Go Sox

So, in case you were wondering… Mookie on 2nd, Pedroia on 1st, and David Ortiz at bat = a three run homer. Hanley Ramirez up next = another home run. Good times at Camden Yards so far!! Oh, and those are Mookie’s friends celebrating behind us.


Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan -1 ©Kim Smith 2015.A special group of representatives from Sicily were given the grand tour of Gloucester today by Mayor Romeo Theken and her assistants. 

Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan City Hall ©Kim Smith 2015

The day began with a tour of City Hall led by the Mayor, followed by a visit to the Cape Ann Museum.

Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan Cape Ann Museum ©Kim Smith 2015.

Rhonda Faloon, Cape Ann Museum’s Director, guided the guests through the galleries. This group of international travelers were tremendously impressed with Gloucester’s gem of a museum and were particularly interested in the historical aspect of the fishing and related industries.Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan -3 ©Kim Smith 2015.

Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan Causeway Restaurant ©Kim Smith 2015.Next stop on the Mayor’s grand tour of Gloucester was a fabulous lunch hosted by the Causeway Restaurant. Delicious and fresh course after course of seafood splendor was served–calamari, mussels, shrimp, clams, and octopus–to name just some of the heaping helpings that make the Causeway a Cape Ann destination restaurant.

Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan Wicked Tuna ©Kim Smith 2015.What a treat for the guests to run into none other than Dave Carraro and Paul Hebert from Wicked Tuna, also at the Causeway for their fabulously famous fare!

Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan Beauport Princess ©Kim Smith 2015. copyNext landing-place was the cruise ship Beauport Princess. Bridget Jaramillo, Cruiseport’s Director of Events, hosted the group while Captain John Randazzo steered the ship through the inner harbor.

Sicilian Envoy Honors Mayor Romeo Thekan Caffe Sicilia ©Kim Smith 2015.The Mayor and guests next headed over to Caffe Sicilia for expresso and Maria’s heavenly pastries. The Caffe was packed with patrons, but all managed to squeeze in and enjoy Caffe Sicilia’s vibrant atmosphere, welcoming hospitality, and sweet treats.


Although I unfortunately had to leave, the Mayor was next planning to take the guests on a drive along the shoreline to tour Cape Ann lighthouses!

The song “Piccolo Fiore” has special meaning to Mayor Romeo Theken. It was first sung to her by her first husband Antonino Romeo when they became engaged. He again sang it to her at their wedding, and then at the baptism of their daughter. “Piccolo Fiore” was written by Salvo Romano, a member of today’s representatives.


Representatives and guests included: Salvo Romano, Gil Lana, Maurici Beppe, Tony Gambino, Ross Zagmi, Giuseppe Sabella, Paolo D’Angelo, Rosalia Favazza, Peter Cusenza, Mimmi Galanis, Agatha LoGrasso, Salvatore LoGrosso, Giovanna Margiotta, Paula Shaker, Rocco LoGrosso, Ludoviea Mauriei, Mari Annaloro, Gambino Salvatore, Frank Sclafani, and Girolama Galanis.

Thank you Mayor Romeo Theken for all that you do to for our beautiful community!


Springtime Harborside Dining at the Rudder!

The Rudder’s porch is open and is wonderfully cozy and fully heated. It’s lovely to be dining al fresco on the harbor again, despite the unseasonably chilly temperatures.


Twentieth century pricing in the twenty-first century! For the month of April, all food at the Rudder is half off! The plate of sweet puffy sea scallops and tender shrimp in the last clip is $12.50!!!!!!!!!! GO! Reservations Recommended.



Comsos 12 ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

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Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Can we talk about what exactly a “Spoiler Alert” is? Seriously!

When a show airs in real time, when it is over, it is to be discussed. BUT NOOOO instead i’m blamed for a SPOILER ALERT! How can it be spoiled if it already aired? Was i supposed to put a big sign that says:

“Spoiler alert: if you didn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy don’t read further, i’m about to talk about McDreamy dying!”

If you are gong to DVR the show that you know is going to be very suspenseful


Seriously, is it just me?


What Awesome Weekend Events; We Live in the Best Place on Earth

This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at capeanngiclee.com on the ‘events’ page.

