GloucesterCast 131 With Melissa Cox, Rick Doucette and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 131 With Melissa Cox, Rick Doucette and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA

Topics Include : 28th Annual Pride Stride, If you are a non-profit you are crazy not to participate in Pride Stride, Melissa explains how the City Budget process works and encourages citizens to get involved by showing up at meetings, parking lots and I4C2, The YMCA and Fuller School, Rick’s pitch for why the YMCA works at Fuller, Joey asks Melissa for Fiscal Year 2014 Gloucester Wind Turbine Data and she comes through with the data for GMG- 8,552,147 kWh produced, National Grid Net Metering Credit Payments $1,384,538. , Looking Back at The Windmill Poll Projections from October 14, 2012- Mayor Kirk Says City Will Conservatively Save $450,000 Per Year In Energy Costs, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball This Sunday Noon at Camp Spindrift, Please Take Cabs or Sign Up For UBER and get A  free UBER ride to the event by signing up with free ride coupon code CAPEANN Here- ,YMCA Rockathon, YMCA Clean Team.

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Six artists, connected by their love of sailing and painting are showing their work at Gloucester’s Sawyer Free Library from April 4th – May !st

Marty Morgan submits-

Matz Gallery, Sawyer Free Library Exhibit

Six artists, connected by their love of sailing and painting are showing their work at Gloucester’s Sawyer Free Library from April 4th – May !st. “The Mill River School”  features  watercolors and collage by Mark Lindsay, James and Lea Watson, Keara Watson, Ann Ziergiebel, and Molly Ziergiebel Anderson. Each of the artists brings a unique background and vision to their work. All of them live on Gloucester ’s Mill River and all have been painting since childhood. The work ranges from scenes of local landscapes to more abstract visions of color and light.  Also included in the exhibit is ceramic work by Marty Morgan. The public is invited to meet the artists at the library on Saturday, April 11th from 3 – 5 pm.

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A Night of Food, Drink and Music

Please join us this Saturday evening in support of our dear friend Joe Lentini at the Magnolia Library & Community Center on 1 Lexington Ave in Magnolia. All donations and proceeds go to help out Joe & his family.

Please share this post and stop by!
Thank You
Magnolia Library




Do you have a local community based group that want’s help with a fund raising dinner night? Please contact Passports!!

Sorry, Hawk, Easter is Over!

It must be spring because the Schraffts left work/school yesterday and hit Richardson’s Dairy.

The boys got gift cards in their Easter baskets and, since it was a whopping 50ish degrees after school, they naturally wanted to go get the first official ice cream of the season.  With the Red Sox game on the radio (they won 8-0, by the way) and the windows down for a stretch of the ride…off we went….because, really, how do you say “no” to that?

A couple of years ago we were fortunate enough to see a calf being born this time of year.  It was pretty awesome for the boys to see.  Yesterday’s wildlife adventure on the farm was led by a hawk…who apparently thought that Easter was not over because he was clearly still out on an egg hunt.

Check your calendar, Hawk.  Easter is over….and, you can sit there looking all threatening all afternoon, but those birds aren’t going to give up their eggs.

Meeting for Proposed Sculpture by David Black is Cancelled

unnamedSculpture meeting

Location of proposed David Black
sculpture to wait on arts policy

Dear Friends:

   The meeting that was to have been held this Saturday, April 11, on the location of the proposed sculpture by renowned artist David Black at Solomon Jacobs Park has been cancelled.

The mayor has indicated she wants to have a full discussion of a City arts policy before making a decision on how to proceed with the acceptance and installation of David’s generous gift.

A city-wide forum to begin the process of developing the arts policy will be held in May. I encourage you to attend that meeting and be heard on the matter. I will provide further details as they are available. For now, however, the project is on hold.

Thank you all for your attention to this matter and your care for our city.