Mother’s Pure Preserves Gift Box At Cape Ann Farmers Market

There are gift boxes available at Mother’s Pure Preserves at the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market.   You can mix and match a case of your favorites.  You really ought to try the apple buttah.  Get some , warm it up and put it on some ice cream.  $16 for a case of four, it makes a nice gift.  October 10th is the last Farmers Market of the season so swing by and stock up on your favorites.

Helen Parker Textiles Childrens Sweaters

Beautiful Children sweaters at Helen Parker Textiles Booth at The Farmer’s Market.  Don’t worry if you don’t make it down to the Farmer’s Market for the last one on October 10th, Helen Parker Textiles is located at 67 Broadway, right after the five corners in Rockport, on the right in a red building with painted awnings (on your way towards downtown).

Beautiful stuff.

Mother’s Hot Red Pepper Relish At Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

I swung through the Farmer’s Market before our Block Party meeting Thursday night.  I wanted to get something for fabulous Logistics queen Vickie Van Ness’ birthday and found the Mother’s Pure Preserves Tent.   I’m a big fan of hot pepper relish and here is Mother’s.  I did a little interview with Alison Chateauneuf, the president and chief bottle washer.   We discussed Gloucester and the Farmer’s Market and why she keeps coming back.  It’ll be posted at 7:00AM.