Downtown Gloucester Block Party At The Franklin

The beautiful people turned out in droves to dine al fresco and shop at Gloucester’s first ever Downtown Block Party.

Downtown Gloucester Block Party, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Photo courtesy David Cox of Main Street Arts and Antiques

Lazy Daizy Restoration Project Update Courtesy Toby Pett

So I was busy grading lobsters with Frank on Saturday afternoon and I get a call from good buddy Toby (a regular contributor to GMG).  He tells me there is activity on The Lazy Daizy and I better get my ass over to the moonies for a GMG update.  There’s just no way for me to get away at that point so I ask him to swing by and take some pics for the blog.   Here is his work-

Yep, you guessed it folks she’s still the Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan of all wooden boat restoration projects.  Hopeless!
Toby tells me that this is the fifth time the boat has been moved in the parking lot.  I wonder if the rent is getting paid.  I also wonder if it has been paid, how much dough has been flushed down this rat hole.

Tony Gross Is A Cull

I knew something was wrong when Tony’s wife Abby pulled up to the dock with his lobsters.  Abby never comes down the dock but this day was different.

Tony Got his finger stuck in the hauler and it ripped the tip off.  Not good.

Tony Gross Is A Cull, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Sugar Magnolia’s Crab Cake Benedict

Crab Cakes Benedict with a side of aoli.  I usually put a little Tabasco sauce on there too.  Fan freakingtastic!