Salted Pogie

Check out each granule of salt in this pic.  When you don’t wear gloves and have the tiniest little cuts on your hands or if a lobster had spiked you previously in the day and that salt gets in the cut- WOWSIE THAT STINGS!

Salted Pogie, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Ken Sutton, Chief Engineer In The Engine Room Of The Bluenose II

Spotless down in the engine room as you would expect aboard The Bluenose II.

Very cramped area to work on the engines compared to the Gloucester draggers that we’ve done videos of in their engine rooms. That is to be expected as The Bluenose II was built and designed as a sailing schooner first and not a powered vessel.

Mother of Grace Club

I stopped by the Mother of Grace Club to speak with the women who keep the tradition alive.  I hope younger generations continue it. The Mother of Grace novenas are another thing that makes our community special -our faith.

While the Saint Joseph’s novena prays for the safety of our fishermen, the Mother of Grace Club prays for peace.

Mother of Grace Club, originally uploaded by captjoe06.