My hearfelt thanks to Lise Breen, Amy Kerr, and Leslie Heffron for all their fabulous hard work trimming, raking, sweeping, and removing tons of trash from the Gloucester HarborWalk Gardens. We finished more than half on Sunday!

The Friends of the HarborWalk will be back this coming Sunday, beginning at 9am. We’ll meet in front of the Gloucester House. Come lend a hand–its work, but fun with this growing great group of community-spirited friends. Everyone is welcome!

Please leave a comment in the comment section or feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

Amy, Lise, and Leslie

HarborWalk CleanUpTwenty one bags and counting!

Do not forget Gloucester Bingo

This is actually fun, already have a couple of my bingo card.


Are you playing Gloucester Go Fish Bingo?   We are one week in with downtown’s latest month-long promotion – Gloucester Bingo!   Look for the posters on doors and windows of participating businesses to grab a playing board and start having some fun!   Enter the raffles by completing one line or the entire board.  Entries must be submitted by May 22.   Prizes include a trip on the Ardelle, whale watching with Captain Bill, a membership to the Gloucester Maritime Museum, a week of summer camp at the Kestrel Educational Adventures, lunch with Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and several shopping and dining gift certificates.   This is a fun, family friendly event that helps support your downtown businesses.    Ready – Set – BINGO! (Sponsored by Gloucester Downtown Association)

North Shore Artist, George Martin’s Work on Display at First Ipswich Bank’s Gloucester Branch

First Ipswich Bank is pleased to announce that

work by local artist, George Martin, is now on display at its

Gloucester branch – 207 Main Street – through July.

IMG_6340George is an award-winning painter and graphic designer who was born in Massachusetts in 1951 and resides on the North Shore. Graduate of Vesper George School of Art, Boston, he studied under Robert Douglas Hunter, Robert Cormier, and Charles Cooper, among other noted Boston artists. He went on to earn a reputation as an outstanding graphic designer at a number of corporations and design firms. Since 2005, George has been as professional painter who has gained increasing recognition for his work. He is an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association and the Rockport Art Association. From 2011-2012, he served on the Board of Trustees as President of the North Shore Arts Association.

As George explains, plein air (open air) painting restores his passion for nature and awakens his senses. Influenced by representational and impressionist styles, his landscapes and other subjects are painted from life, memory and personal references.

“We are so happy to be able to welcome our third local artist exhibit at our Gloucester branch. We hope that everyone will consider stopping in to view this latest display by George Martin.” commented Bank President, Russ Cole.


About the program:

One artist’s work will be shown every three months; the first installation featured Katherine “Kim” Thayer’s work and Jim Clyde’s work was on display through April. George Martin’s works will be displayed through July 2015.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Sumner, Branch Manager at 978-356-3700, or Beth Taber at 978-356-8120.

First Ipswich Bank has branch offices in Essex, Gloucester, Ipswich, Newburyport and Rowley, Massachusetts – you can find them at

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ this weeks special guest: Allen Estes 8-11pm 4.29.2015




Dinner Specials Every Week!

Wednesday, April 29th – 8pm
Special Guest: ALLEN ESTES!

allen estes fa

Photo by Donna Amero
Cape Ann’s finest songwriter. The great Allen Estes comes
to us this week! We start at 8! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Check out Fred’s rockin’ wine menu!

