Video- Vote Gloucester! 2012 American Style Magazine Best Arts Destination


Last year we helped make Gloucester the number 3 Arts Destination In the Country in American Style Magazine.  This is something we already know obviously but really don’t we deserve to be number one?

With your help and vote it helps the entire community by supporting our local artisans and allowing them another feather in their marketing cap to come visit, check out our vibrant art community and leave some cheddar behind Smile

Like the picture they used in the postcard announcing the contest?  You may recognize it as one of mine. Claire Higgins at seARTS did a bang up job with the design.

Anyway lets support our local artists by voting!

Click on the button below to go vote, and thank you for supporting Gloucester and the arts!


I just checked out the contest and it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not to mention you could win five hundred dolla yo!

Let’s Do This!

Here’s the presser from seARTS who with Kristine Fisher and Jackie Ganim DeFalco have been responsible for putting this initiative into play from the beginning.

2012 American Style “Top Arts Destination” Campaign Kicks Off
In 2011 seARTS, working with the arts community, secured the nomination for Cape Ann/Gloucester as a Top 25 Arts Destination by American Style Magazine. Thanks to your votes, we won the #3 spot on the list for small U.S. cities. Voting time is here again, and this year, we want to aim for the #1 spot and increase our visibility as an arts destination.
Securing Gloucester/Cape Ann on this list again this year as one of America’s Top 25 Arts Destinations will elevate Cape Ann on the national stage. We have over 2,000 working artists on Cape Ann and a thriving community that celebrates the arts of all disciplines. After all, our Rocky Neck is the country’s oldest continuous working art colony in the U.S. while Rockport draws visitors all year long!

To achieve this distinction, seARTS is requesting the entire community’s help in spreading the word. This is a city-based ranking, but all of Cape Ann was included in the destination information submitted and the article in the magazine.

There are many ways to help before March 3. Here are some suggestions!
1. Go in right now and vote from your computer, your phone, and your laptop!
2. Put the link and/or icon at the bottom of all your emails in the signature line!
3. Use the promotional postcard jpeg in your literature and emails:
4. Link to the voting icon
5. Blog & Tweet the Survey Link
6. Share with your employees
Having this designation gives all of the cultural organizations and artists and businesses a chance to embed the Award in all their literature and promotion around Cape Ann as a branded arts destination. Please contact seARTS to find out more about how you can do this. 978-281-1222.

Define Value: Passports Wine Dinner

My Lord That was great

4 glasses of wine and four courses for $40 bucks or so.

Toby Pett says-

Eric and his crew definitely "hit it out of the park" Thursday night…As Chili mentioned to me that in Boston, the quality of food, paired with the wines that he brought would be $ 100.00 per person, and I am sure that he is right…there is no place in Gloucester that offers that kind of deal for the money…it should be sold out every month


G. K. Chesterton Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

January 26, 2012
"The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.

G. K. Chesterton 1874-1936


Often called “The Prince of Paradox,” Chesterton wrote 80 books, several hundred poems, 200 short stories, 4000 essays and several plays. His 1905 biography of Charles Dickens is often credited for reviving interest in Dickens’ then largely overlooked work. Though they differed strongly in their respective world views, George Bernard Shaw described him as a man of colossal genius. His life-long study of religion and theology culminated in his 1922 conversion to Roman Catholicism. Diverse writers and thinkers including Mohandas Gandhi, Ingmar Bergman, Jorge Luis Borges, Neil Gaiman and Hilaire Belloc cited Chesterton as an influence on their work.

Greg Bover (Plus ca change…..)

Rhythm of the Tide

Rhythm of the Tide


There are places, like the Goose Cove Causeway, where

the tide rushes into the cove, sounding like a

marathon runner sucking air during the

last kick before reaching the finish line.


The water foams and the buoys bend and the

tidal current rips under the bridge with just

a brief pause at slack to catch its breath before

reversing direction and roaring out.


Viewing the tide at such places can be

exhilarating and fascinating, but

I prefer to do my tide watching at the

calm pools and rivulets of Jones Creek.


In peaceful weather, through the afternoon into

the evening, I stand there listening to the

serene, quiet breath of the earth as the pool

gently rises and falls – a giant liquid Buddha.


It’s easy, in times such as those, to become

part of the pool, like the mist that sometimes forms

on the surface on a cool, still evening and

stays attached as the breath goes in and out.


