St. Peter Novena Night 8


Rosie Verga offering blessings with Holy Water





Children of the Rosary


GMG’s Manny was in the house last night!


Novena Confections



Sista Felicia’s Cucuzzata Cookies


Cucuzzata Cookies, are cookies made with a soft delicate dough filled with a Candied Zucchini filling. Zucchini Filling Recipe is also highlighted in “Sista Felicia’s Cookbook “Gifts of Gold”


Sista Felcica’s Almond-Chocolate Torrone



Sista Felicia’s Cucuzzata Cookies & Chocolate-Almond Torrone recipe’s are highlighted in “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia; Harvest”


During last night’s Novena I gifted a set rosary beads, to each my Commeritties in honor of “Cumnare Day” traditional celebrated in Italy on June 24 th each year. The beautiful strand of beads were gifted to me from Jennie Mooney of Michigan, shortly after the Feast of St. Joseph.  



Faces Of the Rosary







Guardian of St. Peter Joseph Orlando


Fiesta Committee Members Michael Linquata and Al Millefoglie, break down tables after last night rosary, to prepar the The American Legion Hall for tonight’s Day 9 final Novean

Padre Pio…The final song last night!

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Junior Seine Boat Crew First Morning Practice Photo Gallery


Bad Intentions












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“Cape Ann Giclee”

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St. Peter Novena Day 6



The doors are open…all are welcome


The prayer list read by Rosie Verga continues to grow every night…


St. Peter Please Hear Our Prayers


Faces Of The Rosary


Novena Confections


 Novena Coffee Time

IMG_8170IMG_8195Last night’s, lighting check at the Altar…another step closer to opening night!


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St. Peter Novena Starts Tonight!



novena altar st peter 2015 set up 1

Grace Cusumano, Caryn Linquata Ryder, Michael Linquata, Jeanne Marie Linquata, Anthony Sanfilippo, Anna Sanfilippo

St. Peter

Yesterday Afternoon the St. Peter Fiesta Novena Committee set up this years Altar at the American Legion Hall on Washington Street.

St. Peter

The St. Peter Fiesta Rosary kicks off this evening at  7pm. at the American Legion Hall located on Washington Street. Gloucester.

This year 2015 St. Peter Novena schedule June 15-23, 7pm.

Sista Felicia, will keep GMG viewers updated throughout the nine day Novena with live blogging and photo posts again this year!


Thank You Aunt Joyce Curcuru



Yesterday I received a gift that I will forever cherish from my Aunt Joyce LoLo Curcuru ! Aunt Joyce I’m so touch by your thoughtfulness. The rosary beads handmade made by your aunt Jeannie that you gifted to me yesterday are absolutely beautiful. When I opened the box I was speechless.  All 20 sets are gorgeous! Your Aunt Jennie Mooney truly has hands of gold! From the bottom of my heart I thank you  both💕🙏💕 Please know they have been added to our family altar and will be put to good use each night of our rosary for many years to come!


Aunt Joyce you really pay close attention to detail…realizing our need for additional rosary beads this year! Each year our crowd grows and these beautiful sets of beads have been already added to my small collection of extra rosary beads draped on the Infant Of Prague Statue for family & friends to use during our prayer services🙏 during the Feast of St. Joseph. I look forward to leading our rosary with your beautiful gift next year!


I absolutely love the matching pearl sets you sent for my mother & I💕. You & your Aunt Jennie will be in my heart💗 each night I lead the rosary!

Thank You


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Lobster Mac & Cheese Panini


imageThis weekend is “The Studio Resturant’s Grand  Opening Weekend for the 2015 season!  The Studio is offering half off their menu excluding sushi!  Last night we kicked off for dinner with an appetizer of Fried Pickles served with spicy dipping sauce! Our beautifully plated dinners of  Lobster Mac & Cheese were delivered to the table with fantastic service! Our meal of Lobster Mac & Cheese, Twin Lobster Rolls, Southwestern Burger and fries, Bacon Pizza, were all cooked to prefection! The desert menu was impressive and oustandly delicious, and all made in house! The Key Lime Pie & Chocolate flourless Cake were both Fabulous!


