Carol Londres Fondly Remembers Gloucester

Hi Marty.

Here are 4 of my photos I had in an album in my Facebook.

I lost my husband Frank in 2006 to Prostate Cancer. He and I used to drive up to Gloucester often from 1983 onward, and eventually bought a condo at Mast Hill.  Enticed by the warm climate and a business venture in Texas, we ended up selling it, as he wanted to help set up a business for some Indian business acquaintances.

I’ve visited Gloucester about 3-4 times since losing him. It is hard to accept and so I use these pictures occasionally to feel I haven’t lost everything.  They obviously are not capturing the beauty your pictures have, but here they are.

I’ve received nightly Good Morning Gloucester for about 3 years I think.  It makes me feel at home.  I was just there at end of April and stayed a couple days at Long Beach but the photos were overly cloudy and only important and nice to me.  I was used to misty foggy morning walks on the beaches, and so will keep those for myself. My son used to come visit us and he loves the area too and I always liked this that my husband took of us peering into the crevices at the sea creatures.

Thank you.

Best of luck and I will continue to enjoy your pictures on GMG.

Best regards,
Carol Londres

Click on image for slide show.



Don’t forget to tell them you saw it on GMG and give them a warm welcome to Gloucester!

The most expensive thing on the menu I saw was well under $10.  The smells coming the kitchen were HEAVENLY.  You could smell the freshness of the ingredients!!!!

63 Washington Street, Gloucester MA

Telephone 978-282-9600

It seems like people have been asking me every single day when is Tacos Lupita going to open it’s doors.  I’ve been on the case knocking on the doors daily and today it paid off as our readership will be the first to know!!!!  Woot!!!!

Video Interview with new owners here-


Come and visit Cape Ann Olive Oil

Went into Cape Ann Oil at 57 Main Street, Gloucester, MA.   The owners, Eric and Lauren told me that everyday is oil tasting day dipping with Virgilio’s bread.  What a great store.  Here are some pictures from there, come in and visit this gem of a store.

Cape Ann Oil

Soaps made from Olive Oils

Soaps from Olive Oil

Recipe for Olive Oil


Did You Know? (Vermin Love Supreme)

File:Vermin Supreme 2012.jpg

That Vermin Supreme hails from Rockport, MA?  It never ceases to amaze me the interesting people Cape Ann has spawned.

Vermin Love Supreme is an American performance artist, anarchist and activist who is known for his being a satirical candidate in various local, state, and national elections in the United States. Supreme is known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying a large toothbrush.  He claims that if elected President of the United States, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth. He also campaigned in 2012 on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research, and he promises a pony for every American.  The latter is great as it will dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil, fossil fuel emissions, climate change, highway fatalities, and increase organic food production with all that free manure for fertilizer; plus ponies are so cute.   Supreme claims to mock the political system.   In 2011, he participated in the ongoing Occupy Boston protests.

Vermin Supreme is currently campaigning in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. The following are some of the milestones in this campaign:

  • October 29, 2011: He qualified to be listed on the 2012 Democratic Party primary ballot in New Hampshire.
  • October 29, 2011: He participated in a satirical debate against a representative of the campaign of deceased British occultist Aleister Crowley.
  • December 19, 2011: He participated in the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum and “glitterbombed” fellow candidate Randall Terry, claiming that Jesus told him to turn Terry gay.
  • January 12, 2012: In the 2012 Democratic Primary in New Hampshire, Supreme received 833 votes (Barack Obama won the primary with 49,080 votes).

E.J. Lefavour

Praise for Good Morning Gloucester

Hi Joey, I thought readers might want to see what was in my inbox this morning:

“Dear Kim,

Thank you for turning me on to Good Morning Gloucester.  Every city (and town) should have an equivalent.  What a great way to communicate enjoyments, appreciations, concerns, and complaints.”

We are truly blessed as a community to have a resource like Good Morning Gloucester. Thank you Joey and GMG team for all the good you have created, and continue to do, for our beloved community.

