Time To Work Out- Gonna Hit the MAC

After sitting on a beach for a week straight and eating like a pig in Playa del Carmen I’ve decided to not let myself blow up like an Alabama tick and am going to start working out again to keep off that winter spare tire.


I decided on The Manchester Athletic Club for several reasons.  The kids take swimming lessons there and the Mrs does her newfangled workouts there but also with the Gloucester and Manchester locations I can bring the girls in and set them up in the Gymazing class while I get my work out on in Manchester or I have the option to pop in the Gloucester location on a day when there might only be a couple of boats out fishing.  Being able to spend a little time with the kids at the gym and for the Mrs to have some time to herself will be a big time bonus as well!

Elizabeth Harrigan talks about getting back to working out after some time away from the gym.  I can totally relate.

It also didn’t hurt that they have a zero to join through January 31st deal.

Check Out Elizabeth Harrigan in this video-


Silly Old Coot

When I was a child, my siblings and I oftentimes called one another nonsensical names– “old coot” and “silly old coot” are two insults we frequently relied upon. I am not sure from where we picked up these idioms, but I am positive we did not know a coot is a charming water bird.

As I was leaving Eastern Point Saturday afternoon, I nearly ran over two coots that were in the road adjacent to Niles Pond. There was a crowd of birders positioned along the water’s edge with binoculars and cameras equipped with stupendously enormous telephoto lenses. Quickly parking, I grabbed the video camera, with no time to set-up the tripod. For the most part the birds stayed in the middle of the pond, however several times the coots swam closer to shore, with cover provided by the tall grasses. Coots have a sprightly way of paddling, sort of a bobbing swim, and I thought the jaunty melody of this Beethoven symphony mirrored their movements. Featuring, in order of appearance, Ruddy Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, American Coot, female Ring-necked Duck, and female Mallard.

Total length 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Reader Judy writes:  Astute birders shoot cute coots scoot – woot!

Did You Know? (Get Out Your Dancin’ Shoes)

That there are (at least) two good reasons to dig out your dancin’ shoes this Saturday night?  The Annie is holding a benefit big band swing dance and auction (I donated a painting for the auction), and the Lanesville Community Center is having a January Thaw dance party with music by “The Merj”.  Two great community venues to turn out for and support.

"Music is in the space between the notes."


Click on the picture to find out who said that and see how the essence of Dr. King’s most famous speech may lie in the spaces between the speaking.  While you’re at it, watch for the biblical quote set to Handel’s music.

Plenty of good dancin’ music tonight.  So get out and party!

Thursday Night Blues Party at The Rhumb Line to Host Michelle Willson ~ Queen of the Honky Tonk Blues.

Thursday – 9:00 to 12:00 ~ Dave Sag’s Blues Party

Hahahah- Dave Says,

Got a big load in my pants this week, so let’s get goin’!
Firstly, Thursday nite the Rumblind is proud to feature Ms. Michelle Willson, queen of the honky blues.


Just back from a successful show at the Kapusta Festival in Lodz, the divine Miss W. is sure to beat your brain to a pulp whilst mandibulating such gooey blues as your subhuman desires demand. Man, can she sing!
Backing her up will be that jazz snob and longtime heartthrob, Mr. John F. Hyde, on keys. You should see him in his new sharkskin suit, girls; he’s quite a fashion plate. We’ve booked time at Mt. Palomar to locate a drummer, but, so far, all we have is background radiation, so, stay tuned. Of course, Mr. Greg T. and his hat will be there as well as myself, doing my best Piltdown Man impersonation since I’ve just learned to stand up again! Don’t be L-seven: get your butt out there!
And Saturday nite: what can I say? The Storm Troopers of The Good Old Salty Jazz\Swing Band march back into The Annie; i.e. the performance space at the Blackburn Building for another teeth-grinding foray into the world of the Great american Schlongbook. Led by Mr. Henry Allen, we’re all looking forward to another great nite of crooning and dancing. Hours 8 to 11. It’s a benefit for the Annie, and worth every penny of the $20 cover. Bring your own corn remover!
And for those of you who still have the strength, Monday afternoon The GOSJB (see above) will be draggin’ their blunt instruments into the Rose Baker Senior Center for yet another groovy dance party. From 1 to 3 p.m., we’ll be pulling out all the stops. It’s free!

Kingsley Flood ~ This Saturday night @ The Rhumb Line…You do not want to miss this band.

Get ready because Kingsley Flood is coming to the Rhumb Line this Saturday night at 9:30. Fell in love with this band the very first time I heard them. Do you know where that was? The Rhumb Line at a Monday night open jam with Gloucester’s own George Hall, years ago. Yee ha! They are celebrating their new “Colder Still” EP released Jan 10, 2012.

