Cape Ann Burying Grounds From Bill Langer

Bill writes-

Hey Joey,

I love to see people paying attention to Cape Ann’s beautiful cemeteries. When I was younger and living in the neighborhood, I did a lot of photography and general wandering around the old burying grounds, so I was happy to see a reference to them in today’s GMG. I perked up when I saw that a writer had mentioned Bayview Cemetery, a place I have always loved (being an old Annisquamian), as the third oldest. This, I thought, was maybe in error, so I looked up the Gloucester Essex website for the hard facts.


Centennial Avenue cemetery


When I was in my twenties, I did a beautiful rubbing of Philemon Warner’s headstone, and framed it for my parents. In the years since, some pinhead has broken it, a fate all too common for Cape Ann’s grave markers.


Over across the bridge, off in the woods —


The old Second Parish ground from now-deserted Thompson Street —

2nd Parish headstone

There are only a few stones in Second Parish, but some beauties remain among them —


According to the Gloucester-Essex website, the old Lanesville cemetery, tucked away in the woods, was founded in 1720, the same year as Second Parish —


— whereas nearby Bayview was founded in 1728, making it the fourth oldest —

But it’s not a big deal. They are all lovely and precious to our history, and I want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to the folks who take care of them. I wish I lived closer, because I’d be out there with the weed-whacker and lawn mower too.

Best regards, Bill Langer, far away in Seattle

Rainbows and COLD! from Jane Paznik-Bondarin

Hi Joey,
Every 7-10 weeks, weather permitting, I head to Gloucester from NYC for a haircut. Okay, you can stop laughing. Every man who hears this is incredulous, and every woman smiles, understanding that when you’ve found THAT person who can cut your hair the way you like it, travel is no deterrent. For me, it’s Nancy at Salon One. Besides, it’s a great excuse to be in Gloucester.
Usually, I dash up by bus or train, spend the night with a friend, and hasten back to NYC the next day, but this time, Andrew and I grabbed a weekend away. Here is part of our photo diary: We were welcomed by a rainbow on 128 driving north (always a good sign; lack of pot of gold not withstanding), saw the sun rise over the clouds from the Quarterdeck in Pigeon Cove, and watched the eery ice-fire glow of the air off the water on a frigid Sunday morning. I’m already lonesome again.