Our Fearless Leader

Good Morning Gloucester Team Members and Friends of the Blog

Gloucester’s Music Scene Gets a Big Boost


Last night Berklee’s Ralph Peterson Ensemble was smokin’ at Minglewood for the kick-off to Berklee Jazz & Roots — a major music program the brings Berklee College of Music to Gloucester in 2012 with 9 more concerts all over the City, master classes in the schools and a scholarship fund.  See here for details

We saw one of the best drummers alive today up close and personal in a hip, intimate venue with excellent food and perfect sound.  Ralph brought 3 of his star students and these guys were HOT!

Brad Byrd was there and told us his Wednesday gig at Johnny D’s went so well the owner asked him back for a weekend.  Way to go Brad.

Lots going on tonight.  Allen Estes and Mike O’Connell top the lineup at George’s tonight.  See the full lineup here


Iona’s first art show!

Iona and her chair

There are lots more pictures from the Art Haven buoy auction coming soon, but this is definitely one of the best: Iona didn’t know her chair was going to be in the art show and when Aja showed it to her she got this grin on her face and said, “It’s my first art show!!” Can’t beat seeing a proud kid standing next to their artwork…

The Bandit Kings are back from their trip to California and they are ready to rock your world ~ Tonight @ The Rhumb Line.

The Bandit Kings return from LA all warm and Califuzzy!

The BKs had a great mini tour playing rockin’ venues like Molly Malones in Hollywood, Leo’s in La Crescenta, and Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. We were joined on stage by some pretty special friends, including Mr. Nelson Bragg (Smile, you’re in the Brian Wilson Band!) & Mr. Danny Graziani (we’re addicted to The Adicts, too).

We had some awesome roadies and would very much like to thank Mr. Skip Hart and Ms. Catherine Gunn for their incomparable company and support. Flying cross country makes you officially part of the crew. And we are quite sure it wouldn’t have been as fun without you.

We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ms. Rebecca Edelson with Lovestruck Productions for her help and general amazeballs-ness. And to Austin, for diggin’ it SO much. We dig you too.

Thanks to Molly Malones, Saint Rock and Leos…you all help support weary bands every day! And to Joe Mora, his dad, and Joe’s band for making sure we were there for the tasty naked cake. Oh, and good grief, Dawn drove down from SF and KC and Stacey drove up from San Diego, Janelle brough a pack of wild friends, Andrew, his friends, their music and the magic gong, to all our other friends that made it out to the shows, to all our friends back home who were sending us Gloucester-love, and Julia was so nice…we could go on forever. Thank you all, so much.

The Bandit Kings

Former Boston Mayor Kevin White Has Died and Gloucester Sculptor Pablo Eduardo Is The Man Who Created His Statue

Our Donna alerted me to the fact that sculptor Pablo Eduardo lives in Gloucester.

Check out his website here where there are photos of the 10 foot sculpture.



Representing in Orlando, FL

I just got back from vacation in Florida. I meant to bring my GMG logo sticker with me to take a photo “representing”, but sure enough, I couldn’t find it when I packed my bags… so I got this photo at Universal Studios, Orlando, with the logo on my cell phone screen instead.

Representing in Orlando

Congratulations Dean Salah On Your Tenth Year As Owner of George’s Coffee Shop! May There Be Many More To Come!!!!

Dean had no idea that his staff went in and decorated the joint in the middle of the night to surprise him as he thought that no one even knew it was his tenth year anniversary of when the keys were handed to him.

There’s a big time camaraderie in there with everyone who works, they obviously adore the leader of the pack, Dean and the way he runs the place with a warm smile and respect and a kind word for everyone.  One of Gloucester’s finest he is!

Dean is a guy that makes you proud of your community and brings people together to celebrate the positive.  A TRUE GLOUCESTERMAN!

Cheers Dean and to the rest of your wonderful crew at George’s!