Paint Factory Future

In 1863, The Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory revolutionized the fishing industry with the invention of copper paint. The new paint was used to coat the hulls of ships, improving their speed and maneuverability. This was critical both in battle and in bringing fish to market. Fisherman used the paint factory’s smoke stack as a navigational aid. The 120–year–old former paint factory is one of our last links to a time when Gloucester was the capital of the fishing industry, making it a Gloucester icon.

Situated at the entrance to the harbor, the historic paint factory buildings (among the most depicted by New England artists) will become the new headquarters of Ocean Alliance. They stand on more than 1000 feet of waterfront. By consolidating our waterfront activities, including a home-dock for our research vessel Odyssey, we can expand our water access & better support our local research programs. When completed, the renovated facility will simplify logistics, and facilitate expanded programs for the people of Gloucester and for visitors and resident scientists from across the world.

5 thoughts on “Paint Factory Future

  1. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the exposure – as a quick update – we have raised 475K and will start work on the brick buildings in late March/ early April. First job is to ice blast (same as sand blasting but with ice pellets) the lead paint of the brick buildings. As to Jeff’s comments – I guess it is all about the money – we do have a grant in to the Economic Development administration (that we have been working on for 8 months) This grant is for $3 million – fingers crossed – best case scenario would be for us to start work on the wood buildings in the fall. Hopefully a few millionaires also read your blog.


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