Gloucester From The Paint Factory

Check out how massive the Western Venture Herring Boat is compared to The Building Center and The Old Empire Building.  It Towers over everything.  When I drive to work in the morning the lights from it’s tower light up Harbor Cove pretty good.

Rock Hopper/Roller Net

This is a roller net also known as a disc net or a rock hopper net.  This type of net is used to trawl the bottom of the ocean floor where there are rocks and rough jagged bottom which would tear the net to pieces. The discs are made from punched out tires.  They roll over that jagged bottom and keep the twine of the net just off the bottom of the ocean.  In this way the trawlers can fish in areas they never would dare to fish without the rock hoppers because they would spend a week mending the shredded net.   That rough  bottom was the type of bottom that fish used to hide, now there is no escape.

Rock Hopper/Roller Net, originally uploaded by captjoe06.