Fabulous Lily and the High High Tide………..

We ventured out to take some pictures to email to our friends in Minnesota because they didn’t believe that the tide could get this high.  Lily had never seen the water this high and according to the Essex Police Department it is going to be even higher tomorrow.

I bet Lily is thinking that she needs a boat to get to her Nana and Pop’s house right now!

I think the name might have to be change to Lake Essex Marina at this rate:

The Essex Causeway under water:

According to the project manager (pictured, I forget his name but he is a really nice guy) the causeway will no longer flood from the river side with the 133 project is finished.

I guess take out orders will have to wait at the Fortune Palace:

View from the bridge over the river. 

If we can get out of the driveway tomorrow we will go and take more pictures!