Happy Easter Peeps!

Did you know that chickens eat their own pooh, and other chicken’s pooh as well? You can see one of the chicks doing just that in the Vine below.

The first time the food passes through the gut it is not fully digested. Many species that eat primarily vegetation eat their own pooh to recover nutrients. Herbage can be a tough substance to breakdown. Vegetating-eating animals have evolved to either have several stomachs, a cow, for example, or to eat their own feces and digest it again.

I just can’t get enough of Backyard Grower’s adorable peeps. As of yesterday, there are two families remaining. Visit their website for more about the Cutest Fundraiser Ever!

Abigail and Samuel Cook Peep Viewing at Backyard Growers!

Cosmos ©Kim Smith 2014  --8

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The Essex River Race May 16, 2015; Registration Open Now

Go to the Essex River Race website here and register for the tune-up paddle on the Essex River on May 16. The Cape Ann Rowing Club does an awesome job putting on both the Essex and Blackburn. Forty bucks and you get a cool T-Shirt, some grub and a beer after the paddle on the Essex. As Joey says, “Clearly you do not need to be a fine specimen of athleticism to finish this race.” He’s right. But it will get you out there for at least a few paddles in the next month to clean off the cobwebs and get rid of the acorns that the squirrels have hidden inside your boat.

And it is only 111 days until the Blackburn Challenge!


GAACster Glenn Chaple’s talk "Astronomy With Small Telescopes”


What can you expect to see if you decide to get a small telescope? This month’s meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club features old friend and unflinching GAACster Glenn Chaple, and is all about what’s visible out there for the small-telescope backyard observer. You don’t need a monster scope to join the fun.

Glenn’s talk, “Astronomy With Small Telescopes,” looks into what there is to look at, through a tour of the universe, from our neighbor, the moon, to a quasar 2 billion light years away.  Along the way you’ll view the solar system, deep-space objects in our galaxy and beyond, and finally the quasar 3C-273 — all as seen through the “eye” of small-aperture telescopes. You’ll be really surprised at how easy it is to see some amazing things.

This is one you don’t want to miss, most especially if you have some interest in seeing these things for yourself in an inexpensive telescope. The talk will include tips on skygazing with small backyard scopes, as well as good advice for the novice observer.

GAAC meets at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street, @ 8:00 Friday night, April 10. There is no cost, and parking is free too. You can learn more about the club on our website, http://gaac.us, our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/gaacpage, or our twitter feed, @gaactweet .

PHOTO: Jon Butcher captivates Warren Haynes at Berklee Performance Center last night

This photo by Sue Sanderson proves what Berklee Performance Center audience members were saying last night about Warren Haynes being enthralled by Jon’s guitar playing.  There’s a big announcement about Gloucester’s own Jon Butcher coming in the next few days. Keep your eyes on GMG and get the scoop first!

Cape Ann Painter and Photography Group will meet on Friday, April 10

Hi Everyone,
Happy Spring!
Our next Cape Ann Painter and Photography Group will meet on Friday, April 10 from 9-10:30 AM at Cape Ann Giclee on 20 Maplewood Avenue,Gloucester. Thanks to James and Anna Eves for the generous use of their space and their enthusiastic participation in the group.
The consensus at the last meeting in March was that it was a good idea to keep the painters and photographers in one group as we have always done. We  realized that we all experience a similar creative process.
The group was founded three years ago with the goal of having Cape Ann painters and photographers get a chance to meet each other, offer support, share ideas and have some fun.
James Eves has recently agreed to facilitate the group .We will follow a more structured format which will allow a limited amount of time for each member to show a piece of work they have been working on for the month. The artist will discuss the concept behind their work, composition, color choices, etc. with feedback from the group.
We are also considering making this a 6-7:30PM Thursday group so that more people would be able to attend.
The group will continue to meet on a monthly basis and all are welcome.
Please bring your latest piece of work to share and see you on the 10th.
Alice Gardner

John Huss, Curator of the Manchester Historical Museum presents "The Saga of the St. Petersburg".

One of Manchester’s most fascinating and important figures, Captain Richard Trask, will be the subject of an upcoming program presented by the Manchester Historical. Richard Trask, abandoned by his mother at childbirth, raised by foster parents, taught the fundamentals of seamanship as a teen, captain of a series of successful merchant ships, personal friend of the czars of Russia, skipper and part-owner of the St. Petersburg – the largest ship ever built in Massachusetts at the time – was a massive figure – both physically and by reputation.

On Tuesday, April14th, you are invited to the Sacred Heart Parish Hall for a 7pm program to learn more about this important local sea captain and his strong-willed wife Abigail, when John Huss, Curator of the Manchester Historical Museum presents “The Saga of the St. Petersburg“. The program will also include the story of the museum-quality half-model of the St. Petersburg which was built and presented to the museum last year by Steve Parson of Hamilton.  Steve will be joined at the podium by his mentor Matt Sutherland of Concord, one the nation’s most highly regarded model boat builders.

Refreshments served at 6:30, program starts at 7pm in the Sacred Heart Parish Hall in Manchester. Members are free, Non-members $10. To RSVP, please contact the Manchester Historical Museum at 978-526-7230 or email: info@manchesterhistoricalmuseum.org .


St. Petersburg