From the BEACON-TODAY!: Help us capture a ‘Day in the Life’

It’s Not Too Late!

I’d love to see some pics on Chronicle from fellow GMGers!

From Wicked Local at the Beacon

Grab your camera or cell phone and help us capture Monday, Jan. 25 in your community for our “Day in the Life” special project.
Wicked Local is joining with WCVB-TV’s award-winning news magazine “Chronicle HD” to document Jan. 25 across New England.
Send us the ordinary and the extraordinary: kids going off to school, a moment at the office, a stunning sunset, a great basketball shot, your favorite local character. Start at 12:01 a.m. Monday, Jan. 25, and keep your lens open until 11:59:59 p.m.
We will publish some of your pictures on photo pages in your local paper, post photos on Wicked Local and share your pictures with WCVB’s “Chronicle,” which will air a special program in February.
Please include complete caption information about your photo’s time, place and subject, along with your name and town.
E-mail only one photo at a time to and put DAY in the subject field.

The Greenery 1970 and Today

The first shot is an old postcard view out the back window of The Greenery in 1970. The second shot I took while sitting at the round table to the left while having lunch with my daughter and her friends in the Spring of 2009.

Amazing how nothing has changed out that window. (OK, I know it isn’t the same Motif #1.) Unfortunately it all changes tomorrow as there is an auction starting at 9:30 AM to sell off everything inside The Greenery.  The other shots I took while I was there show a lot of paintings on the walls and the identical table and chairs from the 1970 shot. Might be a chance to walk away with a little piece of history.

When I was in the process of buying a house in Rockport in 2008 I spent more than a few afternoons using the Greenery free WiFi reading my email and having a cheeseburger. I could also swing by in the middle of the night and park in front and download updates.

Gloucester Little League News

Hey Joey – Happy New Year!!!  I wanted to ask if you could post some “Gloucester Little League News” to your blog.  It’s that time again, gearing up for the baseball season.

Thanks so Much!  Cindy Rich

RHS Baseball coach John Parisi is going to host a baseball coaches clinic on Sat Feb.13 in RHS gym.  The clinic will be organized by John but run for the most part by Jason Larocque. Recent clinics Jason ran over Christmas vacation have received very good reviews. The cost is $25 per participant. A notice about this clinic will be run on the Gloucester Times (a notice appeared in Jan. 21st GDT).  Please contact John Parisi if you have any questions. John Parisi-

Prior to the start of the season, every manager should attend at least one of these coaches clinics to get ready for the upcoming season.  From personal experience I can tell you the time spent is well worth it.  Great ideas on running a practice and teaching baseball fundamentals.  – Dean

 Upcoming Spring Schedule

 Baseball Registration – Saturday Feb 20th and Saturday Feb. 27th from 9:30 am – 3:00 pm at the GHS Atrium.

 Supplemental Player Evaluation and completion of player selection – Mid March (TBD).

 Coaches Meeting – Mid March (TBD) –   Review rules changes, code of conduct etc.

 April 1st – Teams can begin practicing on Fields (teams can practice prior to April 1st but Mark Cole asks us to stay off the fields (Boudreau & Wilson) prior to 4/1.

 April 26th – Start of Majors A Regular Season

 May 1st – Opening Day Parade

 May 2nd – Start of Majors B Regular Season

Gloucester Daily Times Editor Ray Lamont Part III

In this segment Ray talks about the Gloucester Daily Times as a local newspaper within a national news conglomerate.  We also begin to speak about the individual writers, editors and photographers and what they bring to the Times.  Ray talks about Richard Gaines in this clip.

Action offers adult education classes

Action, Inc. Employment and Training Program, 180 Main St., Gloucester, is offering the following classes:

“Microsoft Word Create,” Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m. for six weeks, beginning Feb. 24. Format, edit and merge a wide range of documents including letters, reports and proposals. Manage documents, files and projects electronically. Students should be familiar with Microsoft Windows before taking this course.

“CAN/HHA (Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide)”; class scheduled to begin in February. Training students will gain skills necessary to provide quality heath care to residents in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and for clients in their homes. Program is offered free to low-income individuals who qualify. Criminal background check and written assessment test necessary for acceptance into training.

For more information or to register, call 978-281-7402 or e-mail

Gloucester 18 Producer Kristen Grieco Takes Offense To Lifetime’s Pregnancy Pact Movie

From The Gloucester 18 Blog-

Whoa Lifetime. Whoa.

January 24th, 2010

By: Kristen Grieco

I saw the Lifetime movie “The Pregnancy Pact” at the same time the rest of you did: 9 p.m. last night. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew that it was an “inspired by a true story” movie, and I had been told by some people who’d seen advance copies that it was wildly off-base but, more importantly, completely misleading.

I’ll be totally honest: I figured people were overly sensitive. I figured it was a “ripped from the headlines” movie that took the idea of a pact and ran with it, went wild with fiction based on the tiny nugget of the fascinating idea that teen girls could plot together to become pregnant on purpose.

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