2010 Dory Season Rowing Note From Jimmy T

Jimmy Tarantino writes

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great Holiday season and are ready
for another good year. The Board of Governors just had our first meeting
and got the ball rolling (. Please find attached the schedule of events
for 2010).

As a result of my being in a deep funk the last month or so, I’m sorry
to announce there probably won’t be a “Winter Races” event this year but
I promise to do the best I can to make up for it the rest of the year.

We got news last fall that Wayne Spindler has stepped down from the
Canadian Dory Committee and is being replaced by Kelly George. Wayne, we
thank you for your years of dedicated service. Personally, I thank you
for helping show me the ropes and giving me a good example.  Kelly,
welcome aboard and please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is
anything I can do to smooth the ride.
I assure you we Americans will give you the same bullsh……uh….I
mean…respect we did Wayne! 🙂

As we embark upon a new rowing season, I’d like to let you all know
we’ve got a bunch of new Shaw and Tenney oars in, which cost a little
more than what we’re used to but your getting a way better oar!

We hope to have an “all hands” meeting soon, and we’ll be asking anyone
interested to volunteer a little time, there are openings on the Board
of Governors. This is your opportunity to help steer the IDRC and only
takes a few hours of your time a year! E-mail me if your interested.

Anyone planning on competing in the Open race this year, if you haven’t
been training hard for the last several months, you should probably
consider other options. I hear there’s a Tiddlywinks Tournament at the
Senior Center!

That’s all for now, see you down the dories!

To find out how you can be involved all year long with the dories for a mere $50 (including access to the dories for a full year check out the Gloucester International Dory Site Here

Macdonalds Starts Free WiFi Nationally Today

Just a tip for anyone looking for wireless access on the road or in Gloucester. Macdonalds used to charge $2.95 for two hours of access but now all Macdonalds will offer it free.

Can anyone report in if you get a signal while sitting in the drive thru line?


Quick Color Study

This is a quick Color Study I did of one of Sharon Lowe’s  Beautiful Niles Pond Photos.

I Sometimes do a few of these if I plan on doing a larger Version.

As you can see I love Broad Brushstrokes and vivid colors.

Sharon’s Niles Pond Photo “Reposted without permission 🙂 “
“Niles Pond Sunrise” Color Study



Beginning Winter Birding

Date:     January 17, 2010
Location:     Halibut Point Reservation
Time:     8 – 10AM
Cost:     FREE to all.
Phone: 978.281.8400
E-mail: rlatham@ttor.org

Halibut Point is nationally renowned for viewing winter birds. Learn the basics of birding, natural history, and behavioral traits of our area’s winter birds such as ducks, gulls, cormorants, loons, grebes, gannets, and alcids. Meet at Halibut Point parking lot.

You can also join us on February 21 and March 21.

Click here for Driving Directions

Jo-Ann Castano Wants You! (on the Arts Map)

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I’ve registered and hope you will too. Put yourself on the map today and share the opportunity with others you may know to be listed also.

Kim Smith Forwards emails from Sarah Hackett In Haiti

So many more have called and written in regard to our friend Sarah Hackett and the non-profit organization she founded, Haiti Projects. For friends who do not personally know Sarah, she is a woman of great vision and courage (and in her mid-80s!). Sarah is presently in Haiti, living in the rural mountainous area called Fond des Blancs, which is about 65 miles southwest from the epicenter of the earthquake. Sarah and the staff at Haiti Projects have survived, however they are very badly shaken and overwhelmed by yet another horrific tragedy that has befallen their country, family, and friends. Read Sarah’s emails, from Haiti, further below.

The goal of Sarah’s Haiti Projects is to help people help themselves.To do so, Haiti Projects developed five “arms” of self-help projects:

1) Cooperative d’Artisanat: A sewing and knitting cooperative that provides work and much needed cash for women.

2) Education Initiative: A tuition program to help poor families send their children to school.

3) Family Health Clinic: A clinic that offers planning services to those who wish to control their family’s size.

4) Library: A community library to encourage reading skills among local citizens.

5) RATRAP: (Rassemblement Travailleurs Paysan): A micro-lending program to help farmers borrow money for tools and raising animals.

My involvement with Haiti Projects began several years ago when Sarah hired me to design new linens and garments for the artisan co-operative. I was planning to travel to Haiti on January 29th through the 7th to work with the tailor and help with production of the new designs. And I was also traveling on assignment for a feature story about Sarah and Haiti Projects for Cape Ann Magazine. Of course all that is temporarily on hold. Many have asked what can they do to help. I urge you to go the Haiti Projects website at http://www.haitiprojects.org/ to learn more about this truly worthwhile organization. Donations* can be made through paypal (look for the Donate icon on their website) or sent to:

Haiti Projects Inc.

31 Leonard Street

Gloucester, MA 01930 USA

Please donate not only for the immediate crisis, but in order to support the long-term goals of Haiti Project’s mission. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

Sarah’s email from the first night after the earthquake: “It was quite an event. Never experienced anything like it before. I was walking down to my house and had not gone very far when the whole earth began to shake. All the motorcycles fell over, the gate shook and the ground just kept moving like jelly. We all threw ourselves on the ground and there were smaller tremors. Tison gave me a ride on his motorcycle to my house. There have been three after shocks. Everyone is shaken. The center of the damage seems to be in Port au Prince. We are fine here lots of aftershocks but the group (that was coming from Port au Prince) has just arrived safely, for which we are grateful. We hear that Port au Prince is terrible. The phones are not working but the Internet is. So while it is, I write to assure you all that I am safe and well.

Love, Sarah”

Sarah, the following day: “I am fine just still jittery. The artisanat is closed. Please say that when people ask what they can do, tell them to call their congressperson and tell them to get aid here right away. All they have to do is imagine if their house fell down in Boston and they just got out with the clothes on their back, what would such people need? Everything and right away!!!! We are quite cut off here as the phones don’t work but two people on motorcycles got through today so tomorrow a car is going to try. In the afternoon tomorrow there is a funeral for our driver’s 3 year old who was crushed in the rubble when the house collapsed in Port au Prince. And as I write the 8 students that St Boniface houses in a student house in Port au Prince have just arrived just with the clothes on their backs, having escaped as the house was collapsing. We here in the backcountry have not suffered except for the continuous news of loss and for the feelings of helplessness. Mostly we have the jitters still even after 24 hours and that is because the aftershocks have been frightening—strong and continuous. They say there have been as many as 40. Still a few. Sarah”

Look for Jonathan Phelp’s story about Sarah in Friday’s Gloucester Daily Times.

Thank you on behalf of Sarah and Haiti Projects for your concern and help. I will forward any future emails from Sarah.



*Haiti Projects is a 501-(C)-(3) and all donations are tax deductible.