goal: transport the reader through your writing.

8. How do I submit my story?
There are a few ways. Since we’re a radio station and an audio literary magazine, our favorite way for you to submit is by sending us a recording of yourself reading your story out loud. You can do this using Broadcastr, a social-media platform for location-based stories. Visit the Broadcastr website or use their iPhone and Android apps. Please make sure you tag your story “ZipCodeStories.”

You can also submit your story online here.

Or send it via snail mail to:

Attn: Zip Code Stories/Radio Boston
890 Commonwealth Avenue, 3rd Fl
Boston, MA 02215

9. What happens once I submit?
A panel of readers from The Drum and WBUR will read each essay and pick one winner.  This winner will be featured on air as well as online at and The Drum.

10. I have more questions.
Please contact us via email:

11. Are there limits to what I can say in my story?
Yes. We will not feature material that is crude, obscene or hateful.

Boston Derby Dames Announce 2012 Season

Season Opening game March 24, 2012, Shriners Auditorium, Wilmington


The Boston Derby Dames, Massachusetts only WFTDA sanctioned flat track roller derby team, announces details of their 2012 season schedule this month, with all games to be played at their home base of Shriners Auditorium, Wilmington, MA.
In this their 7th year, BDD has more than 65 skaters on five teams: the Cosmonaughties, Nutcrackers and Wicked Pissahs; a B level team aptly called the Boston B Party and the all-star travel team, the Boston Massacre. As founding member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (, BDD has worked to build and represent the sport on an international level.
As the 2012 national season begins, the Boston Massacre is ranked 7th in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Eastern Region ( Plus, Derby News Network Power Rankings put Boston in the number 20 spot overall in the country (
Our 2012 season (March–October) is poised to be another heated season with the home teams vying for supremacy—  the four-time champs Wicked Pissahs try to hold on to the Championship Fez Cup from the graceful grip of second-place finishers and 2010 champions the Nutcrackers, while the Cosmonaughties battle for their first-ever trophy.
The Boston Massacre has experienced major transition in players, losing several to retirement but gaining a track full of fresh young blood anxious to prove their mettle in this season’s tough schedule. Training harder than ever before, the Massacre are up to facing a challenging season as they welcome Pennsylvania’s Dutchland, Indy’s Naptown, Cincinnati’s Black Sheep, Maine’s Port Authorities and the ever-popular Montreal New Skids on the Block.
Hoping to make the 2012 WFTDA Championships in Atlanta this fall, a feat they accomplished in 2008, this may be a break out year for Boston’s all-star team as the sport continues to grow in athleticism and its fan base continues to broaden.
Our season opening games in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 broke attendance records. Last year’s 2011 opener sold out and once again left a line of anxious fans buying tickets for the next bout in advance, plus, BDD sold out the first four games of the 2011 season. For 2012, the injection of fresh meat blood combined with the inspiration of dedicated vets promises a season like none other.


MARCH 24th
Cosmonaughties v. Nutcrackers
Boston B Party v. Maine Calamity Janes (Portland, ME)
APRIL 28th
Wicked Pissahs v. Nutcrackers
Boston Massacre v. Naptown Tornado Sirens (Indianapolis, IN)
MAY 19th
Cosmonaughties v. Wicked Pissahs
Boston Massacre v. Dutchland Derby Rollers (Lancaster, PA)
JUNE 16th
Nutcrackers v. Cosmonaughties
Boston Massacre v. Maine Port Authorities (Portland, ME)
JULY 14th
Nutcrackers  v. Wicked Pissahs
Boston Massacre v. Montreal New Skids on the Block
Wicked Pissahs v. Cosmonaughties
Boston Massacre v. Cincinnati Rollergirls
1st Place Team v. Expo Guest
Home Team Playoffs
3rd Place Team v. Expo Guest
Home Team Championships

Bill Lee’s New Ocean Reporter – Skip Montello Reports

Just wanted everyone to know that Capt. Bill Lee’s "new" Ocean Reporter arrived in Rockport this afternoon. Bill seems real happy with his new boat and plans to have her over to Rose Marine at the beginning of next week for a new coat of paint, no doubt black with a bit of yellow trim. Congrats Billy! Thanks, Skip Montello

North Coast Angler
Skip Montello Photos

Did You Know? (Butterballs)

That buffleheads are sometimes called butterballs?  This species has a low, swift flight and unlike most divers, they can fly straight up from a watery takeoff.  They are challenging to photograph up close because they dive or take off as soon as they see you lift up your camera.  Maybe they think it is a gun, although I can’t imagine they are hunted, they are so small and incredibly cute. 

E.J. Lefavour

Correction to 2012 Rocky Neck Plunge Video from Kim Smith

Wonderful to see the Douglass Family celebrating ancestor Captain Fred Douglass with a Rocky Neck Plunge of their own! And I was glad to learn the name of the beach is Flynn’s Beach, not Oak Cove Beach. The Community Heritage Map of Cape Ann, 1889, does not give a name to the beach on Oakes (note spelling of Oakes) Cove, however, many long-time residents refer to it as Flynn’s Beach. Upon close inspection of the map of 1889, several of the properties abutting Oakes Cove belong to S.W. Oakes. In the Douglass’ post of yesterday, Oakes Cove was referred to as Wonsons Cove. Wonsons Cove is the cove just south of Oakes Cove, which you see to your immediate left when crossing the Rocky Neck Avenue causeway on your way into Rocky Neck.

