GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

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Topics Include:Lone Gull Coffee, Brothers Brew Bacon Donuts, BIL Barry, Sista Felicia, Alicia DeWolfe, Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, A Lot Of Cox, Life After Mamie’s Kitchen, George’s Coffee Shop, Fort Square Cafe, Pumpkin Coffee Love vs Pumpkin Coffee Disgust, Donna Ardizzoni From Summahville, That One Bad Pistachio and Burnt Coffee, Paul Bruce and The Benjamin Smith Playground, Is It A Donut or Is It A Muffin?, GMG SuperFan Dave Moore, Olive Kitteridge, Bex, Passports,Pirate’s Lane, Frances Macdormand,Captain Amanda Madeira, Schooner Ernestina, Effie Morrissey, Maritime Gloucester, Piper Boatworks,,Chester Bringham, Pheonix Of The Seas, James Eves, Cape Ann Giclee, Changing The Name Of The Ernestina, Ocean Classroom, Thomas Lannon, Ardelle, Connors Farm, Pumpkin Cannon, Safety Concerns With The Pumpkin Cannon, Corn Maze, Russell Orchard, YMCA Taste of Cape Ann, Cruiseport, Open Bowl, Art Haven Buoy Auction.

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Friends, Old and New!

One of my dearest friends, Donna, spent the weekend here in Gloucester with us. I took her for a driving tour around Cape Ann and, at every bend of scenic roadway and charming street corner, she was simply knocked out at how beautiful is our island. Donna is in Massachusetts working on the Disney film, The Finest Hours, which tells the true story of the US Coast Guard’s most daring sea rescue. The film is based on the book of the same name and is set in 1952. Production is taking place all around the South Shore, including the Quincy shipyard, and Chatham, too. The book sounds fascinating and I just ordered my copy from Amazon. Here is the link: The Finest Hours. 

Donna Casey, David Robinson, Lisa Griffiths ©Kim Smith 2014

While touring around we stopped in to see Joey at the dock, and to pick up a second batch of lobsters (Donna thought they were the best she had ever had!), and then on to show her our stunning beaches. We then headed over to Rockport where we surprised an old friend, David Robinson, at his gorgeous gallery Windemere Art and Antiques, located on Rockport’s Main Street. David is the gallery’s owner, jewelry designer, and member of the Boston-based Cars rock band. The beautiful Lisa Griffiths, also known as That Nutty Redhead, was also stopping by the gallery to say hello to Dave. Dave took a break from gallery hours and took us all three out to lunch across the street, conveniently, to Bracketts, where we had an ocean view, delicious lunches, and excellent service. It was a wonderful day spent with friends, old and new, and made me realize once again how very fortunate we are to live on Cape Ann–for the natural beauty found at every turn, and most cherished of all, for our community of friends.

Thank You, Dave

DSCF0697 GMG’s Commenter – In – Chief Dave Moore recently sent packets of postcards and other memorabilia of his home in South Korea to several GMG regular contributors. We met Sunday morning to compare and trade our bounty and to thank Dave long distance for his thoughtfulness.

From L, Marty,Paul M,EJ, Donna, Joey, Sista Felicia, Barry, Nichole, Alicia C.

Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar CLOSES

Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar CLOSES
2 Main Street, Gloucester


Downtown Gloucester food and entertainment staple, Giuseppe’s Ristorante and
Piano Bar is closing it’s doors after five memorable years.
Owners Joe and Memory Gnerre said, “It’s been a wild ride, we’ve enjoyed it, but,
at this time in our lives it’s time to get back to family life”.

The establishment will be sorely missed. Known for it’s gourmet pizza and a
vibrant piano bar Giuseppe’s was home to the Thursday night Singer/Songwriter
Shuffle hosted by TMax of “The Noise” where a multitude of local and regional
songwriters have appeared to showcase their originals.
The restaurant also featured owner Joe “Thomas” Gnerre at the piano every
Saturday where audience members were always encouraged to participate.
Memory commented, “you never know who was gonna get up and sing from
“Wild Bill” to Henry Allen to 93 year old “Dottie from Salem”, each night had it’s
own flavor”.
On the walls of the restaurant hung Memory’s artwork, as well select photo’s from
local photographer Brenden Pike. “I’ll miss this space, but I’ll definitely have more
time to devote to my painting”, said Memory. Asked what he’s gonna be doing
with himself Joe replied “you’ll probably find me somewhere playing the piano as
usual”. Asked about a sense of loss Joe said “yes, there is a sadness in seeing
something you’ve worked on so hard come to an end, but, there is also the
richness you take with you from all of the experiences you’ve had along the way.
Memory and I are extremely grateful for our time with our amazing staff, our
patrons, and the Gloucester community.”

Oh Phil, We Love You Still, and Always Will

PhilBazaar PhilGMGpartyWM

You think you know someone, but later on realize you really don’t. Such is the case with Phil Krone, who came here every summer with his beloved partner Ann Williamson. Like so many others, they were drawn to Cape Ann, and frequented the Sidewalk Bazaar. Last year, they came down from Vermont just for the 2013 Good Morning Gloucester Holiday Party. Phil left us on September 8th, 2014, at the age of 67, from complications caused by COPD. But there’s so much more… Part of Phil’s life was making shoes in his own shop in Worcester. Notable customers included Bruce Springsteen for custom boots made from scratch, and also Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. Mick came in, accompanied by fellow band member Keith Richards, for a rebuild of his favorite “Chelsea” boots, designed to slide across the floor during a performance. Jagger personally thanked our Phil Krone for remaking his boots, saying: “These boots are better than ever,” which was a similar compliment given by the “Boss” from New Jersey, USA. So Mr. Phillip, sorry I wasn’t there to greet you at the Pearly Gates of Heaven (I almost did 3x this year), but we on Cape Ann love and miss you, as one of our own. Like all of the subjects of my obit/remembrances, I wish I knew you better. However, my brother in law, Robert Doss, who died the day before you, was there to greet you with his outstretched hand and the perfect grilled meal for you. Me, I’ll see you later… Wild, Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away. Fred

Gloucester In The Newly Released Olive Kitteridge Trailer- Including Passports, Lanes Cove and More…

Passports doubling as “Village Pharmacy” at 28 seconds into the first Olive Kitteridge Trailer-


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New Pharmacy In Town??

Posted on October 28, 2013

Marty Luster photo, prepping for production-


David Cox- Captures one of the days of shooting-

Getting ready for another day of movie magic on Main Street.



Cape Ann Museum MAXED out tonight for WALKER HANCOCK and other updates for tribute weekend- Sunday Schedule…

Cat Ryan submits-

Sunday! 1:30, 2:30 (space limited) Cape Ann Museum guided tour

Sunday! 1:30 Cape Ann Cinema showing The Monuments Men film

Sunday! 3pm City Hall special panel

Look for the wonderful series of articles and excellent coverage by Gail McCarthy and others in the Gloucester Daily Times!

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FIRST PRIZE September 2014: Artist Brian Fay won the 2014 UK’s Derwent Art Prize just this month for this pencil drawing, Looted Salt Mine 1945 Manet in the Winter Garden. You can find his work as part of Pierogi’s famous online flatfiles.