GloucesterCast 142 With Alicia DeWolfe, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 142 With Alicia DeWolfe, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Guests Toby Pett and Alicia DeWolfe, The Ho-Cast, Swearing As A Part Of One’s Cadence, Small Business Week At The Chamber of Commerce, Wanting Everyone We Come To the Studio Tuesday Night For GMG’s Award, Art In The Schoolhouse For The Magnolia Historic Society, Unfortunate That We Will Lose A Couple Of Good City Councilors Because They Can’t Run For Council and Mayor at The Same Time, Aluminum Grill Grates vs Cast Iron Grill Grates, Alicia Posts Her Jamie Verga Made Mojito And Creates A Rukus At Stones Pub, Restaurant Pet Peeves, Not Being Able To Post The HoCast, Laser Cut Panties, What’s Your Move When You Don’t Want To Talk To Certain People At The Supermarket, Judging People Based On What They Have In Their Supermarket Cart, Please Share Info On Great Supermarket Steak Deals, Green Street Playground Revitalized, Grille Pizza Stone, The Crazy Lady Holding The Bat, Vignette Has A Snake Living Amongst Her and Her Family, Crazy People That Camp Out And Risk Getting Eaten By a Bear and Don’t Shower and Let Their Armpit Hair Grow, Joey C’s Curated Best BBQ Products List,




WOW! What a Team ~ Thank You Friends of the HarborWalk Volunteers!

Thank you Lynn Bird, Amy Kerr, Catherine Ryan, Charles and George for an awesome and fabulous job! We spent the morning weeding and getting the HarborWalk beds ready to plant butterfly attracting annuals. Lynn, Amy, and Catherine are just amazingly helpful and super hard workers. With special thanks to Charles and George for their enthusiasm and wonderfully positive attitude. The boys pitch right in and just really attack the worst of the oversized weeds–we especially enjoyed the funny names they’ve assigned the most offensive weeds, names such as tidy whities!

Gloucester HarborWalk volunteers ©Kim Smith 2015

Gloucester HarborWalk Volunteers Lynn Bird, Amy Kerr, Catherine Ryan, George, and Charles

Last of the Eastern Side Wooden Draggers “Little Sandra”

Last of the Eastern Side Wooden Draggers

“Little Sandra”

Gloucester Daily Times

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 12:00 am

When the distinctive white-tipped orange mast of the fishing vessel Little Sandra slipped below the ocean’s surface 18 miles off the coast of Rockport beyond Thacher Island this past weekend, the intentional sinking marked more than just the end of the line for the 63-foot-long vessel.

It was the end of an era for Gloucester’s historic fleet of eastern-rigged trawlers as well.



Artist Samara Pearlstein Shifts Our Focus on Baseball Card Art on Display at iartcolony

Rockport Gallery, iartcolony has three very unique pieces that were tailored to honor Cape Ann specifically.

Owner/Artist, Jill Armstrong says,

“I believe there is an audience who would love to know these were created – and would love to see them – and at only $675 – maybe take one home.  One of our clients from Gloucester represented in Swampscott artist Samara Pearlstein’s art, played against Jeff Juden in highschool – got a hit off of him, during a two-hitter game.  Not that long ago.  And, I love the Stuffy McInnis Card – there must be an audience for them.”

Artist statement:

When considering Motif #1, it is impossible to not think about what it means to represent place.  Motif itself has been represented over and over again, but it’s as much about an iconic image of the North Shore and its associations as it is about the building itself.

The baseball cards represented here all belong to Major League Baseball players who were born on the North Shore.  With the figure removed from the baseball card, what is left are the aesthetic signifiers of a specific era, baseball’s relationship to design in that era, and a focus on place over person— a reversal of the usual role of a baseball card.

Each card also prominently features red as a design element, a selecting factor that serves as an additional nod to Motif, arguably the most famous use of red on the North Shore and in landscape painting.

Here’s the cancellation copy for the Schooner Challenge

Len Burgess submits-

UPDATE ON SCHOONER CHALLENGE as of Sunday, May 31, 2015.
CANCELLATION OF TOMORROW’S (June 1st) Schooner Challenge EVENT due to weather.
Will reschedule ASAP, hopefully tomorrow. We are hoping to do it next Monday, June 8. Mike and Tom are available and Harold is attempting to juggle his schedule to make it happen. Hopefully we will have an answer tomorrow as to the new date.
We’ll get you better weather for helping us keep schooner history alive! Thanks for your understanding.

International Dory Race Qualifier Saturday 05/30

After the fog burned off the races were on!

The MarketWATCH 5/29/15 12 Great Homes in Gloucester, Manchester and Prides Crossing

The MarketWATCH 5/29/15

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  • 9 Butternut Lane Gloucester – Kristal Pooler
  • 68 Revere Street Gloucester – Kenny MacCarthy
  • 58 Woodward Ave Gloucester – Ginger Attaya
  • 22 Marble Road Gloucester- Ron Goulart
  • 32 Lincoln Street Manchester- Nancy Sclafani
  • 31 Castle View Drive Gloucester- Scott Smith
  • 26 Ye Olde County Road Gloucester- Kenny MacCarthy
  • 9 Wauketa Rd Gloucester- Kip Penney
  • 10 Norwood Heights Gloucester- Paula Murphy
  • 18 Thissell Street Prides Crossing Beverly- Amanda Armstrong
  • 7 Big Rock Rd Manchester- Jeanne Carpenter
  • 87 Atlantic Road #2 Gloucester- Nicolette Vanstigt
Meet For Coffee?
Bob, Sue and I all work together. And we live here. One of us is usually around and available if you need help.

Lots of Truck Touching Happened Yesterday

The boys weren’t going to let Saturday go by without touching some trucks so we squeezed in a trip to Touch-a-Truck in between a T-ball game and a baseball game.  I was happy to oblige mostly because the money went to the Fishtown Horribles Parade.

Kudos to the the police officers, fire fighters, Coast Guard, volunteers, YMCA kids, etc.  Everyone was incredibly friendly and eager to help make the kids smile.  A special shout-out to the Gloucester Police Officers who humored my boys for a what probably felt like forever before other kids showed up for a turn.  You made their day.

The power of community! What a memorable gala for ACTION, INC’s 50th milestone!

Cat Ryan submits-

This anniversary inspired a very special evening for the 2015 Annual Meeting: a tribute to all of Action’s staff for so many years of dedication, engagement and –well 50 years says it all- sustainable programming!

Last night, the curtains were drawn at Shalin Liu Performance center, the massive screen dropped and we were treated to this short, great tribute video. Look closely at the old photos and history of Action, Inc. Write into the comments below if you can name the four people involved with Action in 1965. We’ll see if you’re right.

Kudos to the movie crew:

Jessica Benedetto, Action’s Director of Marketing & Planning

Megan Merlin, Action’s Project Coordinator

Grieg Cranna, Photographer

Adam Kooken, Videographer, Montserrat


Jessica and Megan organized the event. Willow Rest rocked the food. Speaking of rock, we were treated to the happiest musicians ever. Perfect sound and coolest set from Dan King and friends, with Erika Van Pelt adding powerful vocals.

Executive Director, Tim Riley, is retiring this year. He received the Lyndon Baines Johnson War on Poverty Award and promptly shared the award right back with everyone else.