To submit entries for this calendar email text only to james@capeanngiclee.com the following:

  • A Title
  • A Date and Start and End Times
  • A Place including complete address
  • A Short description (no more than a paragraph)
  • and a link for more info

I post regular Arts related PR and announcements directly to GMG daily, so send those to me too.

Messy Art Morning at the Lanesville Community Center

20150423_183151-1On Saturday, April 25, from 10-12, there will be a Messy Art Morning at the Lanesville Community Center–8 Vulcan St., Gloucester.

Susan and Cheryl and I are coordinating a fun time of paint and pastels and charcoal and glue!  I also mixed up some homemade play dough this week (it’s non toxic, but you wouldn’t want to eat it 🙂 )

This week, the donation request of three dollars is down to two dollars, as we are laying in some supplies!
For any questions, please email Mary Beth at pereira987@comcast.net

Have a happy art day!
See you there!

Mary Beth

Cape Ann Big Band to play for Salem Jazz & Soul Fest Spring Gala Fundraiser SUNDAY

Renee Dupuis with Cape Ann Big Band
Renee Dupuis with Cape Ann Big Band at Beverly’s historic Larcom Theatre in May 2014 (photo Sheila Roberts Orlando)

Here’s an opportunity to have some fun while supporting an excellent cause.  Local favorites Cape Ann Big Band featuring vocalists Renee Dupuis and Nathan Seavey perform down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre to help raise money for The Salem Jazz & Soul Festival and their excellent music education work.

Awesome Auction Items

Before and during the concert and at intermission you can bid on some awesome auction items.  Here’s a short list of highlights:

Original artwork, gift cards to local restaurants, KHS ladies bicycle donated by Salem Cycle, theater tickets, music lessons, martial arts lessons, wizard-themed party for kids at the Salem Witch Institute’s Crown and Shield Hall, weeklong stay at a house in Southern France.

Doors are 6:30.  Show starts at 7:00pm with the North Shore Jazz Project All Stars opening.

What better way to spend a Sunday evening!

“My Cure and Reward.”

I went to see Dr. McIntyre at the AGH Oncology Clinic this morning. I weighed in at 148 lbs, dangerously 100 lbs less than the weight of old Big Fred. After some listening and probing, Dr. Mac looked in my mouth and said: “You’ve got thrush! I’ll prescribe some medication, and it should be gone in a week.”
Oral Thrush is a yeast infection afflicting babies, those with weakened immune systems (me), cancer (me), and the elderly (me?). I took 2 pills today and will swallow one for the next nine days. To revive me, the clinic dripped IV hydration fluid into me for 3.5 hours. While in the chair, I ate 2 Italian ices and eight pop sickles. While still coughing, I’m mightily relieved and thankful that your thoughts and prayers allowed me to dodge yet another bullet on my way to recovery. Fred.

Can We Talk About What A No Brainer The Maplewood Car Wash Is

Self admittedly my truck hasn’t seen the car wash for an exterior or interior cleaning since fall. 
I’ve been waiting for a few good rain storms to get the salt off the road.
I’m basically doubling down on what Paul Morrison had to say in his praises of the Maplewood Car Wash a couple of weeks ago.
Just do it,  and spring for the $20 works package.  Interior vacuum,  Windows,  the whole works.  Is it a real deal detailing job that pros charge over a hundred bucks for? No,  but I’ll take five of these over the course of the year over one good detailing any day.
The guys are courteous and do a great job.
Best $20 I’ve spent in a long time!






Alfred Hitchcockesque

Six relaxing and sunny days down in Virginia and we clocked some serious time swimming, walking the boardwalk, rollerblading, shooting slingshots on the beach, dolphin watching….and feeding the birds.

Safe to say that every meal the boys ordered came with french fries this week…and, while they ate their fair share…they were more concerned about taking their leftovers directly down to the beach for feeding frenzies.  For the record, hailing from Cape Ann, I am well aware of how annoying it can be when tourists feed seagulls while you’re trying to eat a meal on a deck.  That being the case, I promise you that we fed the birds far away from others…and that the beach was all but empty when doing so.

The birds loved my boys (or at least their french fries).  And…because everything is a learning opportunity…we learned something.  The seagulls liked to land on the ground to snatch their fries…while the laughing gulls like to hover above and try to grab the fries in flight.

IMG_6290IMG_6228_2IMG_6106_2IMG_6093IMG_6304 IMG_6112_2