Helen Parker Textiles, Rockport, MA

Photo courtesy Helen Parker Textiles-

Helen Parker Textiles is at 67 Broadway, right after the five corners in Rockport, on the right in a red building with painted awnings (on your way towards downtown).

Lost Girl Tattoo

Note To The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad- If you ever come home with a tat like this on your hands, daddy will not be pleased!

Lost Girl Tattoo, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

I don’t know who did her tats but the colors on all of them are really vibrant.

Lost Girl At Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Check out that heart tattoo on her chest.  That’s pretty ballzy!  This young lady works at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co.  I LOVE THE DIVERSITY IN OUR TOWN!

Slime Eel Boat Camano

If you look at the photo below you can see how the barrels come up and onto that stainless steel rail system where they go up to that table and are sorted and dumped.

Slime Eel Boat Camano, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Hauling Station Aboard The Slime Eel Boat Camano

You see hauling stations like this aboard the boats on The Deadliest Catch.  Open to the elements, not too fun in shitty weather conditions.

Charlie’s Place Fish Cakes And Eggs

Heaven, I’m In Heaven!  Not all fish cakes are made alike or done right.  The fish cakes at Charlie’s Place however are freakin fantastic!   I love it when they have some flavor with the garlic.

MMMMMMMM  *And they use Haddock, not pollock which some places try to push off in their fish cakes because it’s usually cheaper.   Delish and priced right.  I left a bit on my plate as I was stuffed.  Go get you some!

Charlie’s Place Fish Cakes And Eggs, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

* I know it’s not proper grammar to start a sentence with And, but that’s the way I woulda said it so that’s what I typed.  Here’s another thing- I make spelling mistakes too.  All the time.

Chickity Check It- Commercial-Fishing.org

Craig and Jane are the couple who run Commercial-Fishing.org.   They stopped down the dock the other day while in town which is always nice.  I love it when people that dig GMG stop by to say hi.  They were in town for a couple days and then were heading to New Bedford.

It doesn’t look like the weather in New Bedford is going to be very kid to them  for the Seafood Festival they are having down there, but I hope they had a good time nonetheless.  If you have any interest in commercial fishing you owe it to yourself to check out Craig’s site and get involved.  There are forums and a whole slew of things you can check out there.

I’ve added a link to Commercial-Fishing.org in the links section to the right for your future reference.

Helen Parker Textiles Pumpkin Hats and Slide Show

Check out these cool pumkin hats for little kids from Helen Parker Textiles.

You can check out countryturtle’s slide show here

Looks like someone is working on a website by the looks of those pictures.