Hey there, Joey.

I hope all is well with you. I’ve enjoyed your coverage of the various polar bear plunges – actually, I’m not sure “enjoy” is the right word!! From this Southerner’s point of view – you all are CRAZY!!

I am writing to solicit a bit of support for Terry LoJacono at LaRosa’s. He’s hanging in, but these winter months are tough in the restaurant business. I wonder if you can help get the word out on two new developments:

1) LaRosa’s has a new website (featuring links to GMG!!) with his menu, specials and other helpful info:

2) Terry has new T-shirts and polo shirts featuring LaRosa’s new logo for sale

I’ll comment about this on your blog – this is just a personal request because you reach so many people with such a positive influence.

I’ll see you next time I’m up there!!

Thanks so much,


Is Age Just A Number?

Is age just a number? Really?

Yesterday morning I saw a news segment in which these guys had a book out about men turning 40.

In one sentence the author says that life really is all downhill after 40 and in the next sentence he says that men need to redefine what makes them happy once they turn 40.

You know what I got out of that? That he’s basically saying that you need to brainwash yourself into thinking that the things that mattered to you when you were young and vital are no longer possible because you’re getting old, fat, bald and don’t fit into that prized demographic of young people with disposable income so prepare yourself for the slippery slope leading to death.

The last two years have been two of the most creatively satisfying years of my life but the effects of aging do happen to be taking hold.

Guess I better keep trying to grow creatively to offset the horrible effects of a body in decline.

What are your thoughts folks over 40? Did you have to reprogram yourself to accept the limitations of your physical being once you saw the decline set in? Did you find other things that made you feel relevant and happy personally?

Had Enough of Winter? Think Spring!!

Cold and Gray.

Go to work in the Dark, Get Home in the Dark.

No Sunlight until the Weekend.

No Mas! Wake me when It’s over, Please!

I’m trying to think Spring.

So I went out and bought a Lawn Ornament for my Yard.

I think it’ll look great from the Street.

You can have them personalized too.