 Today for lunch daughter Amanda and I decided to make a Lobster Mac & Cheese Panini using leftovers from last nights meal…. AMAZING!!!!!  I think owner Dennis & manager Peter should concider adding it to this years menu! What do you think?


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Gail McCarthy’s Wearable Art Show News Article Hits Newsstands Today!



Sista Felicia’s “Gifts Of Gold” 10 lb Pasta Dress  modeled by her daughter Amanda Mohan in  the 2013 SeArts Wearable Fashion Show makes it onto the pages of The Salem Evening News!


wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (47)

Dress designed and handmade by Sista Felicia

wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (52)

Hair & Makeup by Sista Felicia

wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (15)

Today’s Gloucester Daily Times issue also highlights Sista’s “Gifts Of Gold”  along with 4 wearable art creations made by Gloucester residents. Two created by Sage Floral Studio, made from fresh flowers, one Crafted with green soda cans by Donna Caseldon  and one  sailcloth Lobster Dress submitted by Daphane Papp,  both from Annisquam!

Looking forward to this years SeArts Wearable Fashion Show. The 2015 Sista Felicia Wearable Art Dress is currently in the making.


Filling Easter Baskets with Mariposa at Harbor Loop Gifts!



Spring has Sprung in Sista’s Mariposa!


I decided to shop “Harbor Loop Gifts,” located at the Building Center on Harbor Loop here in Gloucester for useful items to fill a nontraditional Easter Basket filled with my beloved Mariposa tableware! Harbor Loop Gifts has a wonderful assortment of collectable pieces from the Local “Mariposa” company’s product line, and is my go to store to purchase gifts of Mariposa for friends and family throughout the year!  One of the great things about gifting Mariposa aside from the fact it always makes a perfect gift for any occasion, is that it’s sold at many different price points. I fell in love with the Starfish Salt & Pepper Set, Butter Dish and Trivet on display at the store. Below are a few photos of the Starfish pieces arranged in baskets that I prepared and brought with me to the store, to use as props to highlight a few gift basket ideas for last minute Easter shoppers!



If you’re still looking for a special gift basket idea, or special something to add to a loved one’s Easter Basket, or in need of a hostess gift for the chef preparing your Easter feast, stop by and check out the selection of Mariposa gifts available at Harbor Loop Gifts!  


Mariposa will make a great addition to any Easter basket!  





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Sista Felicia’s Favorite Picks for Filling Easter Baskets Locally!



The Seven day countdown to Easter Sunday begins tomorrow!


Planning for the holiday is well underway. The house is officially decorated, and our Easter Brunch menu is set! It’s now time to start the Easter baking and basket making! Thursday while shopping for ingredients at Virgilios Bakery I was inspired to fix a few traditional and “nontraditional” Easter baskets using items sold at local stores that I shop often. This year I’m looking forward to surprising friends and family with a few of my favorite things tucked into the decorative Easter Baskets my loved ones look forward to receiving each year! Over the next several days I will share my theme basket ideas highlighting items I adore sold at local business. 

Get ready to think in and out of the basket!



Starting off this week’s Sista Dish Easter Basket Blog Series off with a basket created for the special cook in your life. If you are looking to create a special gift for the hostess preparing your celebratory Easter meal this year, stop by The Cave and seek owner Laura Cramer’s expert help selecting the perfect items to tantalize the pallet of your Easter chef!  

Laura Cramer Owner of “The Cave” Writes ~ The Cave is filled with an incredible amount of cheese. Blues, double & triple cremes, cheddars, classic Italian, & so many more. Foie gras, pate, olives, spreads, smoked fish & salami too. A bounty of chocolate & confections also just in. Come by for a taste. Open 10-5





 All items displayed in this hostess theme basket, are items sold at “The Cave” on Gloucester’s Main Street.


Sista Felicia’s Cookbook for sale while supply last…


Note~ Easter basket embellishments were shopped locally at “The Dollar Store” located in Gloucester Crossing Plaza. Easter Basket was selected from my personal basket collection.

Wine will be on sale starting April 1, 2015

Don’t forget to pick up a wedge of “Rat Cheese” at The Cave and follow my Step-by-Step Recipe for a delicious “Lent Friendly” Homemade Mac & Cheese!

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The Final Night of 2015 St. Joseph Rosary at Sista Felicia’s






The Power of Prayer


The highlight of the evening was Madame Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken’s Surprise visit with friends, Maria Rossi and Giovanna Margiotta!




