Solar Success!!! Brian and Diane O’Connor Had Their Solar Install On East Main Street #GloucesterMA Done On Earth Day and It’s Looking Sweet!

Back In January we were there when Brian’s Solar Advisor Kevin Prickett came by to look at Brian’s house and make recommendations.  Here is what he had to say back in January-

Hi Joey, Just a quick follow on Brian and Diane O’Connor’s Solar evaluation. Brian and Diane’s home has qualified and they have decided to put rooftop solar on their home in Gloucester.  (Only 15% of homes in MA are eligible.) Because of their home’s orientation to the sun and other factors, their entire cost will be covered by various federal, state and utility incentives.  In fact they will actually be making money over and above their cost.  And getting 90% of their electricity for free. If anyone else would like to find out if their home qualifies, I just need their contact information and our techs will initially rate the home via satellite.  If it qualifies, we can up with a time for us to talk about how it all works. (About 90 mins.) I am in the process of working with several other Gloucester residents and will keep you posted on their progress. Many thanks for your continued support, Kevin Prickett Solar Advisor

As you can see it’s all come to fruition!

If you would like a completely free Solar evaluation to see if your house qualifies for the crazy amount of incentives and as Kevin states potentially 90% of your electricity for free, Fill Out The Form and They Will Contact You To Set It Up-

From just a few months ago in the snow for the evaluation when we took the video, to an Earth Day install, Brian’s gotta be psyched!  Looking at the installation it looks like a super clean job.


GloucesterCast 132 With Guests Alicia Cox, Kim Smith, Paul Morrison, James Eves, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/25/15


GloucesterCast 132 With Guests Alicia Cox, Kim Smith, Paul Morrison, James Eves, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/25/15

Topics Include:
The biggest hugest development in the history of GMG the world- the Cape Ann Arts Calendar, Harborwalk Cleanup 4/26/15 at 10AM,  Mayor Sefathia recognized as Gloucester’s First Sicilian American Mayor, Cape Ann Museum, Causeway Restaurant, Funga Face, Folly Cove Designers Exhibit, Block Party Poll, How to insure that restaurants and retailers keep streets clear on Block Parties, Peter and Vickie’s Music Calendar, Why organizations that try to be exclusive rather than inclusive will fail in the media distribution game, The Studio and The Rudder half off excluding sushi through April, Who consistently has fried chicken on their menu in Gloucester?, Can Chucky Fry Chicken, Pan fried vs Deep fried Chicken, Kim Smith Covers Arrival of USCG Cutter Key Largo, Proper way to handle news outlets want to use our stuff in relation to Nichole’s post about burned up bus, begging contributors to place proper attribution to their posts, Brian O’Connor’s Solar install happened on Earth Day, Alicia getting her hair done at Fatima’s by John, Where does everyone stand on the resort pool chair saving technique outlined here, Trolling Joey to drive him nuts or sheer stupidity?, Liv’s Wedding Invitation, Tom’s Ghost Writing Gig, Girl Scout Cookie Poll, Frying in Vegetable Oil vs Lard, Clam on your french fry, Passports Community Dinner Benefiting Cape Ann Special Olympics, new features on GMG- and The Cape Ann Arts Calendar, Being Google friendly vs Google Useless, New Banners For GMG Topics Coming Courtesy James Eves

Last Week’s Podcast Subscriber Contest Winner Won Two Free Tickets At The Shalin Liu For The Miranda Russell Band’s May 7th Concert and The Winner Is- Tim Parker

Tim Please Contact Me So I can Let Miranda Know To Leave Your Tickets For You!

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subscribebuttonGMG PODCAST Toby Pett, Alicia Cox, James Eaves, Joey Ciaramitaro ©Kim Smith 2015



Michelle Anderson sent along the following wonderful series of photos of her troupe of young naturalists. IMG_3753

Elijah, Atticus, and Lucas

Atticus ‘Eagle Eye’ Anderson discovered a pile of owl pellets under a large hemlock tree in Rockport.


IMG_3747IMG_3751Dissecting the pellets are Sabina and Lucas Sappia, Esme and Elijah Sarrouff, and Atticus and Meadow Anderson. So interesting and so cool! THANK YOU MICHELLE FOR SHARING!!!



Puzzle piece for scale




Earlier that same day, the naturalists were checking for alewife at the Gloucester fish ladder. They saw seven alewife in total, three actually going up the ladder!

Story and photos by Michelle Anderson.

