I Am More Project

Gloucester’s very talented artist Amy Kerr sent me the next couple of events for the I Am More Project.

Dear I Am More subjects,

I’m starting to prep for the next exhibit at South Shore Plaza in Braintree (flyer attached). We’re going to be taking down Holyoke and putting up SSP in one day, so the dates to see the exhibit are March 14-April 9.

Because there are now 40 of you, and an exhibit with the display panels can only include 20, I’m going to be mixing you up at each location. This will be based on people who live closest to the exhibit, and as much diversity as possible in the subject matter. You have all been included in one of the last two exhibits at Northshore and Holyoke, so the South Shore Plaza exhibit will include:

  1. Jessica and Mila
  2. Carol
  3. Jerri
  4.  Josh
  5. Jonathan
  6. Patrick
  7. Arielle
  8. Chris V
  9. Danny
  10. David
  11. Eliana
  12. Margot
  13. Ryan
  14. James
  15. Chris C
  16. Joe
  17. Áine
  18. Ryan M
  19. Seth
  20. Erin (welcome!)

We are able to hang portraits simultaneously in locations that do not require the panels, so if you know of schools, libraries, non-profits, businesses, healthcare facilities who might host a display of 1-20 portraits that you could help facilitate, let me know.

Upcoming press includes the April issue of Northshore Magazine, and it sounds like Fox 25 might be doing a piece from the South Shore Plaza exhibit.

Enjoy these last cold days of winter!

Thank you Amy Kerr

I Am More Founder/Artist


I Am More Project

From Amy Kerr’s I Am More Project.  Amy is so very talented.

Just passing along a piece that came out this week on NPR in western New England about our project and the current exhibit at The Holyoke Mall: https://www.nepm.org/regional-news/2022-02-21/public-art-exhibit-i-am-more-depicts-how-people-are-more-than-their-challenges




I Am More Project

From the amazing and talented Amy Kerr:

Hello my friends

Just letting you know that your portrait and essay will be at the Northshore Mall for the month of January (2nd-29th), located in front of JCPenney’s by the food court (enter by Not Your Average Joe’s and turn left). There is a flyer attached you’re welcome to share.

All the best to you in 2022!




I am More Project

Gloucester’s amazing artist Amy Kerr. Love the name of this article.

Next the exhibit will travel to UMass Amherst and then the State House in May. The original series of sixteen mostly Cape Ann subjects is currently on display at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital until April.

I am More Project

Gloucester’s amazing artist Amy Kerr’s I Am More Project is will be at the North Shore Mall.

I Am More: Massachusetts

Twenty new paintings of individuals from around Massachusetts accompanied by essays to remind us that we are more than our

life situation, health diagnosis, mental illness or physical disability. This is the third of five regional exhibits across the state.

Topics include postpartum depression, brain cancer, dementia, anxiety, addiction, poverty, eating disorders, spinal cord injury, insecurity, sexual abuse, schizoaffective disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, suicide, learning disabilities, bullying, PTSD, and surviving the Holocaust.

Portrait subjects come from Gloucester, Lynn, Reading, Wenham, Peabody, Lawrence, Newburyport, Littleton, Burlington, Mattapan, Leverett, Amherst, Feeding Hills, Worcester, Westborough, and Mashpee.

Watch CBS Boston’s piece about the exhibit when it was unveiled in Worcester: https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/10/22/worcester-popup-art-i-am-more-than-this-amy-kerr/

Where: The Northshore Mall, 210 Andover Street, Peabody, in front of Macy’s, Upper Level

When: December 31st through January 30th

Opening Reception Friday, January 3rd from 7-9pm

Feel free to share our Facebook Event Page.

A special thank you to the Northshore Mall, the Office of Congressman Seth Moulton, and NAMI Greater North Shore for making this exhibit possible.


Thanks for your help in spreading the message!


Amy Kerr

I Am More Founder/Artist





Dear Friends,

As many of you are aware my wife Amy has been running an Art / Mental health Awareness project called I Am More for the last three years. You can read more about her work here; https://amykerrdraws.org

She just opened a new show of 20 portraits and stories that she has been working on for the last year and a half. Our CBS Boston News affiliate did a great story on this new series of portraits & stories, you can watch it here;https://boston.cbslocal.com/…/4194891-i-am-more-than-this-…/

The story is just under three minutes in length but it is a deep dive into the project.

I feel that our work on whales and oceans is topical (Charismatic Megafauna) and people like to talk about it. Mental health is one of these issues that is clearly not talked about enough, even though there seems to be a mental health crisis affecting both young and old right now.

I am very proud of the work that Amy is doing, not only to shine a light on this topic but as they say in the news, to get people talking about it.




Dear friends,

When I finished the original I Am More portraits in January of 2018, they were so well-received that I decided to keep going, and expand the project to the rest of the state. I’m finishing up the last of 20 new portraits called I Am More: Massachusetts, which includes subjects from Cape Ann, to Boston, to Cape Cod, to Amherst and everywhere in between, talking about opioid addiction, cancer, postpartum depression, surviving the Holocaust, learning disorders, bullying, suicide, sexual abuse and more. Brave individuals who are sharing their voices to help others – you may recognize someone:

I’m working on planning five regional exhibits of these new portraits in Boston, Worcester, Amherst, Lawrence and the North Shore.