On the old map, we can see our home on Plum Street, which was built in 1851, and can barely make out the name of the owner of 1889–it appears as though the last name is Douglass–perhaps relatives of Captain Fred Douglass and the Douglass family? Our home is on the eastern side of the former Point Grammar School. The house on the map on the western side of the school is more clearly labeled and that too is owned by a Douglass, either S.G. or S.C. Douglass.

Click Map to See Larger Image

Welcome To The Chelsea Berry Blog

OK, you’ve seen her interview , read what the critics say and heard some of her music.  Want to get some of her songs?  They’re available on iTunes here:

Thought it was the dead of Winter?  Wrong!  You can see live music at 7 different venues in Gloucester tonight.  See the list here

Hey Picasso!

From Deb Clarke;

‘child with thinking cap’
tape transfer ground with metal leaf on stretchers
every-once-in-awhile these funny little line drawings show up in the work.  for years these only showed up in my 4×5″ sketchbooks.  never took them seriously.  now, they give me a joy.  this reminds me of Picasso’s work.  just sayin’.

GMG contributors at the Matz gallery (Sawyer Free Library)

Not to toot our own horn, but I want to share a couple of photos of the exhibit of photos, painting, pottery, and origami by GoodMorningGloucester contributors!  The exhibit started on New Years Day and runs through the month of January.

A panoramic overview of the exhibit

It was hard to take this panorama, because it required a series of photos, and the library is (thankfully) a busy place, with lots of people walking in and out!

Closeup of some of the non-photographic work

Stop in to see the work closer up for yourself!  The library is located across the street from City Hall.   Directions and hours (and more, of course!) are available on the library website.

Gloucester/Ipswich HighSchool Co-Op Gymnastics Team Starts Season With A Win

Hi Joey,
   This years Gloucester/Ipswich HighSchool Co-Op gymnastics team began their 2011-2012 season tonight with a win against the HWME team at the IronRail gym in Wenham.
    I have attached a photo of the team along with a photo of the 5 GHS Seniors on the team who are from L-R
Capt.Kate Pardo, Capt. Leah Carlson, Capt. Kiley Aiello, Capt. Meg Bresnahan and Haley Doucette.
Thanks Joey, Merry Christmas!


Good Morning Gloucester Exhibit At The Adolf Matz Gallery Inside The Sawyer Free Library

Stop By The Adolf Matz Gallery At The Sawyer Free Library (you can’t miss it as you pass through it once you enter the main doors to the library).

We have the GMG exhibit there all month long.

Kim Smith sold one of her pieces already.

Cape Ann Profiles Rich Sagall Interviews Andrew Love and Lisa Smith

On the next Cape Ann Profiles show host Rich Sagall interviews Lisa Smith and Andrew Love, the two production coordinators at Cape Ann TV. They discuss what it’s like to work at a community access station, the importance of the station to the community and how individuals can become involved.

Cape Ann Profiles can be seen on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Friday, January 6 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, January 8 at 2:00PM. It repeats on Friday, January 13 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, January 15 at 2:00PM.

Rich Sagall is a physician and the president of NeedyMeds, a national non-profit that provides information on programs that help people unable to afford their health care costs. He also publishes Pediatrics for Parents, a children’s health newsletter.

Mary Jo Frontiera Tribute From Barbara Boudreau

Barbara Boudreau writes-

Hi Joey,

I didn’t know if you run any tributes to people who have passed, but Gloucester lost a very special lady on Tuesday.  Perhaps you knew her from her music – she was a gifted piano player – a wonderful musician.  The wake is tomorrow (Friday) at Greely’s and the funeral Saturday at St. Ann’s.  I wrote this piece about her if you have room for it on the web site.  Great job on the site – it tells a wonderful side of Gloucester.

Barbara Boudreau

image001 (1)

I’m very sad to report that my dear buddy Mary Jo Frontiera passed away on Tuesday. She was a magical presence who possessed that quality all musicians strive for, yet many never achieve. When she played, the music simply came out of her and greatly affected everyone within earshot, regardless of age or station in life. Memories of her sitting in at the Studio Restarant live vividly in my mind. No matter who was playing before or after, she always commanded the most thunderous applause with her simple, but elegant style and interpretation, her impeccable sense of time and creative musical genius. Though she was completely self taught and never considered herself to be a singer, she was one of my favorites, and her rendition of "Street of Dreams" was the ultimate. Mary has been out of the music circuit for some time now, but was playing regularly for Day by Day elder services in Gloucester, bringing the gift of music to those who need it most. If you had the privilege of visiting at her apartment in Poplar Park, you were always treated to a free impromptu concert which spanned the gamut of the American Songbook and beyond, to classical, and at times, Beatles tunes that she loved. Mary Jo LOVED music. It remained to the end the most important aspect of her life. Just last Monday, she played for me at her house, and I will keep that memory of Winter Wonderland clutched in my heart. The world has lost a true treasure today.

Barbara Boudreau