Tonight at the Rhumb Line-

From Dave Sag:
Hey! It’s gonna warm up! In keeping up  with jet stream programming, we’re proud to present our very own tootin’ Torquemada of the tenor: Mr. Andrew Clark. One of our favorites, he’ll be bringing his own brand of mayhem to our stage once again. Educator, soloist and vocalist, this guy can do it all. A snappy dresser, too.
Backing him up, we have Mr. Benny Benson, on drummbs. No slouch, he. This is a great sounding outfit.Of course, Greg T. will be there as well as myself. I might even bring the biggg bass. Do come.

I love this band!!

Kingsley Flood at the DogBar Friday January 15 8:45-close

We’re hitting up the Dog Bar in Gloucester for the entire night. That’s right, the entire night, from 8:45ish until close. That means we need to learn a ton of songs, and fast. Or we just revert back to our comfort zone of acoustic covers of Motorhead tunes.

kingsley flood is a band that enjoys making rock and roll music. the band formed in May 2008 when three guys from around boston (and one imposter) realized they all liked the same kind of stuff, and thought it’d be a good idea to expose others to it. drawing upon a variety of influences from a variety of genres, the band seeks its ultimate goal as achieving a sound resembling what would happen if the Band met the Clash in a back alley throwdown. maybe tom waits could come along with a trombone and some pizza. kingsley flood is naseem khuri on guitar and vocals, nick balkin on bass, george hall on guitar, will davies on drums and other friends on other things. if you like their songs, tell them, tell your friends, tell your grandpa. maybe even have him come out to a show. we like grandpas. Here are “Roll of the Dice” and “Stoop Cats” from the Ryan’s Smashing Life showcase appropriately called “A Night of Twang and Awe”: