Pete Lindberg releases 2nd Album available for download!!

Local Singer Songwriter Pete Lindberg has released his 2nd album which is available for download. “Overlay” was 6 months in the making and feature a host of local Cape Ann Musicians. You can stream the album for free or for a small fee you can download the album so you can burn CD’s or put it on your iPod or any music player.

Earl Foote Band Saturday Night of Fiesta!!! (Gloucester Till The End)

Earl Foote returns to his hometown of Gloucester, MA to perform in concert. The Earl Foote Band will be performing on Saturday night at the Cape Ann Community Cinema, 9PM doors open.(Located above Mystery Train Records). Tickets are $10.00 at the door or online at Don’t miss this event. Copies of “Gloucester Till the End” DVD’s will be on sale.
Special Guests will also be performing with Earl.

Watch the Gloucester Till The End video here and feel free to comment.

!!!Click here for Tickets!!!

Come See The Boys Play The Song that Grabs You by The Heart and Has Brought Tears To So Many Eyes-
Gloucester Til The End

Couldn’t Resist!!

Well it’s been a while since my mac has been down so I decided to spring for the iPad. I tell you, this is a slick little device. Although it has some short comings, it is a blast to use. Looks like I’ll be back on the blog as soon as everything is setup.

Paint Factory Future

In 1863, The Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory revolutionized the fishing industry with the invention of copper paint. The new paint was used to coat the hulls of ships, improving their speed and maneuverability. This was critical both in battle and in bringing fish to market. Fisherman used the paint factory’s smoke stack as a navigational aid. The 120–year–old former paint factory is one of our last links to a time when Gloucester was the capital of the fishing industry, making it a Gloucester icon.

Situated at the entrance to the harbor, the historic paint factory buildings (among the most depicted by New England artists) will become the new headquarters of Ocean Alliance. They stand on more than 1000 feet of waterfront. By consolidating our waterfront activities, including a home-dock for our research vessel Odyssey, we can expand our water access & better support our local research programs. When completed, the renovated facility will simplify logistics, and facilitate expanded programs for the people of Gloucester and for visitors and resident scientists from across the world.

HELP HAITI – Blackburn Performing Arts

A benefit concert for earthquake-ravaged Haiti will be held at Blackburn Performing Arts, at 1 Washington St. in Gloucester, Saturday, January 23, beginning at 7:30 P.M. All proceeds and donations will be given to Doctors Without Borders, the international medical relief organization working furiously to save people on the island. A Who’s Who of North Shore musicians will perform, including Dan King and members of Safety, Henri Smith, Bradley Royds, Deb Hardy, Ian McColl, Dire Wolf, Dave Sag, Peter Van Ness, John Keegan, Renee and Joe, the Terrestrials, Gordon Baird, Shep Abbott, the Vipers, Bill Gleason, David Trooper, Lisa Landy, Uma, Tucker Lindquist, George Hall, Bonnie and Nancy, Rory O’Connell, and many others. Suggested admission/donation is $10, and additional donations will be welcome.

Photoshop Webex Tonight 7pm

Here is the information If you would like to join the 7pm Webex on Photoshop Tips. This is a trial webex account so not sure how it will work. I will be using voice over the internet. If you have speakers and a mic, we should be able to talk and ask questions. If not, there is always a chat window for asking questions. I believe Photoshop Elements Software has most of the same basic tools.

Hello ,

Michael Lindberg invites you to attend this online meeting.

Topic: GMG Photoshop
Date: Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Time: 7:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)
Meeting Number: 017 945 965
Meeting Password: gmg1234

To join the online meeting (Now from iPhones too!)

1. Go to
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the meeting password: gmg1234
4. Click “Join Now”.

To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link:

Miniature Gloucester



By applying fake focus in photoshop, it gives the appearance of being miniature. This works best with photos taken from a higher vantage point than the subject. If you have any photos that are taken from atop a building or some other elevated point, send them to and I will be happy to try this technique on your photo.