The children of the rosary




Keeping Mom busy preparing Italian Nachos for our last “Novena Coffee”



The Cappuccino Makers!


The Last “Novena Coffee”


If walls could talk…..


The time shared around the dinning room table and kitchen island are now beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! 






The ceremonial “Soaking of the Fava Beans! 

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International Women’s Day…”Feste Delle Donne”



Last night The Figli di Trappeto women hosted their annual International Women’s day celebration with a country western theme. Due to a conflict in schedule I was unable to attend this year but my girlfriends and family captured the event Beautifully! Enjoy!

Live From Gloucester Crossing Market Basket With Gorton’s Smart & Crunchy Fish Stick Truck!




Gorton’s “Smarty Cruchman” promoting a New line of never fried fish sticks that have 50% less fat then their orginal fish sticks… This tour started at their headquarters here in Gloucester Ma. this morning and moved to Gloucester Crossing Market Basket parking lot for their 2nd tour stop.  The truck tour will be traveling across the country all the to Seattle, Washington promoting this new fish stick product!


I had the pleasure of sampling Gorton’s newest fish stick product, “Smart & Crunchy,” and I’m happy to announce that I give it a “THUMBS UP” for crunch and flavor !





4 year old Nicholeai Slocum of Gloucester stands with “Smarty Crunchman” sporting Gorton Smarty Eye Glasses!


Look for “Smarty Crunchman” at the North Shore Mall this coming weekend near JCPenney where they’ll have a promotion booth and sweepstake opportunity for a trip worth $10,000. All details about their cross country tour and the sweepstake can be found on Gorton’s websites






A Ducky Day For A Walk On Roger Street



GHS Football Co-Captain Thomas Donahue guides a duck to safety on Rogers Street yesterday Afternoon!



This cutie pie appeared uninjured, as it walked right pass my car like it owned the road! Thanks to Thomas Donahue’s quick thinking traffic was halted until the duck made it’s way off the road. I’m not a bird expert, but Google searched photos…I’m guessing it’s a Common Eider…maybe someone form the Audubon Society can confirm it is or correctly identify it for us!




Coconuts First Meal Post Surgery




Coconut rested peacefully after we finally decided to remove the hard plastic cone from her neck last night after several hours of whimpering caused by her frustration of being unable to get in a comfy position with it on. A friend hand delivered a soft inflatable cone after hearing about her discomfort, but that too was no go for Coconut.  As long as I am within reach and or in her sight she continues to rest comfortable by the fireplace and remains uninterested in the stiches in her right lower eyelid. Coconut seems more bothered by the hair shaved on her leg during surgery then her swollen eye. Dr. Ray Cahill continues to check in and warns to keep a close eye on her if she is without the protective cone. This afternoon I fixed her favorite lunch “Grilled Basil Chicken” with the hope that the smell of it cooking on the grill, would motivate her to leave her cozy spot by the fire and draw her over to my feet in the kitchen, where she usually sits when I’m cooking. My plan worked like a charm. Coconut perked right up and enjoyed every last piece.


Thank you for the kind messages wishing Coconut a speedy recovery!


She’s  a lucky pooch to be so loved by so many.  



For my “Grilled Basil Chicken” click link below


Thank You Dr. Cahill from SeaPort Veterinary Hospital




This morning Coconut went in for a scheduled routine dental cleaning at SeaPort Veterinary Hospital. Just prior to her procedure, Dr. Cahill noticed a small growth on Coconuts right eyelid. He immediately recommend removal today while she was already under anesthesia for her teeth cleaning. It’s not easy turning your beloved pet over for surgery. The thought of her being sedated worried us all, but knowing she was under Dr. Ray Cahill’s incredible care we found comfort. He promised to keep an extra watchful eye because he knows how sensitive Coconut can be to medications. We knew he was keeping his promise after his sharp eye this morning detected the mass on Coconuts right eye lid during his throw per surgery exam.  We are truly grateful for Dr. Cahill’s loving care he and his staff showed to Coconut and to our family today. Coconut is home resting comfortably by the fireplace and is well on the road to recovery, with pearly white teeth!