Super Duper Good Egg Brenda Malloy Checks In From Chiang Mai

Love and Happy Day to my family and friends~


I hope this finds you healthy and well and enjoying life.
this photo is of me riding superman backwards on the merry go round. Haven’t taken many photo’s.
I have sat down a few times to write about Thailand and never get very far.  There is so much to say, so much to share, but I’m finding that rather than writing I spend my time on other creative endeavors like painting, making greeting cards and other artwork.  I find I do most of my updates on facebook where I am able to stay connected with the relationships I have created on previous trips as well as with many at home.
Here is a bit of my trip thus far….
the realization that family really can be created anywhere. Not at all to diminish my relationship with my relatives at home all of whom I like, love and enjoy very much. I would so enjoy spending time with my friends from USA, but you are there and I am here.
I am staying at the best guesthouse I have ever enjoyed anywhere in Asia…
small, lush tropical garden just outside my room, covered veranda with massage mat on floor where I sit and eat or do body work or receive massage, my outdoor painting studio set up on the covered table in the corner of the garden, adjacent wall my painting station, the lawn my drying rack for my frenetic, voluminous piles of paintings on paper, canvas and burlap bags that chili’s are packed in.
Lovely garden courtyard  50′ away with other bungalows lining it, adjacent to the open air kitchen where Dang and Moi serve us breakfast each morning in the dining area or garden.  The kitchen is available for us to use, cooking most of the time in community with other guests here, sometimes only two or three of us eating together, other times 6 or 8 having a ‘family dinner’ which we’ve all pitched in on, luscious offerings of what everyone makes best, lots of laughter, sometimes dancing, always positive energy and lots of love.
I am the elder here much of the time, given the gift of realizing that aging is an incredible gift full of wisdom, insights and experiences.  Also realizing that my vitality, energy level, outlook and way of being belie my nearly 50 years on the planet.  Being among so many younger people has made me realize I am indeed ‘older’, I hadn’t really realized it before.
People at the guesthouse I am at are from different parts of Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia, USA, most are travelling alone, some for several months, none for less than several weeks. Some have left partners and children at home,  choosing time with themselves as perhaps one of the greatest gifts one can given oneself.  We have in common the fact that time, time to travel, time to be, time to explore, is a priority for us. We have all created lives that have the gift of time. It is a precious gift to be among such folks, who have time to unplug, tune in, and simply BE.
I have not gotten much buying done. Been here for 11 weeks, have bought almost nothing, finding myself entirely unmotivated to do anything related to the business of making money, instead choosing to spend my time investing in my mental, physical, spiritual well being.  I have massage several times a week, several hours a week, my favorite is Mr. Sinchai a blind master healer who has done wonders for my shoulder injury (MRI proves that it is a completely torn rotator cuff, the doctor here told me my only option was surgery and just snickered when I told him I intended to grow my tendon back and would not consider surgery as an option. Tendons don’t grow. Well, neither do teeth, but that didn’t stop me from healing a tooth I was told desperatly needed a root canal).  I visit with Oskar, an American energy worker who is intuitive, psychic, and has given me the gift of removing longheld false beliefs that I was not even aware of. Incredible.
My days are spent painting, exploring, cooking, sharing experiences. Getting all of my mercury fillings romoved, lots of dental work. Perhaps other guests and I  will double up on our motorbikes and a group of us head up the mountain into the forest for a day of exploring hilltribe villages, coffee plantation, lake on the other side.  Or drive out to a friends home and walk the banana forest while overlooking the valley and mountains beyond, all the while plucking fresh fruit on the way.  Morning trips to the organic market down the street, abundant fresh luscious fruits and veggies abound.  Dinners and lunches with old friends from previous trips. Painting in the garden with Dang and Moi , who speak no english and I speak very little Thai, yet we spend hours painting together,  they are unaccustomed to interacting with guests this way, the guesthouse owner would not approve, so they were hesitant about doing so at first.
The weather is warm, tropical, maybe 5 days of rain in 11 weeks, high 70’s to high 80’s every day. It is winter so some nights are cool (50’s) but usually mid 60’s, sunny nearly every single day. Beautiful flowers, happy birds and butterflies. I love Chiang Mai and have mused that if I never left here it would be fine, this is home to me.  Would be so grateful if LB was here though, and I do think of people at home and miss them, but am mostly in the moment here.
It is difficult to explain how all these weeks, so little work has gotten done, there are many days when I never leave the guesthouse, find myself in profound, thoughtful, deep, humerous, interesting and enriching conversations with the people here. I have now been here longer than anyone else at this guesthouse, there have been two different little family groups of us so far that have bonded and enjoyed each other, while some people come and only stay a couple of weeks, others are here for longer.  Most are studying massage at one of the several top Thai massage schools close to here.   Those that are not holistic health practitioners at home have jobs that range from oceanographer, chef, yoga instructor, green architect, teacher, sky dive instructor, bicycle tour guide.  Many of them, despite their other jobs, are healers, learning a new skill. Nearly all are open to the changes happening all around us at this paradigm shift. I offer myself for them to practice their massage skills on, have received cranio sacral work, accupunctture, abdominal massage, tarrot card readings, group energy workshops, all here at my lovely little guesthouse from fellow travellers.  All are tuned into simplistic living to allow themselves the opportunity for this time abroad.
I am in a place where time abundance is the order of the day. Some days I do nothing but reflect, share thoughts, eat yummy healthy goods and paint. Many days, in fact. I am in heaven, paradise, I am doing exactly what I want to be doing right now. And I am grateful. There is nothing I want for, nothing I need.
One never knows what is to unfold on a journey. I am embracing the unknown, lessening my attachments, living simply and simply living.  Many months in a culture where people live simply yet abundantly is a profound gift. This is a culture of feminine energy, very little ego, where anger, aggression, hostility are simply not part of what they project.  It is called the land of smiles, and it is so.
Our world is changing and I am changing too. I feel profound love and gratitude for all that I have, realizing the truth that all of it could change or be gone in an instant, without warning. Impermanence. This life is but a fleeting moment in time, it is to be savored and not wasted.  Being with myself, exploring and growing, learning and sharing, are the best use of my time right now. It is a gift, this time, these months.
Love, light, goodness and abundant positivity to you. May we all align ourselves with mother earth, embracing the changing times, love one another, we are all one.

Click the picture for the google map of where Brenda’s at.


Dog Bar Breakwater

Dog Bar Breakwater


It’s quite a simple structure, given its task:

blocks of granite, each one thirteen tons, piled neatly

and securely on and next to the other.


So far it has survived more than one hundred

years of tides, winds, waves, heat of summer and the

numbing cold of winter.