Have a listen….http://kingsleyflood.com/music/

Sat. Jan 28 Georges Coffee Shop/ Allen Estes& Me

Howdy Folks, In all the places to play, hows this, Sat. Jan 28 At 6:30 pm, Allen Estes and I will be doing a couple of sets of music over a full course Roast Pork Dinner, Apps, and Dessert.( BYOB ) Go see Dean at Georges for tickets if you are ready for a full blown meal and fun in Gloucester’s favorite Coffee Shop. Tickets are $30 in advance,,, Seating is limited so hurry!! Soup to Nuts,, Hope you can make it cause this guy can cook. Love MO’C,,, I think Allen said something about going under the name The Ham n’ Eggers for this night,, we will have to talk to band management first.

My Father, by Ron Gilson

Our Dad!

By Ron Gilson;

“Paul Frontiero, Sr.,

fisherman, marine artist, WWII Navy combat veteran, family man and Gloucester icon, was my friend and roll model for over 50 years. Paul was a kind, beautiful person. At our every meeting, Paul never failed to mention his association with U.S. Marines during his WW II navy wartime service. I have so many pleasant memories, especially his art demos for me only in his basement studio, all the time reminiscing about our 1940-1950 waterfront, recalling the great vessels of those historical decades. Paul sketched and painted the waterfront scene as he studied and lived it, with vivid reality. Fortunately, his work hangs in many Cape Ann homes – his work lives on! Whenever passing his home and gallery, I always glance over from the Rt. 128 extension at his curtained picture window that for years displayed his signature surf scenes. Another era has passed. A Gloucester ambassador, remembered for his creative artistic genius, Paul Frontiero, Sr., lives on.

Ron Gilson”

THANK YOU SO MUCH RON! That is a Beautiful tribute to a great man and father.

Our Dad’s Obituary: http://obit.greelyfuneralhome.com/obit_display.cgi?id=1022148&listing=Current&clientid=greelyfuneralhome

Some of our Dad’s Paintings and Dad with the infamous Blaze;

Someone Misses My Point Entirely About The Floating Marina

Commentor X who obviously knows a whole lot about DPA regulations and exactly how the permitting for this exact Floating Marina project will work comments on my stance about the Floating Marina proposal. (couldn’t at all be someone involved with the planning for it could it?)  Nah, purely coincidental that they have that knowledge at the tip of their tongue. Smile

First I’ll repost what I wrote-

The Floating Marina- My Stance

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Joey C

As a waterfront property owner I want you to know that this thing which as I understand it, is a floating dock in the middle of the harbor on which transient boats can tie up to.

I am for things that will help get people to our downtown and spending money thus I am not anti- this type of project.

I just want you to understand why it is being done the way it is- as a big float in the middle of the harbor instead of a dockage facility on a piece of waterfront in Gloucester Harbor close to downtown.

This is because the antiquated DPA restrictions won’t allow for a transient dock to exist within the DPA on the waterfront in any place other than the already grandfathered recreational marinas and on an island in the middle of the harbor.
So the thing is being designed as float in the middle of the harbor built with taxpayer money.

If the zoning made any sense and modifications to the DPA allowed there would already be a transient dock built on one of the crumbling piers inside of the harbor.
It would be able to be financed privately and built with private dollars because it is a project that makes financial sense.

So we could have this type of thing built on the harbor within walking distance of downtown financed without public money and without having to hop on a launch service which we don’t even know is gong to be financially viable to run on it’s own
But instead what we will get because of zero flexibility in the DPA is the float built as an island in the middle of the harbor financed with public dollars and reliant on a launch service to get people around and no improvement to the tax base from a renovated waterfront property.

This is not to say that a single fishing boat would need to be displaced (because you know that is always the cry) there are plenty of properties such as behind the piling field behind the Building Center, behind Seatronics and more piling fields around the city where it could be built.

Joey Ciaramitaro

Captain Joe and Sons

Gloucester MA

Commenter X takes exception with my stance-

The D.P.A. allows for a bottom anchored floats to be used for transient boaters. Recreational or Commercial. An owner can have this float tied to their dock if they wish. As long as the float or floats sit 3 times the depth of the water (at mean low water) back from the harbor line. If the floats will hold more than ten boats it is considered a marina. If it is held in place with pilings it becomes a different thing with many problems. One of which is it has to be commercial. The area you mentioned are not owned by the city so the city cannot build on them. Those property owners have to build on them given the guidelines of the D.P.A.

As for using public funnds. These funds are set up for exactly these kinds of project. Why would the city not take advantage of them juat because you are pissed about how you want things to be done?

