It’s A Beach Party! To Benefit The Relay For Life Of Cape Ann

It’s A Beach Party!
To Benefit The Relay For Life Of Cape Ann


Teams Friends For Friends & Banking For A Cure

 Saturday February 27, 2010


The Cruiseport


 Dancing To The Music Of Leo Francis

 Cash Bar, Raffles & 50/50


For Tickets Call :Debbie Aiello 978-283-0633

               Kate Andrewes 978-283-4337    Nancy Unis 978-281-3257


Reminder about Tonight’s Haiti Benefit Concert

“A Benefit Relief Concert”

Tonight, January 23 at 7:00pm – 11:00 pm

Blackburn Performing Arts

We join the millions of US citizens donating time, money and effort to ease the suffering.

Local musicians and performers including Dan King and members of Safety, Henri Smith, Bradley Royds, Ian McColl, Dire Wolf, Dave Sag, Gary Shane, John Keegan, Renee and Joe, the Terrestrials, the Vipers, Willie Alexander, Bill Gleason, David Trooper, Lisa Landy, Uma, Tucker Lindquist, Deb Hardy, Jason Feinman, George Hall, Satch Kearans, Bonnie and Nancy, Rory O’Connell, Gordon Baird, Barbara Koen, Peter Van Ness, Will Hunt and many others offer an evening of song and performance in support of the international response.

All donations will be given to Doctors Without Borders the international medical relief organization that is one of the major presences on the ground on the island.

Suggested admission/donation is $10 additional donations will be welcome.
Further information available at (978) 281 – 0680

Gloucester’s Dr Brian Orr Interviewed For The Gloucester 18

Yesterday I interviewed Kristen Grieco, a producer of the Gloucester 18.  we talked about the Documentary, how she broke the story when she worked for The Gloucester Times, and how The Gloucester 18 is different from The Lifetime movie that will air tonight.  Look for the interview with Kristen today at 1PM

On The Gloucester 18 Blog Kristen posts-

Dr. Orr is interviewed in “The Gloucester 18″ and has been a strong voice in advocating for open discussions about teen reproductive issues. We caught up with him on the eve of “The Pregnancy Pact” airing on Lifetime to get his take on Gloucester today.

Gloucester pediatrician Dr. Brian Orr is the former director of the Gloucester High Health Clinic. He has worked with teenagers in Gloucester for many years and run health clinics for 16 years. Along with Kim Daly, Dr. Orr resigned in 2008 amidst controversy about offering birth control to students at Gloucester High.

To check out the fill interview with Dr Brian Orr on The Gloucester 18 blog click this text

You Wanna Contribute? You Wanna Be a Part Of The Action?

By now if you’ve been reading GMG for any amount of time and clicked on any of the pictures you know that I host the pictures you see on the blog on my Flickr page.

From the Flickr page I can transfer the pictures you see here to the blog and search for different photos by title or subject matter.

To see my Flickr page you can click here to see what I’m talking about.

I highly recommend Flickr as a place to host your pictures online for several reasons-

  • For one, if you upload your pictures and add titles and tags to them you can always find them.
  • You can do searches within your photostream and create sets and slide shows based on the name tags you enter for each picture when you upload them.
  • If you upload your favorite pictures to an online photo hosting service like Flickr it doesn’t matter if your computer shits the bed because the pictures will be hosted on the Flickr servers so you don’t have to worry about losing them all when your computer becomes obsolete or crashes.

The reason I bring all this up and the point of this post is that I created a Good Morning Gloucester Group on Flickr in which you can join if you have a free Flickr account.   When you upload your pictures to Flickr  you have the ability to send them to different Groups (Good Morning Gloucester Group being one of them).  So we now have our own community group of GMG  pictures and if you add a Gloucester-centric picture to the GMG group I’ll likely add it to the Blog and give you credit.

I only added one picture so far, but it’s super easy to do with a click of a button once you join Flickr for free and upload a pic.

So open up a Flickr account, get to adding your pics and then join the Good Morning Gloucester Flickr Group

The Gloucester UK/US Connection

From Linn Parisi-

Hi Joey,

Got this alert from the Gloucestershire UK destination marketing organization executive director whom I’ve been communicating with re: the Gloucester UK/US connection.

The article was in their local paper’s equivalent of the GD Times’ Saturday “Talk of the Times”, on 1/4/10.
Very cool for Gloucester US, the lobster pot tree and Art Haven buoys!
With Art Haven’s Buoy Auction coming up, I thought it would be a good time to share the article and to let everyone know how far reaching the news about the lobster pot tree and Gloucester extends.
We’re all giving it our best shot at getting Gloucester out there, right?!
Thanks again for all you do-      Linn

The Gloucester UK/US connection, originally uploaded by captjoe06.