Nippy on the Breakwater Today

Walked out to the end of Eastern Point Breakwater since I had never been out to the Light House and I wanted to freeze the nads off my dog. Stella thought it was a bit nippy but she made it out to the end.

The light was  flat so I jerked this around in iPhoto so the Boston skyline could be seen. This is for testing out how to get photos into flickr and posted. Not sure I am doing it right yet but I’ll figure it out. I posted a bunch more which may or may not be easily found in flicker.  If you do find them the small fury one is Stella and the one in the leather coat is my son.

Paint Factory Future

In 1863, The Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory revolutionized the fishing industry with the invention of copper paint. The new paint was used to coat the hulls of ships, improving their speed and maneuverability. This was critical both in battle and in bringing fish to market. Fisherman used the paint factory’s smoke stack as a navigational aid. The 120–year–old former paint factory is one of our last links to a time when Gloucester was the capital of the fishing industry, making it a Gloucester icon.

Situated at the entrance to the harbor, the historic paint factory buildings (among the most depicted by New England artists) will become the new headquarters of Ocean Alliance. They stand on more than 1000 feet of waterfront. By consolidating our waterfront activities, including a home-dock for our research vessel Odyssey, we can expand our water access & better support our local research programs. When completed, the renovated facility will simplify logistics, and facilitate expanded programs for the people of Gloucester and for visitors and resident scientists from across the world.

How Not To Photograph Food For a Blog

While the Mrs was off romping through the mean streets of NYC I had a little quality time with one of my best buds- The Rabbit.

The Rabbit loves photography.  With his very limited income he spends a huge chunck on beautiful lenses and fancy shmancy light attachments for his big ginormous cameras.

So I got off work the other day and called him up for a a little bromance time.  An afternoon snack and then up to Hollywood Hits to catch Up In The Air starring George Clooney.  But I digress.

We get to The Farm Bar and Grille and order up a bunch of appetizers and just before the food comes out I tell the Rabbit go grab his camera and take some pics of the food for the blog.

Proudly he unzips his custom camera bag containing lenses of all sizes and a ring light thingy that fits around the lens and disperses light evenly for nice macro shots.  I’m impressed and it really looks like he knows what he’s doing and all.  To say that I’m not envious of the high tech gadgetry and fancy camera would be a lie.

He tells me he’s going to upload the photos to his Flickr account for me to use on GMG.  Sweet, more content!

I tell him get in tight on the food and he took some great shots right up on the plate which I saw later in the evening when we got back to the house and flipped through the images on the computer.  Very nice pictures of the nachos and the chicken wings with honey mustard sauce.

Now I go to his Flickr page and the few images he chose to upload are ones where he took  from about two feet away from the food and it’s all dark and you can’t really get an idea of what the food really looks like.  Note the pic below from The Rabbit-

IMG_5406e, originally uploaded by bmanpitt.

So there’s a lesson for you guys today.  When taking pictures of food get right up close on it.  Try to either put it someplace that has a dccent amount of light and use the macro setting on your camera (the one that looks like a flower on the camera settings menu).
Instead of the shot like my boy with the $2500 camera set-up took above you can produce images like the one I took below with my $225 camera.
Latitude 43 Crispy Fish Burrito-
click for larger version


It’s On Bitches!- Corndogs- Yes Corndogs!

The final negotioations have taken placed and we’ve inked a deal to bring the next leg of The Good Morning Gloucester Man vs Food Challenge to you and it’s all about the corndogs baby!

After an absolutely insane night of fun at The Farm Bar and Grille for the Hot Wing Challenge we decided we had to go back to the well as the venue was just perfect for our event.  The owners Brad, Noah and Ryan are more than accomodating and the combination of the sound system, the ability to drink during the event and the set-up of the room is just phenomenal.  I’m sure that anyone who attended would surely agree.

The date is February 11th and we have firm commitments from past champs Big Lar’ and Ed Collard.  Dangerous Dick Low has been suspiciously absent so we will try to locate him as well as Tucker Farm Family Diner  Three Stooge Breakfast Champ Cliff Rideout.

We have several slots open for competitive eaters so if you know anyone that can really put it away let me know and I’ll see if I can slide them into one of the few open slots.  Keep in mind that we have a very strong field so please don’t waste my time with a naomination for a slightly above average eater.  They gotta really bring the thunder and have a personality to back it up. 

To watch any of the videos from the past GMG Man vs Food Challenge click this link

The Farm Bar and Grille February 11th- Be There!