Do you have good manners?

Has this happened to you? Or are you one of THOSE people?

After driving around the parking lot looking for a space, for who knows how long, I finally found someone walking to their car. Mind you, there is no one else in sight and I wait patiently for the person to put away their groceries. May I add I had my blinker on as well.

As the person pulls out of the space there is another car that comes around the corner from the other end and proceeds to pull into the parking space. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?

The look on my face must of been filled with rage and the person saw and proceeded to back out of that space. As they drove past me they yell “Relax!”

Really A**hole? Relax! They are lucky they pulled out of that space because clearly they would of gotten an earful about manners!

2 thoughts on “Do you have good manners?

  1. Parking lots a whole different dimension – and dangerous when me first takes place! :-O

    Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone


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