Shhhhhh! Joey’s Sleeping!

When Joey sleeps, it’s time to play!

I have to admit it, Joey’s a hard working guy. With his Lobster company and this Blog he loves to promote this Beautiful Town we live in. He Tireless! and He’s a pain in the Ass!


I warned him! This could happen. After a cheap Box Of Wine, who knows what Crap will hit the Fan when you have Keys to the GMG Kingdom. (insert Dr. Evils Laugh here)

Just check out my first Post for Proof.

But, Even when the Man Sleeps GMG Keeps You Updated!

With; Local Positive News, Food (mmmm), Events, Fundraisers, Photography, Arts, Music, Local Sports,Local Business,  Even Rockport Stuff, etc., etc., etc.


Joey in the old days heading off to one of his college classes


Events, Great Photography, Interviews, Arts, Fundraising, Community Involvement, Food, Local Sports, Local News, etc., etc., etc.



Good Morning Gloucester!!!!

I took a bit of a break while we worked day and night to bring you the next big thing in restaurant savings. We mixed this with that, we tried adding a bit of this without that, but it just did not work. Then a lightbulb went off!!!! What if we can sell gift certificates at a discounted price?? Our name does say “U DINE 4 LESS”. So we brought in the brightest minds from across the country, and worked tirelessly into the wee morning hours to finally bring to the dining public ( thats all of you) – GIFT CERTIFICATES 4 LESS!!!! Yes – we have added a program to called Gift Certificates 4 Less, that will allow you to purchase a gift certificate to some of your favorite restaurants at a discounted price. How does this work you ask?

1. Go to

2. look for the “blue” Gift Certificate 4 Less button

Gift Certificates 4 Less Button

3. View the restaurants that are in the program

4. Click the blue button of the restaurant of your choice

5. Purchase a Gift Certificate 4 Less from the comfort of your home or office with your credit card

6. Print the Gift Certificate instantly

7. Enjoy your meal

There are 4 different options:

1. Purchase $25 and you will get $35 which means $10 FREE

2. Purchase $50 and you will get $70 which means $20 FREE

3. Purchase $75 and you will get $105 which means $30 FREE

4. Purchase $100 and you will get $140 which means $40 FREE

We are VERY excited about adding this new program, and would love to hear your feedback and questions. This program is sure to SAVE diners “mucho dinero”, and allow us all to dine at our favorite restaurants once again without breaking the bank.

We will be adding new restaurants to the program on a daily basis – so check back often to enjoy great savings.

Fundraising Dance

Cape Ann Relay for Life

Fundraising Dance

Team Ribbons of Hope
3rd Annual Maryanne Macchi Dance
Gloucester Elks
Saturday January 23rd
7pm  to 11pm
Leo’s Classic Hits
Refreshments and Raffles
$15.00 per person
for Tickets please call Pam: 978-283-2040, Christine 978-282-9930, or Nancy 978-283-0193 or purchase at the door.

Jared Charney Shoot For North Shore Magazine

This morning Jared Charney came down to take some pictures for an upcoming story about GMG for North Shore Magazine.  Jared is a freelance photographer who has done work for Yankee Magazine,North Shore Magazine and other publications.

To check out his work click this text