Lot’s Of Work Aboard The Bluenose II

It was the perfect weather, lots of sun and a gentle breeze. You’d think that working on one of these schooners it would be time to kick back after the race and enjoy the rest of the day.

Not the case.

The crew was busting it out. Working their butts off. I took pictures early this morning when the boat’s deck was all shiny and gleaming. By the time all the spectators had walked the decks along with the race, the deck was all scuffed up and I imagine there won’t be any rest til she’s back all shiny again.

Controls Aboard The Bluenose II

Gotta move the ol’ sled around somehow if there’s no wind.

Here are the controls for the engine to get the Bluenose around in the event there is no wind.

Controls Aboard The Bluenose II, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

LaRosa’s Chowder

The folks at LaRosa’s want you to know they are not just a pizza joint, they are so much more with huge fantastic salads, homemade chowders featuring bacon and hand cut potatoes, and a large variety of seafood dishes.

LaRosa’s Chowder, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Plum Cove School Project Update From Kristin Michel

Joe –
Update on The Plum Cove School project from Kristen Michele-

I put a check in the mail today for the GMG tree project. Following are some before/after shots of a landscaping project volunteers completed at Plum Cove this past week. We finished four large planting areas in front of the school all together. All of the hard work raising the funds will be worth the effort! Keep up the good work.



2008-09-04_0837, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Thanks so much Kristen, for your contribution and your contributions to the blog!