Eating A Frog

What am I doing?

Well I’m taking a break.

You see I just ate a frog.  Not literally.  Let me explain.

The Federal Government has decided to change the reporting requirements for lobster dealers.   I used to be able to generate a report of our lobster landings from our accounting software.   The amount of data and pieces of information the govt asks for IMO is fucking rediculous and the system for reporting it absolutely crazy redundant and time consuming.  I used to be able to customize a report from my accounting software print it out and fax it in but now I need to break all that data down and enter the data bit by bit manually.  What used to take me a short while now takes me hours and hours and in the summer when we have 10 times the landings, that amount of work will multiply by the same amount.

To say I’m not happy is an understatement.  Thankfully a  nice guy from the reporting department came by to help me make sense of it all and for that I am truly grateful but it doesn’t lessen the fact that this software that is used for the reports is absolute fucking horseshit.

Anyway I’ve been having a pile of these reports hanging over my head all month long and it’s been nagging at me.  This morning good egg Ed Collard was down the dock and when I kept reiterating my displeasure with having to get these reports done Ed told me a great story.

He sid he read a motivational book which said this-  Imagine that you’re facing a day where you  have to eat a frog.  Best thing to do is to get right to it and eat that godamn frog.  Then for the rest of the day once you eat the frog the worst part is behind you.  Chances are it won’t get worse than that.

So that’s what I’ve been doing all morning.  Banging out a weeks worth of government reports or as I’ll call it from here on out- Eating the frog.

Not Me-

Another GHS Team is Undefeated!!!

Another GHS Team heads for a Undefeated Season!

But where are the Cheerleaders and the Pep Club?

 The Gloucester High School CHESS TEAM  quietly heads for a undefeated 2010 Season.

They are currently at 5 Wins 0 Losses with 3 matches to go.

I will keep you updated with breaking Chess news as it happens.


Thanks to Chris Frontiero for the Photos.

In deep thought
Sometimes the action can be fast and furious!
Oh No! He figured it out!


Great Deal – Great Meal

Every Sunday afternoon I still go to my moms house and have Sunday dinner with all of my family. This has been a tradition since the day I was born. I remember as a kid waking up and smelling the aroma of garlic cooking in the oil as my mother would be preparing the homemade sauce.  That being said, thats what i feel when walking into La Trattoria in Downtown Gloucester. The smell of Garlic, and the friendly faces of the owners Pete and Sam. and the rest of their staff. Every time I enter their restaurant, I am greeted with such a warm embrace, they make me not want to leave.

La Trattoria is now offering great savings in the Gift Certificate 4 LEss Program

You can get 40% more when you purchase a Gift Certificate 4 Less

Purchase and print directly from your home computer and printer

Buy 25 and Get 35

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Buy 75 and Get 105

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Just click the button below and enjoy your savings!!!!!

Garfish this Weekend!

Hey Music Fans,

Garfish is proud to announce their 2010 debut at Elliott’s at the Blackburn, Friday January 29th from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.   Elliott’s is located at the historic landmark which once housed the legendary Blackburn Tavern at 2 Main Street, Gloucester.  Garfish will be performing classic music from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s along with some contemporary songs and newly added classics to their repertoire of material.

For more information, visit, or

Debbie Clarke Verre Eglomise Demonstration Video Part IV

We wrap up the segment of the verre eglomise technique and Debbie will be keeping us posted on the progress of the peice as she puts the finishing touches on it.

You can view

Part I

Part II

Part III

Things To Do- Art Haven Buoy Auction and Art Show Friday Night 6-9PM

The buoy auction and art show is tomorrow (Friday) night at Cruiseport.  It starts at 6PM with lots of food which was donated by 14 local restaurants. 

Video with Director Dawn Gadow and Daviod Brooks at 11AM

For more info check out the Cape Ann Art Haven website

buoyauctionflyer, originally uploaded by captjoe06.