Like a mother’s guarding arm, it protects our boats

from the dangerous surf, deflects the fury

of the sometimes angry sea; provides a measure

of calm to our harbor and is home to the beacon

and signal that guide us safely to our berths.


On fine days, it is a place of walks, picnics,

picture taking, artists painting, people fishing,

quiet talks and, each September, we watch schooners

head out for their annual race into the past.


On stormy  days, if one dares go out to see,

we witness giant sea upon sea doing their best

to crest over the topmost blocks as if to challenge

the very notion that we, by force of will,

can make any harbor safe.


It is a noble effort that makes me wonder:

we have built the Dog Bar breakwater, but

can we, on our stormy days, prevent ourselves

from dashing recklessly upon  hidden bars

by careful placement of blocks of wisdom,

and, on the good days, walk along the tops amid

waves of joy and gratitude?


Marty Luster

Brad Byrd gimmesound artist of the week


Peter interviews Brad all week long.  Here’s the first video.

You can vote for Brad Byrd Best Singer/Songwriter Artist of the year

Check out his music here:

I  know the Pat’s are playing but don’t forget there is some great music around tonight starting at 5:30.

Buoy #3 – EJ’s Eastern Point Lighthouse

Lighthouse buoy by Ejay Kahn
Eastern Point Lighthouse Buoy by EJ Lefavour

This buoy was generously created for Art Haven by GMG’s own Ejay Lefavour, renowned owner of the Ejay Kahn gallery on Rocky Neck! Start your bidding!

If you don’t know what’s going on, we’re in the middle of a series of buoys that are being auctioned off to benefit Art Haven. All the buoys from this year’s lobster trap tree will be auctioned off next Friday, the 27th at Cruiseport Gloucester, including the ones featured here. But you can put your bids in now to get your name in the hat. Again, the details:

-If you like a buoy you see, bidding starts at $20, and you can just bid in the comments section below the post, HOWEVER

-Your bid doesn’t become official until you send Art Haven an email ( saying you’re serious and letting us know how to get in contact with you.

-Finally, if you’re the highest bidder on the blog, that makes your bid the starting bid at the auction. We’ll be in touch about your max bid if you can’t make it to the auction.

If you’ve got any questions, leave ’em in the comments section. Also, check out the artist buoys on Art Haven’s Facebook page and tell us if there are particular buoys you’d like to see go up here. And remember, your money is helping more kids on Cape Ann have access to crazy fun art activities 🙂  Happy bidding!

For The Love Of God People


I’m not trying to be cute.  I’m not trying to be funny.

I am begging for your mercy.

There is a search box.

I swear to god on everything I’ve ever held true to me THERE IS A SEARCH BOX ON THIS SITE.




Before you email me to ask if I posted your announcement because you didn’t see it or if there was something that you heard about that might have been on GMG last week, last month or last year.


If you are looking at the nightly feed in your email box because you subscribe just click on any of the titles of the posts  in your email and it will bring you to the blog (GMG), once there or if you are viewing this post on the blog right now, guide your eyes to the right hand column and scroll down from the top until you see the words “SEARCH”

In the box directly to the right of the word “SEARCH” type in your query.  I bet you find what you’re looking for.

I swear it will take you less time to do this search than to type out an entire email to me asking where that particular post is.

For example, say you were interested in finding out about the Awesome art exhibit by Kathy Roberts at Alchemy.

You would go to the search box in the right hand column and type in Kathy Roberts.

and my guess is that any of the posts having to do with Kathy Roberts would come up in chronological order as they have been posted with the newest posts on top, just like the way the blog works.

Thank you for your consideration for my sanity.

The “This is why I don’t do searches on the internet” poll.

This poll is only for people who for one reason or another do not like to use search engines, search boxes or any other type of technology to find the answers to their questions.

Again, this is not a joke, this is just to try to help me understand teh psyche behind this phenomenon.

Please only take this poll if you are the type of person who is unlikely to do a search on the internet for the web results you seek.

Thank you for helping me understand.

New Yahoo Group for Brazilians and Friends of Brazil on Cape Ann

Hi Joey!

