Paulie Frontiero’s Art Set Up In The New Khan Studio/Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

To say that I’m excited about the gallery would be an understatement.  I’m looking forward to seeing people at the openings and being part of the Rocky Neck Community.  EJ did an incredible job!

The idea EJ had to offer artists two week art shows in a guest artist space is brilliant.  For a small amount of money an artist can have space at a high traffic area on Rocky Neck, they get the incredible power and reach of the Blog (lately 17-24,000 people per day) to talk about their show, and they can have their own opening for their two week stint.  Any artist that is interested in what I consider to be an awesome opportunity should contact EJ an lock down a two week span.

Imagine this- you are a FOB and you are coming to Gloucester for a couple of weeks this summer.  You could come and have an art show on the oldest Art Colony in the Country.  Or if you are a local but don’t have a studio space to show your stuff, you could use the power of GMG to get your stuff shown and promoted on the blog and feed off that energy for  a two week exhibit.  No-brainer, right?

Contact EJ for available weeks- believe there are 5 slots that are spoken for.

For more info-

Khan Studio & Good Morning Gloucester Gallery At Rocky Neck


10 thoughts on “Paulie Frontiero’s Art Set Up In The New Khan Studio/Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

  1. What a great idea! Can’t wait to check EJ’s new studio out, weekends have been so busy, but will try to get there at some point this week or next.



    1. Jenn,
      If you can’t make weekends, and want to stop by during the week on a morning or evening, or any time that works for you that the gallery is not normally open, call me 857-891-9054. If I’m not sleeping or in the shower (in which cases I won’t answer the phone) , I’ll be happy to let you in to see.


    1. Hi Fred,
      If you’re interested – and I think your antique photos would make a great exhibit and add an awesome historic dimension to the ecclectic mix of the space, call me 857-891-9054 or email Sounds like a win-win for you/Bodin Gallery, Khan Studio/GMG Gallery and all who visit. EJ


  2. What’s a Zuchii?! I’m not positive, but pretty sure I didn’t let any of them in. And Joey took such a lovely shot of your easel, so don’t complain. You are going to be a socialite by summer’s end – like it or not! Art Rocks!


  3. As an Ann Arbor, Michigan FOB and an artist, I want you all to know that I can feel the positive energy comin’ through my lap top! I’m excited for you that this wonderful opportunity has been created by EJ and when I come to visit this summer I’d love to stop by for a visit. You guys are all rock stars!!


  4. Thanks, EJ! Will definitely do that if I’m around at a decent hour, but I usually leave by 7am and don’t get home until 9pm on weekdays. But some days I can be flexible…will let you know.



    1. We will be there at 9PM Friday night. Everyone is invited. Come by for some wine and to meet your favorite GMG presonalities. Paul Morrison,Sharon, EJ, Patrick Ryan, Alicia and more will be celebrating the gallery. (we may even sneak over to Madfish or Da Ruddah for a pop or two Woot!


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