My body is the body of the earth;

the rhythm of the tide governs my breath and the

flow of the creek, pumped by the heart of the ocean,

nourishes me and cleanses me.


I will stare, listen and I will breathe with the tide

and receive renewed life blood from its flow

and be one with this wondrous world until

the tide runs no more and the creek  is finally dry.


Marty Luster

Antennae for Design ~ Three Outstanding Films Not to be Missed


We were again transported to another time and place—three fabulous and current films, in three weekends. Our wonderfully transportive film nights began with My Week with Marilyn, which takes place in 1956 and was shot in and around the outskirts of London, The Descendants, filmed in present day Honolulu, and last night we saw The Artist, which takes place in Hollywood, from 1927 to 1932. The Artist is a comedy and drama about George Valentin (Jean Dejardin), a silent film star, and Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), a rising “talkie” star, who meet just as the silent film industry is collapsing. The film is partially silent and filmed to look like a black and white silent film. The costumes are to die for, the interior set designs are predominately Hollywood Regency, and the acting charming and sweet and utterly engaging. Uggie, the terrier, will steal your heart.

From an interview with Michael Hazavanicius, director and writer of The Artist, “I had many deep motivations for wanting to make a silent film. As a member of the audience, I absolutely love the way stories are told to me in a silent movie. It’s not a cerebral response. It’s more a child-like response. Because there’s no spoken language, the way the story engages your heart is special. It’s hypnotic, sensual, not at all cerebral, and I love that sensation as an audience member. My motivations as a director were much more selfish. For me, it was a great experience. It’s what cinema is about, in my opinion. I’m telling a story with images and music. With images, you have the actors, you have the sets, you have the costumes, the lights, everything, and that’s how you’re telling the story. You don’t need words for that. It’s the ultimate experience for a director to make a silent movie. I really wanted to try to do it.”   Link to the full interview with Hazavanicius. 

Jean Dujardin and Uggie 

Techno notes for Joey and Marty: The Artist was made in the 1.33:1 screen ratio commonly used in the silent film era. Though presented in black-and-white, it was shot in color. All the technical details, including lenses, lighting and camera moves, were calibrated to get the look just right. To recreate the slightly sped-up look of 1920s silent films, the film was shot at a slightly lower frame rate of 22 fps as opposed to the standard 24 fps. Courtesy wiki.

Images courtesy Google search.

Free Family Concert – Sunday, January 29th


This is a must see — composed by Cape Ann’s very own Robert J. Bradshaw.

QWERTY is the story of a question and whether or not it will ever be asked.  Joe and Ella have to find the strength to put down their phones and speak directly to each other, rather than through the fast-paced and abbreviated world of text messaging.  Can they do it?  Can they ignore the ceaseless draw of the cellphone?  Or in this world of constant connectivity, will they never connect?  Join us to find out how the story ends!

Swagga Sweats donation at the Art Haven Buoy Auction

Swagga Sweats presents their donation to Art haven at the Buoy Auction
Photo by Muffy White

Another great moment from the Art Haven buoy auction on Friday night! The business management class at Gloucester High School, under the direction of Kathy O’Reilly, started a company this fall in which they sold Gloucester pride sweatshirts and even sold stock in their company. They pay all of the typical expenses of a company, and when they dissolved their company at the end of the semester, they voted to give all the money to Art Haven!!  Here’s a picture of the awesome sweatshirts they made and sold:

Swagga Sweatshirt
Photo by Muffy White

What a great way for kids to learn about the basics of business and giving back to your community at the same time. Love it!

The Infamous “Blaze”

The Infamous “Blaze”

I Have two women in my life who have helped me through some hard times lately. The first is my Beautiful Wife Cathy. Who many know as a great Nurse at the Seacoast Nursing home. And “Blaze” my girlfriend of 3 years.

She almost took down GMG one day. Not on purpose she was just smelling all the rotten fish Joey has hanging around the office. Here’s a few photos My son Paul took of her. Pauls’s best Friend found these Photos on his Camera.

Winter Youth Programs at Gloucester Stage

Heidi Dallin Writes-

Hi Joey,
Winter Youth Programs start at Gloucester Stage on February 3. Expanded classes in Acting, Singing and the Art of Observation!
Hope you can include this in GMG to help get word to parents.