Chickity Check It- Somebody Digs GMG!

I’d never heard of a meme, but I feel pretty honored to be mentioned as one of Robert Ambrogi’s five favorite blogs.

You can check out his post here-

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How many people have heard the term meme before?  Just curious.

Doryworld Update From Jimmy T

Ladies and Gentlemen,

“Schoonerfest: 2008”  was a big success thanks to several of our
members. Curt Golrad and Peter Tarantino put in the day manning the IDRC
tent and sold many t-shirts. Visitors got challenged to “Arm wrestle the
Dory Rower for $50.00!” Several small children and one older woman beat
the Dory Rower but only received IDRC stickers as prizes. An exhibition
dory race took place between two members of the “Bluenose” crew against
a couple of our local Coast Guardsmen. Just like yesteryear, the
“Bluenose” crew beat the Americans soundly.
During the “Parade of Sails” an expert doryman put on a show for a
capacity crowd by placing the stern of his dory within 1/16th of an inch
of the Boulevard wall without hitting it, in a strong wind and heavy
sea. The doryman never received the $50.00 he offered to bet Joe Garland
(race announcer on the Boulevard).

Thanks to Erik Dombrowski for equipment and technical support.

Special thanks to Damon Cummings for logistics, setting flags, boat
maintenance, race coordination and public relations not just over the
weekend, but year round!

Representatives for the International race may pick up their $500.00
travel expense checks at the St. Peter’s Club Wednesday, Sept. 3rd,
between 5 p.m. and midnight, or call for other arrangements.

Keep stroking!

James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee

LaRosa’s Seafood Risotto

Decadent.  Amazing.  Rich.  Delicious.

All words to describe the seafood risotto dish at LaRosa’s at the lights in East Gloucester. Loaded with lobster, shrimp and scallops, I was in heaven.

LaRosa’s Seafood Risotto, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Fishermen Tattoos- Charlie Sports The Captain Joe and Sons Logo!

Captain Joe and Sons Logo
Captain Joe and Sons Logo

Frankie’s nephew Charlie apparently got the Captain Joe and Sons logo tattooed on his side. Nice, LOL!