Harbor Seals Brace Cove Sunrise ©Kim Smith 2015Photos from around Eastern Point early morning walks. Happy Earth Day!

Male Red-breasted Mergansers ©kim Smith 2015Two Male Red-Breasted Mergansers Sunning on a Rock

Black-crowned Night Heron -2 ©Kim Smith 2015Black-crowned Night Heron ~ One of a nesting pair possibly?


Male Red-winged Blackbird Love Song (turn up your volume)


Black-crowned Night Heron ©Kim Smith 2015The other half of night herons often spotted near each other

Needle in a Haysack Heron ©Kim Smith 2015JPGNeedle in a Haystack! ~ Looking for Black-crowned Night Herons

Brown-headed Cowbirds ©Kim Smith 2015Brown-headed Cowbirds

Northern Rough-winged Swallows ©kim Smith 2015Northern Rough-winged Swallows (I think)


It’s Wednesday…which means Women & Wine at Alchemy!

For Cape Ann Dining News-


As you may know, every Wednesday Alchemy has their own version of Ladies’ Night with Women & Wine Wednesdays. Each week they offer two specials, one of which is a dessert, and wine – all for just $5 each! Plus, the talented John Rockwell is on hand to serenade us all with his acoustic guitar.

We got the inside scoop this week and know the specials a little early (think of it as a hump day treat) so here you go: 1 people Alchemy diners plate closeup

1. Fried Pickled Fiddlehead with a spicy remoulade

2. Almond Cake Trifle with whipped cream, lemon curd, huckleberry sauce &candied lemon zest

Oh, and music starts at 7:00!

Alchemy is located at 3 Duncan Street, head to http://www.alchemygloucester.com for full menus.

Can’t make it tonight? You’ll have another opportunity to catch live music at Alchemy this week on Sunday. The restaurant now serves brunch on both Saturday & Sunday, with music starting at noon on…

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The Cape Ann ‘Visual’ Arts Calendar is coming along. Check It

I will post this calendar on Thursdays so we can schedule our weekend art experience. It is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at capeanngiclee.com on the ‘events’ page.

To submit entries for this calendar email text only to james@capeanngiclee.com the following:

  • A Title
  • A Date and Time
  • A Place including complete address
  • A Short description (no more than a paragraph)
  • and a link for more info


I post regular Arts related PR and announcements directly to GMG daily, so send those to me too.

A Music Post for the “Visual” arts guy!

Sorellanza2015Sorellanza has been entertaining audiences for nine years with an eclectic repertoire. Patti Pike will sing with and direct songs including Good Day Sunshine, Open My Heart, Women Gathering Round, One, Two, Three, Four, and Unchain my Heart . As part of our community outreach program, Sorellanza includes a talented high school singer.. Audiences will enjoy her youthful addition to the Sorellanza sound.

Friday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m.
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
24 Broadway, Rockport

Sunday, May 3rd at 4:00 p.m.
Annisquam Village Church
820 Washington Street, Gloucester

Saturday, May 9th at 7:00 p.m.
Ascension Memorial Church
31 County Street, Ipswich

Sunday, May 10th at 4:00 p.m.
St. John’s Episcopal Church
48 Middle Street, Gloucester

Tickets: $12/$10 Seniors & Students

Gloucester Marine Debris Clean-Up Event


Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at Time Gang will be participating.

The One Hour at a Time will be heading to Niles Beach and Clean Gloucester will be in Rocky Neck.

2nd Gloucester Marine Debris Clean-Up Event

Saturday, April 25, 2015, 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Audience: all ages

The Rocky Neck & Harbortown Cultural Districts and Clean City Commission are reaching across the water on April 25, 2015 to support a clean Gloucester Harbor.  The Clean-Up will support the work of Rozalia Project to collect data on marine debris and to asses its impacts from the surface to the sea floor.

Cape Ann residents, students and visitors are encouraged to assist in cleaning various designated venues along Gloucester Harbor. The cleanup will include these sites: Maritime Gloucester~Rocky Neck Ave. Parking Lot~Horton Street-Ocean Alliance, ~Gordon Thomas Park (at the beginning of the State Fish Pier)~Stage Fort Park~Niles Beach

Volunteers meet at any of the cleanup sites at 9:45. All are welcome—great for all ages. Dress warmly, wear sturdy boots and bring your own gloves. Marine debris collected will be tallied back at Maritime Gloucester at 11:30 am where there will be food & refreshments. Contact Melanie Murray-Brown at Maritime Gloucester for more info: mmurray-brown@maritimegloucester.org.


Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest: JB Amero 8:00pm 4.22.2015


Dinner Specials Every Week!

Wednesday, April 22nd – 8pm
Special Guest: J.B. AMERO!

jb amero

The one and only! Brother J.B. – top of the list of greatest
entertainers New England has ever known. We start at 8! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Check out Fred’s rockin’ wine menu!
Allen Estes

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there 🙂

Help Cape Ann TV Improve Viewership and Take This Online Survey

Hi Joey,

I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting a link to an online survey we’re conducting. In an effort to improve our services we’re trying to get a better sense of our viewership. We’re created a quick, 10-question survey that will help us gain insight into if/what/how people are watching CATV and what we’re doing well/need to improve. This valuable feedback will help us better-serve Cape Ann.

Here is the link.

Thank you very much.

Erich Archer
Executive Director
Cape Ann TV

Resort Etiquette

Those early morning “seat savers.”  You know them, you’ve seen them, maybe you’ve even been one of them.  I’m not going to lie…we’ve done it before.  But, is it ok?

So, here’s the deal.  After months of horrific weather, the Schrafft family, like so many others, had finally had it.  With a time share week soon to expire, but 4 plane tickets during April vacation week too pricey for our pockets, I started to look at warm weather destinations within reasonable driving distance.

While searching, I discovered a nice little resort in Virginia Beach. The resort looked super cute and their website described it as, “a Key West-inspired resort.”  On a whim…with much less research than is typical for me…and a bit of trepidation, I booked it.

With prescheduled obligations Saturday morning, we couldn’t leave until 1:00.  We hit tons of traffic in the New York area, stopped more times than is ideal, and finally arrived at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.  We were pleasantly surprised with our spacious suite.  Having booked really late, we weren’t able to get a two-bedroom suite, but the boys have never had a problem sleeping on the pull-out sofa in the living room when need be.  Having two bathrooms and a full kitchen is always a bonus when traveling with the kids…and ours were updated and lovely.

The resort is fairly small….only three floors with maybe 90 suites total.  In the center are two lovely pools, two hot tubs, some nice landscaping and waterfalls, a gazebo, a pergola, and maybe 50ish teak lawn chairs and some umbrella tables.

We spent the first day getting our bearings straight, lounging by the pool, finding a grocery store, and having an early dinner.  We quickly learned which pool the boys preferred and where the best seats were located so as to watch them safely when not in the pool with them.  The pool area was lively, but not necessarily crowded.  We easily scored perfect chaise lounge chairs by the pool’s edge and had a great day.

The morning of our second day we all slept late and then I took a run on the board walk while the boys rollerbladed.  We returned to our suite for breakfast and lazily made our way down to the pool at 11:00 to spend hours relaxing and swimming.  The next day was much the same. However, upon stepping out onto our balcony at 7:30, I noticed a line of pool chairs already “spoken for” without a swimmer or pool-goer in sight. Awfully early for claiming territory.  The chairs that were taken happened to be the entire front row along the main edge of the better of the two pools.  With stone work being done along the other side….several other chairs were out of commission.

We went out for a run/roller blade and made it down to the pool around 10:30.  The chairs in question were still adorned with bags, towels, goggles, water shoes, etc. but yet….still no people. 30 minutes later…still no one.  Finally, around 11:45 a father and three young children appeared. The stuff and evidently the chairs were theirs, but after digging through the bags and rearranging a bit…they were off again.  We saw them intermittently…near the chairs…cruising by the chairs…taking things off the chairs…putting different things on the chairs…buy yet, never actually sitting down upon the chairs.  It wasn’t a huge deal, I suppose, but with seating kind of limited and their belongings taking up a large slice of the pie, we had to maneuver around their stuff and their chairs to get to the water’s edge.  By 3:00, the father hadn’t sat once nor had any of the children.  The mother sat with her newborn for a few minutes and was then gone.  I couldn’t help but think, if they really just needed a place to put their things…they could have easily just taken two chairs, rather than five!  Throughout the day several other pool goers walked back and forth while searching for a place to sit.

So, I ask you…  What is proper resort etiquette?  Do you sneak out early and reserve your seats? Do you loathe those who do?  Is it sometimes ok?  Thoughts?

pool hogs