Electricity Update :Two Articles that Add Up- “How solar power and electric cars could make suburban living awesome again” and “Affordable Electric cars are Coming Soon Study Says”

A couple of great articles that go hand in hand for you today and Jesus, doesn’t it just sound like the fantasy of electric cars powered by your own solar generated energy sound like it’s more and more reality by smart people every single day?  The cost of solar coming way down combined with the incredible amount of government incentives to make it happen and now cheaper electric powered cars becoming available all just make sense!

Two articles for you to read and a sign up if you want a free solar consultation from the people who have been doing all the free Home Energy assessments and handing out the energy efficient lightbulbs, electronic thermostats, water saving shower heads and smart electric power strips- Next Step Living.

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How solar power and electric cars could make suburban living awesome again

From the Washington Post:

The suburbs have had it rough in the last few years. The 2008-2009 economic collapse led to waves of foreclosures in suburbia, as home prices plummeted. More recently, census data suggest that Americans are actually shifting back closer to city centers, often giving up on the dream of a big home in suburbs (much less the far-flung “exurbs”).

It doesn’t help that suburbia has long been the poster child for unsustainable living. You have to drive farther to work, so you use a lot of gas. Meanwhile, while having a bigger home may be a plus, that home is also costlier to heat and cool. It all adds up — not just in electricity bills, but in overall greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why suburbanites, in general, tend to have bigger carbon footprints than city dwellers.

You can see as much in this amazing map from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, showing how carbon footprints go up sharply along the east coast as you move away from city centers:

Read the entire article here at The Washington Post


Affordable Electric cars are Coming Soon Study Says

From Gizmodo

For many of us, purchasing an electric vehicle is still a pie in the sky dream. But that might be changing soon, if a new peer-reviewed study is correct that the cost of electric car batteries is falling much more quickly than we assumed.

Lithium ion batteries make up anywhere between a quarter and half the cost of electric cars today. By systematically reviewing over 80 cost estimates published between 2007 and 2014, researchers at the Stockholm Environment Institute found that the cost of Li-battery packs used by leading manufacturers like Tesla and Nissan is falling by roughly 8 % per year. That’s similar to the rate that was seen with the nickel metal hydride battery technology used in hybrids like the Toyota Prius.

What’s more, it means that battery cost is rapidly approaching a threshold that could make the average Joe think seriously about trading in his gas guzzler. According to MIT Technology Review:

for entire article click here


GloucesterCast 130 With Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/6/15 #GloucesterMA

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 130 With Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/6/15

Topics Include: Guest Toby Pett, Jazz Brunch at 525, Easter at Sista Felicia’s, Felicia’s Grille Lamb Chops, Toby Qualifies His Celebration Of Easter, Dispelling The Cafe Bishco Rumor, Some Movement at The Former Giuseppe’s Site, Indian Joint Plea, Pauline Bresnahan Doing Pauline Bresnahan Things…, Special Olympics Coming To Gloucester, 2015 GMG Photography Show This Friday Night Hope To See All Our GMG Friends There, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball This Sunday At Camp Spindrift Event Page Here, Sign Up For UBER here and use coupon code CAPEANN to get a free ride, John McElhenny fearful of imprisonment by ISIS for wearing his skinny jeans, Feel less comfortable temperature-wise this spring vs last winter, Boston Massacre Roller Derby Home Opener Coming Up, Rockport @ Night Rockport Twitteratti Are Social Media Savages, Miranda Russell Donates Two Tickets To Her Upcoming Show For The Podcast Subscriber Contest


This Week’s Podcast Subscriber Contest Winner Will Win Two Free Tickets At The Shalin Liu For The Miranda Russell Band’s May 7th Concert Details Here

Welcome Home Swans!

The swans are returning to Cape Ann ponds and marshes!

During periods of extremely cold weather Mute Swans depart our region to search for vegetation to forage for at unfrozen bodies of water. The deep freeze of this past winter was especially difficult for our feathered friends.

Swan Male Cob

Note the fleshy black knob at the base of the bill. For most of the year, the male and female’s knobs are about the same size. During mating season, which we are coming in to, it is much easier to do a side-by-side identification to determine if cob or pen because the male’s knob swells and becomes more prominent.