It’s been 19 months of drawing, traveling, meetings, fundraising, editing, and outreach.

So far I’ve raised $24,200 of my goal of $40K to pay for these portraits and exhibits, so I have $15,800 left to raise to make it to my goal and bring these to the public.

Here’s where you can help!

I’ve written a blog post explaining I Am More: Massachusetts with links to all of the portraits and the amount I need to raise. Ocean Alliance (our fiscal sponsor) has added I Am More to their donation page so that people can easily make a tax-deductible donation to the project. If you would consider sharing the link on Facebook that would be incredibly helpful: https://amykerrdraws.org/2019/09/04/help-bring-i-am-more-massachusetts-to-the-public/

All of the info and instructions are in the blog so all you would need to do is share the link, and if you’d like to add a few words about what the project has meant to you, feel free.

Thank you so much for helping get these faces and voices out there!!


Closing soon: Amy Kerr I am more Sawyer Free Library July art exhibit

Selections from Amy Kerr’s I Am More series on view in beautiful Matz Gallery, Sawyer Free Public Library July 2019. Learn more here

AMY KERR solo exhibition_I am More_Matz Gallery_Sawyer Free Public Library installatino views20190723_©c ryan (1)AMY KERR solo exhibition_I am More_Matz Gallery_Sawyer Free Public Library installatino views20190723_©c ryan (2)

The ongoing series has grown and been displayed in different configurations and groupings at numerous venues, encouraging repeat visits and consideration. Here is an installation view from the iteration at Cape Ann Savings Bank May 2019.

installation view_AMY KERR_I am More_at Cape Ann Savings Bank_20190524_©c ryan.jpg


Amy Kerr writes the following:

Below is a message from Iain, who is in the Sea of Cortez preparing for the BBC’s “Blue Planet Live” for this Wednesday and Sunday. He said he’d never do a live show with whales again, but here we are! The following are his instructions on how to watch outside of the UK (4:00 EST?), and if you can figure them out and DO you are a good good friend. At the very least, send him your positive whale-y, snotty thoughts!

Dear Friends,

Chris, Andy and I have just arrived in Loreto. We are pretty damn excited to be taking part in the BBC Blue Planet Live Series. You can find more information on the show here: BBC Blue Planet Live. As I understand it the first show went live today, with Chris Packham and the crew in San Ignacio Lagoon. I have it on good faith that Chris was downwind of a grey whale and he got Snotted!

I am also excited but terrified to report that they have asked me to take part in the additional 4th live show on Sunday. So you can catch us on live TV on Wednesday the 27th (SnotBot with blue whales….🤞🤞) and Sunday 31st of March, EarBot and Humpback whales (🤞🤞).  Right now my biggest concern is finding whales and good weather, preferably both at the same time, then of course not making a fool of myself on live TV.

For those of you not in England, there is a way to watch the show live on your computer, Chris says you have to get a VPN, which before last week I had never heard of.  In short if the BBC website thinks that your computer is in England it will let you watch the show.  

Clearly if you can’t watch the show live I am sure BBC will put it up on their website so I will send that information out next week.

So here we go – Get a VPN

  1. Download NordVPN 7 day free trial (https://free.nordvpn.com/trial/)
    1. Make sure to remember to cancel before the 7th day to avoid being charged $100+ for the 3 year subscription
    2. Alternatively, you can buy one month for $11.99
  2. After you’ve signed up for the trial, download and install the VPN app on your computer https://ucp.nordvpn.com/downloads
  3. Open the VPN app, log into your account
  4. Search for “United Kingdom” server in the country list
    1. Once connected to a server, now the internet thinks you are in the UK

Create BBC account

  1. Go to BBC iPlayer (https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer)
  2. Register for an account (https://account.bbc.com/signin)
  3. Choose United Kingdom as your country, and put in a UK postal code, this one should work: SW191AA
  4. Verify your email address with the email sent to you after registering


  1. Log back into BBC iPlayer and search for Blue Planet Live if it already aired, or if you’re trying to watch live go to channels and click on BBC ONE, then click “watch live”
  2. When asked if you have a TV License, click YES
  3. Press play
    1. If you get a message that says “This content doesn’t seem to be working” – go back to your VPN app and click United Kingdom again, it will give you a new server number, refresh BBC iPlayer and try again. You might need to try a few different UK servers before you get one that works.

I will try to send out a few blogs from our time here, until then….

Best Fishes from Loreto.


Save the Date- June 15th

Save the date, the unveiling of the I Am More opening exhibit is just 15 days away!

