It’s AHHT! by deb clarke


light art!

 every once in a while my work catches me off guard with an inner certainty that i am on the right path. the sun hit this painting yesterday. that ‘light patch’ is flattened out in this image. the reality of the reflected light is that it existed in space, sort of like a hologram. damn, if i could paint like that, But, I don’t know how to. Yet.


3 thoughts on “It’s AHHT! by deb clarke

  1. Hi Deb, I think this painting is stunning! What type of surface is it on? I’m doing some watercolor painting this morning – miniatures to bring to Local Colors. Tiny is hard. Good Luck with your art work. I enjoy it.


  2. hello! it is mixed media with oil and various metal leaf on linen.

    good luck with your work and enjoy your time at local colors. i am one of the founding members. i think i was there 8 or 9 years. say hello to donna and kathy b.


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