Synchronized Divers ©kim Smith 2015

Synchronized Diving

Swan foot ©kim Smith 2015Swans use their large feet as both rudder and paddle when diving for vegetation.

Swan Male Cob Cape Ann ©Kim Smith 2015

Mute Swans have 23 separate vertebrate in their necks, which is more than any other bird, including other swan species.

*    *    *

Cosmos ©Kim Smith 2014  --8

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Divers or Dabblers and the Green-Winged Teal

A Chance to Own a Part of History!

By now you have all heard of the party on Friday at Cape Ann Giclee but did you know that there will be four and only four Rubber Duck signed photographs that were shot during the original meeting of Homie and the Rubber Duck?  Four people will be lucky enough to walk out with a piece of history!

And there will be other artist’s stuff and beer and Rubber Duck.

This is the first moment when Homie's eye (just his left one) locked onto Rubber Duck.
This is the first moment when Homie’s eye (just his left one) locked onto Rubber Duck.

Come Party and Check Out The Latest Photography From Your Favorite GMG Contributors 
Print Sizes 17” x 22” Priced at $60 Theory Being That We Want The Pieces To Be Affordable and Get Them On People’s Walls Rather Than Stacked Up In A Gallery Somewhere.
April 10, 2015 from 5 to 8PM
20 Maplewood Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 546-7070

Gloucester’s Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Lodge, 27 Eastern Avenue, is hosting an Open House this coming Saturday

Dear Joey,
Might you be able to help publicize our Spring Open House, by including the attached brief article and photo, showing the interior of the Lodge and some of the displays, on Good Morning Gloucester?  Thank you in advance for your consideration,
Eric Bergengren, Past Master
Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Lodge

Lodge Room

Gloucester’s Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Lodge, 27 Eastern Avenue, is hosting an Open House this coming Saturday, from 9 AM until 3 PM. If you’ve ever wondered who the Freemasons are, whether they are the descendants of the Knights Templars, or what the inside of their buildings looks like, here’s your chance to find out. The event is held semiannually to help the public gain a better understanding of what Freemasonry is, and the positive impact that it has on its members, their families, and community.  Members will provide tours of the building, talk about Freemasonry’s history, discuss its rituals, signs, and symbols, and explain what they do.

Come join us and see the many unique and interesting items from around the world as well as local items not previously seen by the public, brought out from the Lodge’s safe deposit box. Silver work by Paul Revere, items of antiquity from the 1770’s and 1800’s, gavels made from the wood of the USS Constitution, and from King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem will be on display. Gordon Gravelese, Master of The Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Lodge said, “Gloucester’s Lodge has the distinction of being one of the oldest Masonic lodges in North America and we will be displaying many of these items for our open house.”

Masons locally and nationally participate in and contribute to a wide range of charities, ranging in scale from “Angel Fund” donations to local schools enabling needy students to have appropriate clothing, eyeglasses, and other necessary equipment, to the much more well-known Shriners Burn Hospitals, and a vast spectrum in between. Gravelese continued, “For men looking for a way to give back to their community and world, while enjoying the benefits of a first-rate fraternal organization, Masonry is a great place to look. By ‘making good men better,’ Freemasonry positively benefits its members, their families and local communities.”

Please join us on Saturday for more information, refreshments and a tour, or visit http://www.findmoreinmasonry.org.

Just An Update To Clear Up Any rumors On Café Bishco

On the podcast with our friends at the Gloucester Clam James Dowd and KT Toomey, James mentioned that he heard that Café Bishco might be selling. 

Both Toby and I expressed our hopes that this wasn’t true because café Bishco is such a huge part of our routines for their awesome Froyo and excellent food.

Well Toby did some investigative reporting and found out that this is indeed just a rumor so everyone can rest easy tonight that everyone’s love affair with Café Bishco and the awesome owners have no plans to go anywhere soon.


If You’re Over the Bridge and Need a Treat

When I’m out of town and need to pick up some treats, Cassis Bakery in Beverly is my go-to stop for sure.

When charged with bringing a dessert to so many different occasions over the years, I’ve opted to get a big assortment of yummies from their display case and they’ve always been a huge hit.

Check them out here! Cassis Bakery

Two Free Tickets At The Shalin Liu For The Miranda Russell Band’s May 7th Concert

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