WW2 Fighter pilot rescue boat at Beacon Marine Photo Kathy Chapman

The ambulance vessel TRAVELER rescued World War II fighter pilots. She sits at the end of Beacon Marine enjoying the view of the T-Party ships.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2012



Gloucester Views From Up High- Beacon Marine From Kathy Chapman’s Studio

In the heart of God’s Country (East Gloucester) Kathy Chapman found herself this incredible space to work and live.  Yeah, I think I could be inspired working out of a studio space like this Smile


Kathy Chapman
Photography and Graphic Design
Web portfolio: http://www.kathychapman.com

Kathy showed me some of the multiple exposure work that she is doing and believe me when I tell you that post seeing her captures I was completely humbled by her awesomeness.

Beacon Marine Crane At Dawn

It’s amazing how they lift expensive boats in and out of teh water like toys.  I’d be scared shitless that a strap would break or the boat would slip out and come crashing down.  The boys must know what they’re doing though because you never hear of a mess up and they put tons of boats in and out of the water every year.

Could you imagine being at the controls while a million dollar boat was in the straps?  Yikes!

Beacon Marine Crane At Dawn, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Gloucester At Dawn- Beacon Marine

This morning I expected it to be freezing cold but it was beautiful.  I decided to take some pics down at Beacon Marine before work.  The temps are supposed to plummet this afternoon so bundle up!

View of Beacon Marine From GMHC

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Beacon Marine, originally uploaded by captjoe06.