You keep repeating big island in the middle of the harbor. I guess the more you say it the more you can get other people to be pissed off along with you and it will seem bigger and bigger the more you say it. If you have seen it you will see that it takes up very little room. What is the matter with you?

Changing the DPA if that is what you want can only start with the property owners. Then the mayor and so on up the food chain. Why in the world would you want to stop a project just because you don’t like the way it is done.

You have a big voice in the community with GMG and your blog. Use it wisely rather than repeatedly spewing what you want to become sound bites in order to piss everyone else.
“Big float in the middle of the harbor”??? You know it isn’t as big as you want people to believe. You say “Public funds” you know they are grants just for this. Again i get that you are pissed off about the D.P.A. why not work towards changing it. Not stopping everything until it is or is not changed.

Many, many coastal
seaport have municipal marinas and launch services. It is much needed service.

Commenter X

and my response to Commenter X-

Where did I say I wanted to stop it? I said I wasn’t anti-it if you read correctly.

As for using the public’s money for it just because it is available I think that is the biggest problem with government spending in the first place. If you allowed the private sector to build it using their own funds then there would be that sum of money available for some other civic project no?  It would be built within a year using private dollars.  But fuck it, we can grab the money even if it’s not for the best use we should take it instead of putting it toward something that is more needy like schools, keeping fire stations open or whatever is a higher priority.

The point I’m trying to make is that the City, the State or The Federal Government doesn’t need to spend the taxpayers money to compete with existing businesses who would love to provide that service or already are providing those services.  If you allowed the use on places where there currently isn’t any activity on the harbor it would be built by the property owners and you would get a fixed up property that would in turn pay more money in taxes TO THE CITY! So can you see why getting money from more taxes in the harbor would be a better alternative to spending taxpayer money and competing against existing businesses?  All that would be needed is tweaking of the DPA to allow any NEW dockage that is built to allow for new space for recreational dockage as long as they also add space for commercial boats as well.  That was the entire crux of the Property owners proposal in the last Harbor Plan that went ENTIRELY IGNORED.  More dockage for fishermen, more dockage for recreational boating, fixed up properties on the waterfront paid for by the property owners and not the public which would then in turn pay more money in taxes and increase activity on Gloucester Harbor for EVERYONE.  Not Just the fishermen, not just the local pleasure boaters, not just the transient boaters- EVERYONE.  More activity means more fuel sold, more boat mechanics work, more sail repair work, more marine supplies sold.  But the real anti-development people which you try to lump me in with are the ones who won’t allow what makes sense to happen.

You seem to think I have a problem with how big it is.  I don’t.  In fact if you are going to build it which let’s face it is probably a done deal you may as well make it big.

Grants that are misused means the money isn’t going toward something that is a better allocation.

I am not trying to stop anything, please, do not try and paint me as an anti-development guy, if you know anything about me you know I’m anything but. What I AM is however is anti Government getting into business and competing with businesses that are not allowed to do those very same things.

Good luck with your project and hopefully you can perhaps understand where I’m coming from.  It isn’t that I’m trying to stop you from putting your plan into action.  It’s that I  wish that one time someone from the planning boards or City would do something to remove a building block for the private sector instead of concentrating on competing with it.

In most Cities for example if someone like Sheree DeLorenzo proposed a hotel close to downtown on a piece of property that is a beach and you would never offload a boat that city would approach it with a-

“What can I do to help make this happen” attitude.

Instead, in most cases we get an “In what ways can we stick it up this developer’s ass.” mentality

Here are a few examples and I’m not speaking for those owners maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t want to have this type of project-

Jeff Amero’s property on the Fort-


Behind The Building Center-


Behind Seatronics-


If a house in Smith’s Cove can string out ten floats deep and rent out  “let their friends tie up to it” I’m sure we can accommodate plenty of floats in many places just like these that are not being utilized!

CAMafterhours This Friday Night!

Hi Joey! We’re having a special event at the Cape Ann Museum this Friday in an effort to attract younger members. As you know, this institution was founded by community minded individuals who recognized that Cape Ann was and is unique. This Museum belongs to our community.  It protects, preserves, and showcases our past and present. It is a place to gather, to learn, to look, to experience. It is a place to bring children to teach them about their community and its rich history. The 30s & 40s crowd are the future of the Cape Ann Museum, so we’re hoping to attract new members to help support the museum and the care of the collection. We’ll have food & drinks, live music, mixology demonstrations, scavenger hunts. We have great support from the people at Ryan & Wood, Alchemy and Latitude43. And, we’ve timed the entire event around the YMCA Friday Night Fun, so the kids can play while Mom & Dad have fun. Hope you can join us and bring all of your 30-40-something friends with you!!

