Jimmy T- Tales From Lunenburg

The “Hump Cup” is a sailing race that takes place in Lunenburg Harbor every Wednesday. The trophy is a beauty, located at the “Ice House” bar upstairs from the Fisherman’s Museum. The building and it’s history and traditions are a centerpiece to that beautiful port. As I said the “Hump Cup” trophy is a beauty, a large rock with a cannon (which they say actually fires) mounted on a swivel on top, set in a polished wooden base and surrounded by shiny brass dories, each engraved with a different sponsor. The winner of the “Hump Cup” race is presented with the bottle of their choice which they then drink from the dories of the trophy. A splendid tradition.

It was Wednesday night when Joe Sanfilippo and I came in to the “Ice House” for a cocktail, where we found three “winners” of the “Hump Cup” race for that day. Needless to say the bottle they had won was long gone, and they were feeling their oats! When I shyly proclaimed myself “The Greatest Dory Rower in the World Today” there was quite a bit of playful banter back and forth and a wonderful time was had by all. On the way out, after several double Captain (Morgan) and Gingers I lifted one of the “Hump Cup” dories as payment for their disrespect!

The next day when I shared the story with our rowers I told them I had to go back and return it, so the next night we went back to the “Ice House” and had a cocktail, or two, or three. When we left, somehow, there were 5 dories missing from the “Hump Cup” trophy!

The next day we all felt guilty, and promised each other we’d return the dories Saturday before we left.

Well Saturday we had a great time, though the races didn’t go as well as we hoped we drowned our sorrows in the beer tent. We had a wonderful time with lots of new friends we’d met, and decided to continue the celebrations at the “Knot Pub”. Meanwhile, Garnett Heisler got a couple of our fine rowers heavily into the rum and they completed the sweep of the “Hump Cup” dories that night, to everyone’s delight! (I knew we would return them).

The day I got home I called the “Ice House” and spoke with a young lady, told her I would be returning them by mail as soon as I engraved an extra dory with “Gloucester Dory Rowers” so there were no hard feelings.

I’m mailing them tomorrow with a poem enclosed:

Lend an ear, this is one of our best “Ice House” stories:

When the pirates o’ Gloucester took our fine “Hump Cup” dories.

Our young sailors were a mess, aye, three sheets to the wind!

when the best of the best Gloucester rowers strode in.

Respects were not payed, though were certainly earned

“Then a prank should be played ‘ere the greenhorns shall learn”

The lead pirate had a plot, a salty trick up his sleeve

but was told he must not take the fair barmaid, Eve.

So the dories were borrowed. The rowers said with a smile,

“Let ’em guzzle their rum from the jug for a while!”

Soon the boats were returned to be drunk from again

then, once more, Lunenburg could call Gloucester a friend!

James A. Tarantino, President 
International Dory Race Committee

Mother’s Apple Butter At Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Apple Butter rocks with some vanilla bean ice cream.  Try it some time.  It’s just like eating apple pie a la mode but without the hassle of making an apple pie.

Paint Factory Open House October 25th and 26th!

Thanks Kathy from Parlez-Moi Press for this info-


GLOUCESTER, MA, September 4, 2008 ­ Ocean Alliance welcomes you to a free Open House and Art Show at the Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory. Open house dates and times are:

Saturday October 25th from 10AM – 3PM & Sunday October 26th from 10AM – 2PM

Transportation to the art show and open house will be provided from the Cape Ann Whale Watch offices, 415 Main Street, Gloucester, MA.

The art show has been made possible with support from the Rocky Neck Art Colony.

You all can get inside and check this out for yourself.