We now have more than 1500 Brazilians in Gloucester!   I have lived and worked in Brazil, going back and forth for the last 20 years and my kids have dual US and Brazilian nationality. I am also fluent in Portuguese. So I decided to form a Yahoo Group GloucesterBrasil to help this community get better connected and integrated with the rest of Gloucester and Cape Ann.  This group will use Portuguese and we will keep members informed as to what is happening, important links like the GoodMorningGloucester Blog, where to get help, etc. etc. etc.  Please let your readers know that if they are Brazilian, have Brazilian friends or just love Brazil they can join by sending me an email to, calling me at 917-523-9163 or going to Yahoo Groups and applying to the GloucesterBrasil group.  Thanks!!!!!!

Kirstin Elaine Myers

Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative is running ‘Local Hearts for Charity’

Hi Joey,
Once again Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative is running ‘Local Hearts for Charity’ from now through Feb. 16th. Attached please find the Press Release and a few photos. Don’t know if you could run all this for us – but if so we would greatly appreciate it.
Photos: Kate Webster making Valentine Cards and ‘Two Lips’ by Lois Hertzler.
Thanks. You’re a peach!
Tin Can Sally
P.S. Good Morning Gloucester is the best – nationwide!


For the third year, Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative members will be celebrating the Valentine season making original Valentine’s Day cards and offering them for sale at the gallery at 121 Main Street in Gloucester.  100% of the proceeds from the cards will go to a local non-profit charity in the Gloucester/Cape Ann area.  The members are donating their own materials, talent and time to offer these original and unique items for a deserving organization that is solely determined by those who purchase a card. 

Since there are so many worthy organizations in the area, members decided to invite the community to help in the process of voting for an organization when they purchase a card. Since it wasn’t practical to list the hundreds of  non-profit organizations on the ballot, the members listed 5 specific organizations (Action, Inc., The Gloucester Fisherman’s Wives Association, Pathway for Children, Cape Ann Animal Aid Association, Wellspring House, Inc) with a 6th option for the customer to “write-in” a non-profit charitable organization of their choice that benefits the Gloucester/Cape Ann area. The one organization that receives the most votes will receive all the proceeds from the sale of the cards.  The customer has the opportunity to cast a vote for each card purchased. Cards are available January 17th with new ones arriving throughout the event.

"The Valentine season has taken on an all new meaning to me," says Kathy Bucholska, a jewelry designer and mixed media artist.  "Since we have been doing this event, I see Valentine’s Day in a whole new light. What was once a frivolous card "holiday" to me has become an opportunity to help the community. It’s also a chance to give gratitude to not just that significant other as is traditional, but also a chance to show appreciation to a special friend, parent, mentor or even a new acquaintance who has shown kindness.  I kept this in mind in designing my cards."

Kate Webster, a fiber and mixed media artist, is shown creating her Valentine cards for the event.  She says, "What I like best about our event is that our customers get to choose the non-profit organization of their choice."

Bonnie Gray, a painter, took photographs for some of her cards.  One is a photo of two friends walking across the beach with the Twin Lights in the background. It reminded her of the importance of friendship. Lois Hertzler, a photographer, created a card called "The Dance" which are two tulips intertwined.  She says it symbolizes to her the meaningful interaction between friends during this season as well as the interaction between Local Colors and the Community. The original photograph is on display in the gallery.

Virginia Townsend, a potter, created a mixed media card showing red wool sheep which was inspired by her love of Ireland and her desire to celebrate this Cape Ann event.

The cards will reflect a variety of media from photographs, collages, mixed media and printed cards of original paintings and other work celebrating the Valentine season.

The Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative celebrates 23 years on Main Street and has 16 artists who do a variety of work.  The current members offer the following work:

Donna Amero: Stained Glass
Stephanie Bowens: Fiber Art
Kathy Bucholska: Jewelry, amulets and mixed media
Pat Doherty: Painting
Bonnie Gray: Painting
Lois Hertzler:  Photography
David Katz:  Photography
Rusty Kinnunen: Painting
Bob Kulchuk:  Wheel-thrown pottery, wood turning and fused glass
Joe Higgins: Fish prints
Ann Schlecht: Various jewelry including beach pebbles and beach glass
Sally Seamans:  Tin Art, Jewelry & Mobiles
Jim Sousa: Photography
Darren Taylor: Woodworking, Functional Art Furniture
Virginia Townsend: Pottery, Basket Weaving
Kate Webster:  Fiber, Paper & Mixed media Art & Jewelry

Local Colors Cooperative Gallery offers unique work at studio prices since the members contribute their time and efforts to the gallery without the additional cost of employee and management overhead.  You can also find us at and friend us on Facebook: Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative

Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative, 121 Main Street, Gloucester, MA is currently open daily 10 am to 5 pm.  978-283-3996