Things To Do- Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Today!

Don’t forget to check out the Farmer’s Market down at Harbor Loop this afternoon!  For the Farmer’s Market Slide Show click this text

Dont forget to check out the Farmer’s Market down at Harbor Loop this afternoon!

Hacking Up Bait Aboard The Jupiter II

Whack Whack Whack.  When the blade comes down into the flesh and cartilage of the swordfish it makes a sound like a thud.  It usually takes a couple of whacks to lop off the preferred size for the bait bag.

Watsie Knickle and Fran Mondello In Lunenburg

Watsie is a native of Lunenburg with a special connection to Gloucester.

At the age of 16, Mr. Knickle survived a fishing boat disaster. He was plucked from frigid waters by the crew of a Gloucester-based fishing vessel. 44 years later, he finally connected with some of those crew members, still in Gloucester, to thank them.

For the amazing story click the following link:

Thanks to a friend of GMG for the story and photos.

Andiamos Stuffed Peppers

Last night we didn’t get to leave the dock til 7:45PM and when I called the Mrs to tell her I was on my way home she informed me that there was nothing to eat.  So I was going to swing into Sebastian’s and pick up whatever slices they had in the case to make a full pizza and head home to crash when I saw the empty parking space in front of Andiamos (the former Causeway Panini).


Andiamos Stuffed Peppers, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

I got a North End Prosciutto sandwich and a roasted eggplant sandwich and figured that once I got home we would split the two subs and have half and half each so that we could sample both.   The Mrs rarely tells me that I “have to” put anything on the blog but after just a couple bites of her Prociutto sandwich she gave me the “You have to put on the blog how fantastic this sandwich is.”
She kept going on and on about how fresh the tomatos were and how she’s not even a big fan of prosciutto but that her sandwich was incredible.  She described it as a gourmet sandwich for a sub shop price.
I concur.
Check it out and if you go there tell em the guy from the blog sent you.

Hand Crafted Velvet Rings At Bubbles -$15

Bubbles on Main Street always has an inexpensive bauble or two ready for purchase for a gift of appreciation.  Trish also keeps longer hours than most Downtown retailers which is convenient if you are in need of a cocktail party present or gift without the hassle of having to run up the line. she also sells and has a coupon in the Where The Locals Go coupon book.

Jimmy T In Lunenburg- Special Report

Jimmy T In Lunenburg, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Photo courtesy Frank Ciolino

The trip to Lunenburg was a smashing success. Although we didn’t have as many wins in the Dory races as we would have liked, the bonds between our nations were strengthened like never before. We all can be tremendously proud of all the rowers and their families and friends as we spread peace and goodwill at every shop, restaurant and imbibing establishment we visited, and there were many visits to the latter.
Friday night the Town of Lunenburg welcomed us with a reception in the rarely seen “Bluenose Room” of the Fisherman’s Museum! The Gloucester folk mixed and met with many of the fine citizens and dignitaries of that beautiful port.

The races Saturday morning began with Katherine Richmond and Samantha Rose going up against “the pride of Clarke’s Harbor”, Nicole and Natalie Jones, in the Women’s Division. The U.S. girls rowed great, staying with the Canadians until the turn, but that’s when the experience of the Jones girls kicked in. They whipped around the flag and never looked back winning in a time of 6:02 compared to the 6:17 put up by Samantha and Katherine.

In the Junior race, Americans Joe Ciolino and Kyle Edmonds really had their work cut out for them, racing against Canadians Connor Swim and Holden Nickerson, who were twice their size! For a while it looked like the Americans might shock the world, as the hung with the big boys for most of the way to the pin. But the stronger crew began to pull away coming home and eventually won in a time of 6:07. Kyle and Joe finished with a respectable 6:26.

Next came the Master’s, and what a race it was! Defending Champs Mark Duval and Joe Sanfilippo once again faced their constant rivals Kenny MacDonald and Tim Mair, from Prince Edward Island. Tired of losing the last couple of races, the Canadian pair changed their stroke and prepared hard for the battle, and it WAS a war, with the lead going back and forth several times throughout the race! The throngs of spectators on the wharfs were going wild as both crews approached the finish line and no one could tell who was ahead! With nothing left in either tank, both dories still seemed to make a surge for the finish line and a photo finish. When the gun went off the Canadians had won the day, in a remarkable time of 5:39:31! Mark and Joe finished in 5:39:53! Just 22/100ths of a second behind. 15 beers later in the beer tent, the Americans called for a protest, then rescinded the protest after just one more beer!

Now it was Canadians 3, Americans 0, when the Mixed Doubles got in the boats, putting tremendous pressure on American Katherine Richmond, who was stuck with loud-mouthed Jim Tarantino for a partner. Tarantino was going around the Lunenburg waterfront for days, proclaiming himself “the greatest Dory Rower in the World Today”!!! The pressure was magnified by the fact they had to face Champions Natalie Jones and Tim Mair, who rowed like warriors! The U.S. team jumped out to an early lead and got about a boat and a half lead going into the turn. Mair and Jones made an excellent turn and closed the gap to less than a boat for most of the trip home! Fortunately for the Americans, Katherine responded superbly to the beggings and pleadings of her partner on the way home, and put on a push at the end of the race to give the U.S. it’s first win of the day, in 5:51.

The main event featured Americans Jerry Ciaramitaro and new-comer Mike Lovasco against savy veterans Danny Moody and Walter Nickerson from Lockeport, Nova Scotia. The Americans used their incredible strength to grab the early lead and seemed to be in control until about 3/4 of the way to the flags. Then they nearly collided with a channel buoy and lost valuable time. Canadians Nickerson and Moody seized the opportunity and got in and out of the turn as smooth as silk, taking a 2 boat lead. The strong Americans made a valiant effort on the way home, but a better course by Moody assured the victory for Canada, in a time of 10:34 versus the Americans 10:42.

The drizzly conditions and tough losses could not dampen the spirit of the American rowers, who continued to spread good cheer all over town, embracing the hearts and minds of the locals (and several traveling ambassadors) until the wee hours of the morning! On Sunday, a few of us were privileged to experience the finest hospitality Clarke’s Harbor has to offer, with a tour hosted by the families of Natalie and Nicole Jones, and the best Seafood platter in Nova Scotia!

Special thanks to all our hosts and new friends, which are too numerous to mention!

Herring Flats

These are whart we call flats of frozen herring.

Usually the flats weigh 45 lbs, these particular flats weigh 25 lbs each.  They are being laid out on the floor so that they will defrost and our lobstermen can use them right away.  The 45 lb flats of herring or pogies  take a while to defrost.  To pull the fish apart is a huge pain in the ass when they are a big frozen rectangular solid block.   Breaking down pallet after pallet of frozen 45 lb flats wreaks havok on our backs but the real strain comes when you gotta lift them all back up while bent over.

I know, I know bend your knees.  It still doesn’t make it easier when your on your fifth pallet and they are stacked up high.  Not fun.  Not fun at all.

Herring Flats, originally uploaded by captjoe06.