Dan King


Looking forward…
…to seeing you there 🙂


Dear Super Observant Man at the Pool,

Please allow me to begin by saying that I completely appreciate the fact that you took the time to let me know how much you enjoyed watching my husband frolic and play with our boys in the pool.  He certainly does have fun with them and they adore his attention.  He is indeed, as you so quickly noticed, a fantastic dad and I too get the warm fuzzies watching the boys climb all over him while giggling incessantly. Coincidently, I had just entertained some of those very same thoughts myself while watching them all play! It was very kind of you to stop me as I was walking by (with wet towels, 2 pair of flip flops, 1/2 of a sticky smoothie…made to order…dripping down my arm and off my elbow, a boogie board, a bag of pool toys, and the wad of gum that Child #1 accidentally left on his beach chair), to let me know that you found it incredibly refreshing to see a parent so completely engaged in unabashed fun with his children.  He sure is special and I’m so glad that you noticed.  It was so kind of you in fact, that I almost didn’t notice when you took a dig at me by adding, “You must feel very lucky that he entertained the boys for so long while you sat in your chair and relaxed.” I almost missed your raised eyebrow and the slight change in the tone of your voice.  I also almost missed your wife’s horrified, albeit subtle, cringe when you went just a little bit too far.

For the record,  I wouldn’t dare take a single word of your praise away from my husband because in that moment, and in many other moments, he is even more wonderful with our boys than even you described.  However, what you may not know, is that earlier that morning…and every other day of vacation…I took the boys for a long run/rollerblade as he enjoyed some peace and quiet.  You also may not know that, since my husband is out of the house and hard at work very early each morning, I have the pleasure of getting the boys ready for school, taking them there, seeing them throughout the day as I work my full-time (and then some) job as a teacher in the same school, picking them up, taking them to after-school activities, and then bringing them home late in the afternoon…  You also may not have deducted from your 30 minute observation of how we parent as a team, that until recently my husband was also hard at work on Saturdays so, that being the case, I have had the pleasure, for over 7 years, of taking them on countless excursions without him.  While he would have loved to have joined us, he simply wasn’t able. Likewise, as a teacher, I am incredibly fortunate to have the entire summer off with the boys.  It would be impossible to count all of the fun days that we’ve had…or even the quick overnight trips that we’ve taken…without him..during those long summer breaks.

I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely correct you were!  He was (and is…whenever given the opportunity) a fantastic, fun, and hands-on father to our two young sons.  I am beyond glad that you got to see him in his glory and that his awesomeness was not lost on you.  I do however wish, kind sir, that you had thought a wee bit deeper before evidently determining that I do not do the exact same 90% of the time.  While so quick to rightfully compliment him…you simultaneously insulted me with very little regard. Sadly, for his sake, my number of incredibly hands-on days with our children have had to outweigh his by a tremendously large number.  So, yes sir, when given the opportunity to allow him to relish in some of the simple quality time that is always so readily available to me, I sure did.  Selfishly, while relaxing as you put it, I was also admiring how adorable the three of them are together.

You caught me.  Sitting there in the sun…relaxing for 30 minutes.  Guess what?  I did it the day before that for a nice little chunk of time…and maybe even the day that before too.  The horror.  You might, but probably not, be interested in knowing that when I later expressed how bothered I was by your obvious criticism of me, my husband immediately laughed and said, “If only he knew how often you are off entertaining them on your own!”  Proving once again, how great he is.  I’ll also have you know that another very kind man echoed many of your same words the very next day….and, believe it or not, was able to do so without a hint of sarcasm or ridicule in regards to my parenting in his voice.  Imagine that.


A very relaxed mom…thanks to a great dad…who is now ready to tackle a slew of solo activities until the day that I get the opportunity to sit and relax again.  (and when that day comes…you can bet I will)

Pet of the Week- Rosco & Pugley!

rosco and pugley 2 rosco and pugley
Rosco and Pugley here and we come as a perfect pair!  We are two charming, outgoing and comedic fellows just about 8 years young!  Are you ready for some walking around the block buddies?  How about company on car rides?  Is your late night TV viewing getting lonely? Tired of looking online at all those available dog ads and never finding the right one?  Adore Pugs or just have a thing for fellows with mushy faces and big brown eyes?  Well heavens we must be made for each other!

Visit for more information about the two of us and all the other animals waiting for homes.

Birthday Dinner @LatFortyThree #GloucesterMA


Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Incredibly tastes just like root beer but 5.9% alcohol