Ballyhoo Caught By Port of Castries Fishermen

Ballyhoo are a favorite game fish bait.  Sport fishermen will bury the hook in it’s belly and then wrap the line up around it’s long snout.  They look very similar to herring in the way they look except they are skinnier and have that long spear coming out it’s nose.


Yellowfin Tuna At The Fishermen’s Dock In The Port Of Castries

I’m pretty sure they would put you away if you tried to land a yellowfin this size in the US.


Debbie Clarke

I did some digging and I found some info on a Artist whose work I Love. Her Name is Debbie Clarke. If you have ever have the chance, stop by the Cape Ann  Museum and see her “Fish Paintings”   Joey has posted some of those in the last few weeks. Photos don’t do her works Justice. She works in Mixed Media; Glass, Canvas, Egg Tempera, Gold Leaf and more.  Joey will have a Video up of her painting me in the Nude soon. Not!  Actually She will be doing a “Gesture Painting” I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s a few Examples of her Work and some Links you can follow her on. She’s also on Facebook.

Right now Debbie’s work “Chorus Line” is in The Saatchi Showdown, a online art competition. You  can  vote for Debbie’s entry until Sunday. 

Here’s the Link:

Debbie is also a Great Teacher and is avaible for Lessons You can Contact Her through any of  her Websites. 

Chorus Line
Near 40
Title: "EB" Distressed Oil, Gold Metal Leaf on Canvas

CHECK OUT HER LINKS BELOW!  You won’t be sorry. The Best Part It’s Free To Look!



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Castries Fishermen’s Pier

There was a rather large woman cooking something in a pot off to the right in the picture.  A fire had been set using whatever scraps of wood that were around and the pot set right atop that fire.  Under the fishing boats which were hailed up out omn the dock there were many small dogs playing with each other and some roosters roaming around.  Obviously getting the dogs neutered was not high on the priority list. 

Just across the bay were two cruise ships.  Such a striking contrast between the big hulking and modern cruise ships and the very basic fishing boats.

Castries Fishermen’s Pier, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

click pic for larger view

At The Fishermen’s Dock- Port Of Castries St Lucia

Whenever we go on vacation I try to go to the fishing villiages to see the way different ports operate and how different fishermen fish.  In the Port of Catsries they operate their fishing port in the shadow of a huge cruise ship industry.   There were 2-3 cruise ships in port and they can accomodate up to five in the harbor of Castries.  

Walking down the fishermen’s pier they do things the same way they’ve done them for generations.  The men were filleting baby yellowfin and ballyhoo.  Alongside the pier there was the Fisheries administration building and a small fish market.

At The Dock, originally uploaded by captjoe06.