Cheers, Courtney




Smoke On The Water View From The Blue Shutters Inn

You never know what Good Harbor Beach view you’ll get from the sofa at the Blue Shutters — but it’s always beautiful.  This morning it was "smoke" coming off the water.  Had to share this one.

– The Blue Shutters Crew (Tony, Patty, Ed and AnnMarie)


check out the Blue Shutters Inn Beach Blog

Community Stuff


Artist Buoys 2012

Buoy Auction & Art Show NEXT FRIDAY
Cruiseport Gloucester | 5:00 – 8:00pm
Family Friendly!!

Above are a few of the beautiful artist buoys you’ll see at next Friday’s auction! [In addition to the wonderful creations by the children of Cape Ann] Along with buoys this year, there will be a kids art activity, a musical performance by Charlie Biancini, and delicious food from a variety of local restaurants! Also, see a collection of works created by Art Haven students over the past year.
This year’s event is bigger and better thanks to a sponsorship from Rockport Mortgage Corporation and support from National Fish & Seafood, Cape Ann Savings Bank, and Crossfit Cape Ann. 
Order your tickets online now by going to www.mktix.com/ah or you can give us a call at 978.283.3888. Tickets are $20/family, $12/adult, or $5/student if you get them ahead of time. [$25, $15 or $5 at the door]
Can’t make it to the auction, but you’d like to make a donation online? Visit our web site to donate now. You’ll also be able to bid on select artist buoys on Good Morning Gloucester starting at the end of this week! Stay tuned to GMG and our Facebook page for more details.

Cape Ann Profiles

On the next Cape Ann Profiles show host Rich Sagall interviews Chassea Robinson, the Public Health Nurse for the city of Gloucester. They discuss the role of the public health nurse, the types of cases she is involved in, and what training is necessary for the position. They also discuss bedbugs – how they are spread, what people can do to prevent the problem and how to deal with them if you house is infested.
Cape Ann Profiles can be seen on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Friday, January 20 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, January 22 at 2:00PM. It repeats on Friday, January 27 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, January 29 at 2:00PM.
Rich Sagall is a physician and the president of NeedyMeds, a national non-profit that provides information on programs that help people unable to afford their health care costs. He also publishes Pediatrics for Parents, a children’s health newsletter.

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe is awarding a $500 scholarship

The Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe is awarding a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior from a Cape Ann high school who is planning to pursue further study in the performing arts. Applicants should contact Ray Jenness, CAST President at PO Box 85 in Rockport or online at rayjay045@comcast.net.

Please help us get out the word on this.

Banks of Cape Ann Promotional Campaign – Promoting Essex, Ma

The Essex Merchants Group, in conjunction with the Essex Division of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to announce its first Banks of Cape Ann Promotional Campaign. In the spirit of small-town business and the keeping it local philosophy, the Essex Merchants Group approached local banks to become involved in an ongoing campaign focused on the revitalization of the Essex business community. With the understanding that a small impact can radiate throughout a town and region, a number of Cape Ann banks have made significant donations toward the refocusing on Essex as a historic, cultural, and naturally beautiful destination for tourism and commerce.

Essex, MA has just received a once in a century face-lift with newly paved roads, wide user friendly sidewalks, pocket parks to be enjoyed by all and free ample parking along the main streets and in a spacious down town parking lot.

Essex is well known for its tradition of seafood, antiques, recreation, natural beauty and shipbuilding. Now, Essex is continuing to highlight its character with unique art and antique galleries, museums, outdoor recreation, fine and casual dining, and the continued recognition of its proud shipbuilding heritage and natural beauty. The village also hosts a vast number of local festivals, music concerts and community events throughout the year. There’s always something happening in Essex.


Cape Ann Savings Bank has signed on to be the platinum sponsor in the campaign, with the First National Bank of Ipswich, Rockport National Bank and BankGloucester following at the gold level. The Merchants Group will be reaching out to other Cape Ann banks for inclusion as well. Please support the banks that are supporting our communities on Cape Ann. The money donated by these local banks will solely be used by the Merchants Group to promote Essex after the long disruption caused by intense road reconstruction.

With the end of the three-year long project, a revitalized spirit has indeed come to Essex as exemplified by the Merchants Group’s Mums Festival. This Fall Mums adorned nearly one hundred business, town and residential spaces along the main roads. The return of the Essex Pride Award and Essex Pride Dance, where four Essex citizens were honored for their service to the community, also exemplified the spirit of Essex.

The Essex Merchants Group would like to thank all the Cape Ann Banks for their financial support and all the local folks who work to improve the quality of life in Essex. We are looking forward to the new year and Celebrate Essex 2012 .