Family Gather to Celebrate 90 Year Old’s Birthday


Family gather for a Birthday celebration on the Privateer, 90 year old “Man of the Hour”, in the center.

They came from Beverly, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Colorado.

A great way to celebrate on the Privateer from the 7 Seas hale Watching.

Name that Humpback

We crossed whale watch off our “list of things that must be done even if we live here” this summer. I’m going through my photos and auto-awesome has strung some together and I post it in my Apple Sheeple forum and ten mintues later Phos has straightened out the horizon. Thanks Phos.

Looking at the animation I can see the white on the flukes of the tail that are the best way to identify humpbacks. People who study the humpbacks know them all by name and have seen the same ones over decades. I wrote the names down of the seven that we saw but lost my notes. But if you go to Coastal Studies page and under the photos click “download the latest version here” you will get a 72 page document with photos of a lot of whale tales.

Seven Seas Whale Watch this summer. Seven Humpbacks all identified by the whale dude on board. This humpback has just cleared her pipes and is now sounding. She’ll be gone for 5 to 7 minutes as she cruises about in 130 foot deep water looking for stuff to eat, or hobnobbing with her friends Hippocampus and North Star.

Can you figure out the name of this whale? If you work with these whales you are saying, “of course that’s Suzie Cream Cheese”. But I made up that name.

They are ordered from very white to very black. It seems easy but I couldn’t do it. My daughter figured it out in five minutes. Can you? First three who name it correctly get a Pirate Rubber Duck autographed by RD herself. Clicking on the photo enlarges the animation. If it isn’t animated get a real computer or phone, Macintosh or iPhone 🙂

Check out This Video From Captain Bill’s Whale Watch Of Several Humpbacks Kickfeeding

From captain Bill’s Whale Watching-

This morning we were lucky enough to get to watch several Humpback Whales kick feeding. In this sequence we watched Rapier kick feeding at the surface. We were very surprised when Rapier resurfaced she was not alone!

Cape Ann Whale Watch Whale Alert Update!

From the Deck of the Hurricane II, The largest and fastest whale watching vessel in Gloucester.


We have reached the end of another great season of whale watching. Please join us as we say bon voyage to the whales this weekend and wish them a safe journey south for the winter.

Our last trips of the season are as follows:

Friday October 28, 2011               10:00 am

Saturday October 29, 2011           10:00 am

Sunday October 30, 2011              10:00 am

Monday October 31, 2011            10:00 am $5.00 off if you wear a costume on Halloween

Reservations Call 1-800-877-5110

Cape Ann Whale Watch

PO Box 345 Gloucester MA. 01930

Earth Day Fund-raising Whale Watch Trip Saturday May 7, 2011

Earth Day Fund-raising Whale Watch Trip
Gloucester, Saturday May 7, 2011 (rain date May 8)


    The Whale Center of New England is proud to announce its annual Earth Day Whale Watch. The trip is a celebration of our commitment to conservation, and of the return of the humpback whales to New England; it also marks the start of our field season! This year’s trip is scheduled to run from 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday May 7 (rain date May 8). The trip is a fundraiser for The Whale Center, and all proceeds go to our whale research and conservation programs.
    The humpback whales, which spend much of the winter in tropical seas in the West Indies, start to return in early April. Last year’s trip was great with lots of actively feeding humpback whales. This was the kick-off to a tremendous season that lasted throughout 2010. We’re hoping to have a similar kick-off in 2011!
    This year we are fortunate to have many Whale Center Alumni joining us to narrate the whale watch trip. You will have a day during which you will see great whale activity and learn a lot about the whales we study.
   The trip costs $55 for Whale Center members ($65 for non members); $45 for all children under age 12. Join when you make your reservation and get the member price for the cruise. We’ll provide free hot drinks and there’s a full galley on board. The large cabin on the vessel provides ample cover from the cold but we suggest you dress warmly!
    To make reservations for the Earth Day Whale Watch, please call our office at 978-281-6351. Space is limited, so make your reservations early. We look forward to seeing you on May 7th!

The Whale Center of New England (WCNE) was founded in 1980 to study the whales frequenting waters off the Massachusetts coast, especially Stellwagen Bank and Jeffreys Ledge. We conduct field research from our research vessel Mysticete, and from public whale watch boats.

PO Box 159  Gloucester, MA  01931-0159     978.281.6351     978.281.5666 fax     email

How Could You Not Want To Go On A Whale Watch After Seeing This?

I’ve never been on a whale watch but every single person I’ve ever talked to that has gone on them said it was awesome (yes I used the word awesome)

This video is from 7 Seas Whale Watch Co. Telephone #978-283-1776

There are also other Whale Watch companies listed on the Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce website

7 Seas Whale Watch
7 Seas Wharf on Route 127
P.O. Box 1225
Gloucester, MA 01930
978-283-8000 (fax)

A Cape Ann Whale Watch
415 Main Street
Rose’s Wharf
Gloucester, MA 01930
978-283-0181 (fax)

Capt. Bill & Sons Whale Watching
24 Harbor Loop
Gloucester, MA 01930
978-281-6659 (fax)

Yankee Whale Watching & Deep Sea Fishing

25 Rogers St. whale watch, 1/2 day fish
121 East Main St. all day fishing
Gloucester, MA 01930