Antique Store Find- Bad Ass Mirror At Main Street Art And Antiques

After chowing down crabcakes benedict at Sugar Mags yesterday morning I strolled through Main Street Art and Antiques.  I like rolling through there if for no other reason than to listen to the Sinatra vinyl they are spinning in the back part of the store.

I spied this bad ass mirror sitting there waiting for the taking.  It’s a beauty.

Katherine Richmond’s Oar Maker Pictures From Canada

I really like this picture from Katherine Richmond. The light and shadows make for a great shot.  I don’t know if it was intentional or not but in either case I dig it.

When the Gloucester Rower’s went up to Lunenburg for the Dory Races they went to Van Fancy’s Oar Making Shop.   Here are a couple of examples of oars in various stages of finishing.

By the way, as a note to the folks that send in material for me as guest contributors-  It’s much appreciated.  Thank you

Ruth Mordecai Painting at The Art Room on Center Street

Kate Seidman at The Art Room on Center Street has a few of Ruth Mordecai’s works at her shop.  Kate has been helping Erik Lorden at Passports get some great Art on the walls at his restaurant too.  I’ll be featuring a bunch of things from Kate’s Art Room throughout the week.