Downtown Gloucester Block Party

There was fun for all ages. Here one of the dance troupes performs early in the evening.

A recurring comment I heard was that the parents of the kids in the performances went home after the show and got babysitters so they could return once they saw how great the set up was.

I expect even more people next time around.

Downtown Gloucester Block Party, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Photo courtesy David Cox of Main Street Arts and Antiques


Downtown Gloucester Block Party

Photo courtesy David Cox.

Maria Seniti, manager at The Franklin is all smiles at The First ever Downtown Gloucester Block Party.

Downtown Gloucester Block Party, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Gloucester Perspectives- Captain Andy of The Schooner Virginia

Listen to Captain Andy as he speaks about Gloucester, the Schooner race and how he doesn’t abuse his status as Captain.

Click this text for a link to The Schooner Virginia Official Website

Bluenose II at GMHC 4:50AM 8/31/08

Very excited to see that the gates at The Heritage Center were not closed and I could get right down to the end of the pier where the Bluenose II was tied up for these shots.  Creak creak creak go the boards in the early morning as you step across with no one else around.