Come down to Ocean Alliance at the Paint Factory on Friday June 15th from 7-10pm for the opening reception. Gallery hours will be June 16th & 17th 9-5pm

Learn more about the I Am More portraits at Amy Kerr’s website: https://amykerrdrawsportraits.wordpress.com

I Am More flyer jpeg.jpg


Iain Kerr writes,

“Last week Ocean Alliance was in Mexico working with Blue Whales. This work will be featured on Vice News Tonight, Thursday night 15th at 7:30 PM on HBO.

Also, on the 26th Nat Geo is premiering a series called “One Strange Rock,” hosted by Will Smith – Amy and I are at the Premiere in NYC right now. Ocean Alliance will be featured in one of the 10 episodes.”

Congratulations and thank you to Iain for sharing!! Please keep us posted as to when the Ocean Alliance episode will air on “One Strange Rock.”

Blue Whales


Beginning in July there will be I Am More portraits traveling to Gloucester City Hall, Addison Gilbert Hospital, Gloucester High School, Emerson College, Gloucester Stage Company, Action Inc., Lahey Behavioral Health, The Open Door, Cape Ann Cinema and Stage, Cape Ann Coffees, Magnolia Library and Community Center, Eastern Point Lit House, Cape Ann Animal Aid, Backyard Growers, Saltwater Massage Studio, Cape Ann Power Yoga, Willow Rest, Maritime Gloucester, and Sound Harbor Music School.

If you would like to host a display of one or more portraits in 2019 please let me know. You can see the portraits and read the essays here: https://amykerrdrawsportraits.wordpress.com.

Stay tuned for I Am More: Massachusetts…

Thanks for your support!

Amy Kerr

The I Am More Project

From our friend Amy Kerr, she is doing a wonderful project. Please go to her website for more information.


 Those of us who suffer from depression, grief, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and dysphoria can become overshadowed by our struggles, but we are more than our suffering. We are parents, friends, artists, professionals and children. We have dreams, loves, goals and gifts.

 You can read the stories of those here in Cape Ann that you might not have realized struggled with these issues, like Donna and Seth, by following I Am More at https://amykerrdrawsportraits.wordpress.com. Then share your own essay or poem by emailing amykerrdraws@gmail.com to receive a Writing Guide.







SnotBot (and the Kerr family) are heading to the UN as part World Ocean’s Day celebration. Amy writes, “Iain will be speaking to the UN General Assembly on Thursday about SnotBot for World Oceans Day, along with Sir Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sylvia Earle and James Cameron, with music by Daft Punk! We’re making a family trip of it, so Dylan and I will be going along. We’ll try to remember to bring a GMG sticker. “


SnotBot goes to the UN!

Gloucester’s own Ocean Alliance will be part of the World Oceans Day celebration on June 8 at the Great Hall of the United Nations in New York City. Ocean Alliance CEO Dr. Iain Kerr will speak about the role of innovation and technology in ocean conservation and will introduce delegates to Ocean Alliance’s innovative research drone, SnotBot. Dr. Kerr will be one of many ocean advocates, including philanthropist Richard Branson, director James Cameron, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and oceanographer Sylvia Earle, who will be making presentations during the celebration along with a live feed from the International Space Station.

SnotBot is a customized drone that allows Ocean Alliance to collect behavioural and biological data (whale blow or snot) from whales noninvasively, without harming or disturbing the animals. Modified consumer drones have immense potential in marine mammal science and conservation, and Ocean Alliance’s SnotBot program has been at the very forefront of this new research paradigm, not only attaching petri dishes and sponges to drones to collect whale blow, but also attaching cameras and microphones to collect a broad spectrum of other valuable data.


The whale blow that SnotBot collects contains DNA, microbiomes, pregnancy hormones, stress hormones, and ketones. SnotBot’s video camera collects behavioural data and also provides stunning imagery.

For more information about the World Oceans Day program, Christina Caputo <christina@parley.tv

For more information about SnotBot and Ocean Alliance’s Drones for Whale Research program, visit http://www.whale.or/research/drones/ or call Dr Iain Kerr at 978-281-2814 x15 or email ikerr@whale.org.

Images courtesy Ocean Alliance website.


Amy writes, “Come to the Paint Factory this weekend to celebrate the creativity of teens at the “Selfie” art show. The show features portraits in pastel, colored pencil and charcoal of teens from Gloucester, Tyngsboro, Hudson, Bolton, Boxford, Littleton, and Acton. Play the Selfie Scavenger Hunt for your chance to win an 8×10 portrait of your choice!

 See you there!


Amy and Dyland Kerr copyright Kim SmithAmy and Daughter Dylan Kerr

A wonderful turnout for Amy Kerr’s exhibit at the Paint Factory! Her beautiful works are on display through this Sunday only.Amy Kerr exhibit paint Factory -6

Amy Kerr exhibit Sandy Paint Factory

Paint Factory copyright Kim SmithSunset Gloucester Harbor from the Paint Factory copyright Kim SmithLast night’s sunset over the Fort from the Paint Factory patio


unnamedIn addition to the art show, come see the latest restoration work
at the Paint Factory, headquarters of Ocean Alliance,
including the Robotics Lab—home of “SnotBot.”

See you there!
Amy & Iain Kerr