Fishermen Tattoos-Joe Dimao

It means dragon. I dig the colors but could never bring myself to get a tattoo in that location.

What are the odds that Joe regrets getting it done on his neck in 30 years or so?

Fishermen Tattoos-Joe Dimao, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Dogbar Chefs Joe Schultz and Christian At The Seafood Throwdown

Here are the winning chefs peeling cherry tomatos at the Seafood Throwdown.

Passport’s Erik Lorden And Zack Seafood Throwdown

Here Erik and Zack cut up cider donuts to make cider donut croutons at The Seafood Throwdown.

Peter Mondello Readies New Gear

Here is Peter Mondello offloading some newly built lobster traps.

Peter is the exception and not the rule as he builds all his traps himself.  Most guys buy their lobster traps from a trap builder like Winchester Fishing Gear, Friendship Trap Company or Eaton Traps.

Peter and his brother Joe use a shop under their father’s cobblers shop across from Saint Ann’s Church to build new traps and repair broken ones.

Peter Mondello Readies New Gear, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Fresh Produce At Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Ok, I admit it.  I thought the Farmers Market was just a handful of hippies selling fruits and veggies.

Boy was I wrong.  It’s just another thing that makes Gloucester an incredible place to be.  There was a good amount of people milling about and it was a very diverse group of people, not just hippies.  What a positive place to be with the Seafood Throwdown and vendors selling their organic goods, coffee from Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co, entertainment and so much more.

Its every Thursday from 3:30-6:30PM.  Chickity Check It Out!

For More info check out their website by clicking this text