Sneak Peek of Gloucester Teen Ally Doody’s Beautiful Voice



Ally Doody singing “Bad Self Portraits” by Lake Street Drive

Yesterday while scrolling through my Facebook feed I came across this video shared by my friend Pauline Doody, Ally’s mom. The Video was filmed secretly by one of Alleys biggest fans Eric Cameron. I’ve been lucky enough to have heard this talented teenagers voice a few times in person when she was younger.  She’s had an amazing voice as a child, but has clearly developed a more mature sound that truly blew me away. Ally and her mom were kind enough to give me permission to share this video on GMG.  Ally doesn’t do any self promotion, and is humble about her ability to sing . Love that this gifted girl belts out songs in her basement for family and friends for fun! Take a listen…. you’ll  be wowed! This girl has some serious talent that needs to be heard around the world don’t you think?

Ally Writes~ I’m sixteen years old and for as long as I can remember I have loved to sing. I sing to make the ones that support me happy and obviously to make myself happy too! I don’t usually volunteer to sing but I’ll always be up for singing if someone asks me too. Singing is a fun hobby of mine and if it gets me somewhere great!! But I really sing to make people happy.”
*Video filmed & produced by Eric Cameron

A Special Delivery For Madame Mayor Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken




This morning I stopped by my dear friend, and  Madame Mayor Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken office with the special delivery…Welcome to your new home away from home/ office> Hope this basket of Traditional Sicilian Housewarming/New Office items help you settle in and make your new space feel like home!  Enjoy your gift basket my friend!



Madame Mayor Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken

Welcome To Your Nuova Work Casa

Enjoy these special Traditional Sicilian Housewarming treats, from us to you!

Bread    So you will never go hungry

Wine   So you will never go thirsty

Salt  Sprinkled around doors and windows, for good luck

Olive Oil   Which represents good health

A Candle   Symbolizing light

Wood   To bring peace, harmony and stability to your new home

Broom   To sweep away evil and ensure that the home/office stays clean of any negativity

Sugar   So your Mayor term will always have sweetness

Coin  So you can lead our beautiful City to dwell in good fortune

Honey  So you may always enjoy the sweetness of your Mayoral term

Mariposa  Simply because Sista Felicia believes every office/home needs some Mariposa!

Best Wishes
Sista Felicia  & Family

In addition to the traditional gift items, were a few of my personal favorites: a bottle of Sista Felicia Homemade Limoncello, San Marzano Tomatoes, a freshly baked Cherry Cheesecake and a special gift from  the Mariposa Company!  

It’s no secret to friends and family that I have an obsession for all things Mariposa, and love that the companies large product line makes gift giving throughout the year so simple!  The fact is I truly adore the beauty and functionality of the Mariposa Product line. It makes entertaining easy, elegant and  adds a special touch of flavor to anything served on Mariposa! From stemware, to servingware and everything inbetween my tables and home are adorned with Mariposa on a daily basis!  Last night while assembling the gift basket I was disappointed  in my efforts to purchases a “String of Pearls Sticky Note Holder”, for the mayor’s new office.   This handy decorative little note holder is one of the of my most used collection pieces, in the house!  Late last night I decided to  reached out to the Mariposa Company directly after my failed attempts yesterday to purchase  one of my most handy and beautiful Mariposa desktop pieces for my dear friend  and new City Mayor Sefatia. This morning just prior to my scheduled meeting with the Mayor, I learned from my contact at the Mariposa Company, that the “String of Pearls Sticky Note Desktop Holder” is classified as retired collection pieces, but the companies warehouse had one available and had been processed for me to pick up.  Love dealing with the Mariposa folks, as always, they totally came through on short notice. I personally would like to thank Laura Makin and the Mariposa Staff for their assistance this morning,and for the retired “String of Pearls “ collection piece they generously gifted to our City of Gloucester’s New Mayor Sefatia Giambanco  Romeo Theken!

Please know I’m grateful and that the Mayor is Thrilled to have your beautiful Gift on her desk…She Loved it!



Good Egg Steve Nobel Fixes The Fisherman’s Wives Memorial Holiday Wreath




There isn’t a women in this world who would want a big red bow on her rear-end…The women of Gloucester thank you Steve Nobel owner of Nobel Electric for fixing our beautiful Monument !