No Meat, But I Can Eat!

I’m still a fickle eater and choking when I eat the wrong things. Yesterday, I ate 1/3 small bowl of Mac & Cheese! Getting there according to plan to rid me of Oral Thrush.

3 thoughts on “No Meat, But I Can Eat!

  1. Keep getting stronger, Fred! I’m rooting for you!

    I am a little confused why you’re eating simple carbohydrates for the oral thrush? It’s yeast, and yeast feeds on sugar.

    How about Jewish Penicillin? It’s high energy and got fat and protein, and micronutrients, and is liquid, easy to swallow.

    I don’t work as a nutritionist but pinged an RD friend for a list of foods to eat.

    Also, it has no sugar, is packed with vitamins: emergen-C

    Try to stay away from sugar and carbs. Your body needs protein to build, fat, and micronutrients. Again, I am not working as a nutritionist.


  2. Keep on fighting there Fred – this has got to be rough on top of everything else…There is so much you cannot eat and so many things you have to do to fight it. I hope you can get back to the sense of normalcy soon! You are absolute right thing by talking about challenges let them go – never hold it in!
    God Bless Dave 🙂 & Kim 🙂

    “The reputation of a man is like his shadow: it sometimes follows and sometimes precedes him, it is sometimes longer and sometimes shorter than his natural size.” -French Proverb


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