The Post where I tie Special Olympics, Fine Dining and Art all together so that it makes sense. #GloucesterMA

My wife, Anna and I have a son, Yianni, who has Down Syndrome so we were happy to hear that Shawn Williamson and Kathy Verga have taken on the herculean task of establishing a Cape Ann chapter of Massachusetts Special Olympics. Currently, they have a track and field team practicing on Saturday mornings at the Gloucester High School. They plan to add soccer for the fall and basketball for the winter. This is huge for all the local athletes who previously had to travel to Peabody or Danvers or further. We are so appreciative of their efforts and hope that the Cape Ann Community will support their efforts.

Eric Lorden, chef and owner of Passports has stepped up to be the first community/business leader to help us with our fundraising efforts – Thank you Eric! As some of you may have heard, Eric has started “Community Tuesdays”, at Passports on Main st. A win – win night for everyone! Diners can choose from several options on a Prix Fix menu, offering 3 courses for $15.00 (regular menu also available) and non-profits get 10% of the nights proceeds. When Eric heard about Cape Ann Special Olympics he offered us two Tuesdays, next Tuesday 4/28 and the following Tuesday 5/5. What an easy and delicious way to raise money!

How does art tie in here? In addition to Community Tuesdays Eric also supports the local community by showing the work of local artists in Passports. The latest show is one, printed at Cape Ann Giclée, for local photographer and FOB Len Burgess. Len’s series of Flower Photography now on display at Passports is beautiful and brings spring back to Cape Ann.

So please come out and get a great meal – popovers included, view Len’s flower photography and support Cape Ann Special Olympics and Community Tuesdays!

Lobster Mac & Cheese Panini


imageThis weekend is “The Studio Resturant’s Grand  Opening Weekend for the 2015 season!  The Studio is offering half off their menu excluding sushi!  Last night we kicked off for dinner with an appetizer of Fried Pickles served with spicy dipping sauce! Our beautifully plated dinners of  Lobster Mac & Cheese were delivered to the table with fantastic service! Our meal of Lobster Mac & Cheese, Twin Lobster Rolls, Southwestern Burger and fries, Bacon Pizza, were all cooked to prefection! The desert menu was impressive and oustandly delicious, and all made in house! The Key Lime Pie & Chocolate flourless Cake were both Fabulous!


 Today for lunch daughter Amanda and I decided to make a Lobster Mac & Cheese Panini using leftovers from last nights meal…. AMAZING!!!!!  I think owner Dennis & manager Peter should concider adding it to this years menu! What do you think?


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William Feather Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“Many of our prayers were not answered, and for this we are now grateful.”

William Feather (1889-1981)

A native of upstate New York, Feather moved to Cleveland as a teenager and graduated from Western Reserve University in 1910. He was a reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer for several years before starting The William Feather Magazine with a friend who owned a print shop. He later married Ruth Presley and borrowed against her inheritance to buy out the friend. As sole owner and publisher, he used the magazine to gain a national reputation as a “benevolent iconoclast” writing on business, taxation, and philosophy. He often sparred verbally with H. L. Mencken on issues such as a flat tax and advantages for businessmen. He remained editor of the magazine until his death at 92.

Greg Bover

“Weekend Survival Kit.”

Without the marathon hydration IV I got at AGH on Thursday, I’d probably be hospitalized or fondly remembered. So I called Oncology for advice on how to best take care of myself over this weekend. One of the nurses told me to drink at least 4 ounces of water or juice every hour. Four ounces is the size of a small cup of Italian ice. She also suggested trying to eat mashed potatoes, pop sickles, and also ice cream. “If you stand up and feel dizzy or like passing out, go right to the ER,” she warned. I’m following all directions. Tomorrow, Saturday, I’ll not open the gallery, as walking in my weakened state is very difficult.

Where’s Homie?

Hi Joey,

Recently I’ve been spending time researching the history Gloucester, and have come across many photos of the fish drying yards that once covered the Gloucester Waterfront before the days of the modern refrigeration like this one circa 1906.  There was always something about these photos that I found disturbing, and never figured out why until recently. Looking at the photos, it occurred to me that there is one ubiquitous element of Gloucester Harbor that is hauntingly absent… The gulls.  Where are they?  What is keeping them from the feast waiting right there on the wharf? If anybody knows the answer, please share.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


staff from Mass Audubon’s Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Took To The Coastline

Last weekend, a dedicated group of volunteers and staff from Mass Audubon’s Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary took to the coastline to clean up the coastal and marsh areas of Eastern Point, where Mass Audubon has 53 acres that support large numbers of seabirds and waterfowl. Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary also oversees Mass Audubon properties on Cape Ann including 35 acres at Norman’s Woe Wildlife Sanctuary and 32 acres on Straitsmouth Island. Photo shows the debris that accumulated over the harsh winter this year.

Sue Ann Pearson
Development Assistant
Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Eastern Point Clean Up