GloucesterCast 299 with Chris McCarthy, Pat Dalpiaz, Melissa Cox, Jess Biker, Edgar Foudray, Pattie Amaral, Adam Curcuru, Pauline Breshnahan, Paul BoudreauCatherine Ryan and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/30/18


GloucesterCast 299 with Chris McCarthy, Pat Dalpiaz, Melissa Cox, Jess Biker, Edgar Foudray, Pattie Amaral, Adam Curcuru, Pauline Breshnahan, Paul Boudreau, Catherine Ryan and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/30/18


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Timestamped Topics: Topics Include:

00:15 300th Podcast Next Week At The Crows Nest Come Join Us And be Part Of The Fun 11:30AM Saturday Come be Part of The Studio Audience!

02:40 Saltmarsh Farm Pig Share

27:30 Happy To Report Our New Headquarters On Is Nearly Finished On Main Street GMGI- Good Morning Gloucester Institute

28:50 Pat Dalpiaz One Year Blogversary

29:14  There’s More To Sea Art Show Next Weekend At The Paint Factory October 5th, 6th and 7th

37:48 Veterans center 12 Emerson Ave

35:20 Light Up Mattos

44:32 Women To Women Donation Drive Info Here Do women today realize the high waisted jeans they are wearing are “Mom Jeans”?

53:40 Extreme Truck and Auto Is The Best Happy Birthday Sean Nolan

55:20 Gran Prix of Gloucester- Paul Boudreau October 13 and 14th

01:09:26 How Old Would You Let Your Responsible Teenage Daughter Go To Topsfield Fair With her Friends and Curfew?

01:11:10Charlene McCarthy is a Huge Fan Of The City Website Responsiveness- See Click Fix Download The App Here


Thoughts are with our Marty Luster who sustained injuries while doing a stupid human trick

Shout Out To Cape Ann Community Cinema

Zekes Maria’s Pizza Fundraiser



Pauline Breshnahan On The American Flag


With Memorial Day this weekend I thought I could pass along a little information on flying your American flag that people may or may not know.

On Memorial Day flags should be flown at half-staff until noon.

It should not be displayed at all during stormy or rainy weather, unless for some special reason and in NO case should it ever touch the ground. It should be raised with hearty briskness and when lowered, it should be done solemnly and slowly.

When the flag is displayed horizontally or vertically flat against a wall or similar place, the blue field must be at the left of a person facing it.
I have proudly sold American flags at the store for over 12 years and proudly carry ONLY American flags that are Made in USA!

Whenever purchasing an American flag I think that people do not realize that many of the flags that cost less are made overseas.

Please buy American and fly it with pride.

Our next important date for flying your American flag is Flag day which is June 14th.

Don’t forget to thank a Veteran this weekend.

Pauline Bresnahan

Pauline’s Gifts 512 Essex Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

Pauline Breshnahan Represents Down in DC!

Pauline Breshnahan Writes-

Hi Joey,
I was in Wash. DC at the Smithsonian Museum of American History and Lo and Behold they were toasting the fine Americans who enjoy the Good Morning Gloucester blog.
Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe July 4th.
Happy Birthday America!!

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