Captain Joe and Grandma Felicia’s Wedding June 11, 1938


Thank you to the person who brought this down the dock for me.  Sorry I didn’t get your name.

Ron Gilson writes in-

Good morning Joey:

Over the years I have refrained from commenting on various interesting community posts on your blog.  Who’s interested in an old man’s perspective?

However, today’s wedding story on your blog represents not only a detailed account of a  prominent Italian commuity wedding, but more importantly, to me, it is a detailed slice of our all important fishing community history.

In 1938, all the up and coming leaders of the Italian community fishing fleet were listed as principals in this wedding.  They were the future players about to write Gloucester fishing history.  The Curcuru’s, Ciaramitaro’s, Branceleone’s, Strescino’s, D’Amico’s, Calamo’s, Novello’s, Orlando’s, to name a few, were all in attendance.  It was a wedding spectacular!  

Ten years later, Capt. Joe Ciaramitaro, in his highligher Benjamin C., would lead the fleet in the redfishing game, along with Capt. Sam Nicastro in his F/V Felicia; Capt. Chris Cecilio in his F/V Mary and Josephine; Capt. Rico Strescino in his family owned F/V Balilla and later in the  Boston vessel Agatha and Patricia; the Brancaleone brothers in their family vessels Joseph & Lucia and St. Victoria; the Novello’s in their new Bonaventure and the Calomo and D’Amico families in their highline seiner, Ida & Joseph.

These Italian vessels and their crews and many others played a major role in the prominence of Gloucester’s fishing production in that era.  It will never happen again, and this wave of Italian-American immigrants should never be forgotten.  It was an unforgettable time in our city’s history!

Ron Gilson

Report Monarch Sightings Here!

Monarch Butterfly Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2014More Monarch sightings reported on Cape Ann by GMG readers over the past several days, October 14th and 15th!

Monarchs640Maggis Rosa submits this photo from The Scientist Magazine, which was their Image of the Day and was shot by Luna Sin Estrellas at El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, where the butterflies are arriving earlier than usual and in greater numbers than last year.

photo (2)To the reader who sent the above photo, I unfortunately accidentally deleted the email. Please forgive and please let us know your name and where the photo was taken. Thank you!

Ed Note: Nancy Dudley writes, “The photo in the post w/o a caption was at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. We are seeing a couple a day this week. Thanks! I am looking for the milkweed seeds I got from you to plant in my marsh soon!”

Monarchs on the Wing ©Kim Smith 2014The Monarchs are back! Cape Ann GMG FOBs are continuing to report their Monarch sightings.

After taking a break during the rain of last week (butterfly’s wings don’t work very well in foul weather), the Monarchs are again moving through our region. Check the comment section to see all the recent sightings in our community. The above photo was taken yesterday, Monday, October 6th on Eastern Point. The photo below was shot last week, before the rain’s onset.

Monarch in flight ©Kim Smith 2014Monarch in Mid-Flight and New England Asters

Tip ~ This morning I ran into my friend Maggie and her husband who had just rescued a Monarch from the middle of the road. Butterfly wings don’t work very well in cool temperatures. If you find a Monarch in a seemingly quiet and weakened state, it could quite possibly simply be cold. Place the butterfly in a sheltered and sunny spot and it may very well revive!

*   *   *

In 1975, in Angangueo, at the time when the butterflies winter grounds were first located by Mexican citizen Catalina Aguado and her American husband Ken Brugger, they not only discovered billions roosting on the limbs of the oyamel fir trees but also millions quietly at rest on the forest floor. Thinking that the butterflies were dead, some members of the discovery group brought the butterflies back to their homes. Later in the day, after the butterfly’s flight muscles had warmed, they awoke and began to fly. Today at the butterfly biosphere reserves it is against the rules to pick up or touch a sleeping butterfly.

Monarch Butterfly Nectaring Joe Pye ©Kim Smith 2012Joe-pye Weed (Eupatorium)

In Sunday’s podcast (September 21st), Joey made the super suggestion to create a place where GMG readers can report their Monarch butterfly sightings. I’ll repost this post every night for the next week or so. Please report any sightings to the comment section of this post, that way we can keep all sightings in one collective spot. You can send in a photo capture if you’d like, too.

Today as I was leaving our home, around noon time, I spotted a Monarch in our garden in East Gloucester. Let us know what you see. Thank you!

Monarch Butterfly Eastern Point Gloucester ©kim Smith 2012


Dennis Brennan this Thursday night @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party…The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 10.16.2014

dave sag rl 4.3.2014


OK, kids, time to put your vibrating font of perpetual solipsism* away and pay attention to this: Dennis Brennan is coming to town.Yes, yes, when it comes to naked emotions it helps to have D around to befriend our eardrums and try to make a whole lotta sense with our paltry lives. Possibly the area’s most important raw mineral. And he’s breaking it up a little bit by using some other cats than we’re used to hearing.
Firstly, there’s Steve Sadler ,gourmand guitarist and everybody’s favorite studio cat. Knows Dennis’ every move from other gigs. And Forrest “Frosty” Padgett, who’s a big fave around here, on the eggbeaters. And me, too. I’m Dave Sag, and I approve this message.


db rl c

Don’t forget next Monday afternoon: The Good Old Salty Jazz Band will be wheezing their hearts outs for you, the viewer, at The Rose Baker Senior Center. From 1 to 3, we’ll be playing all your favorite tin pan alley toons for the prune juice and joint replacement crowd. Join us for some great cane-tapping fun!

*smart phone, or personal brain damage device
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Tourists – Ohio, Alabama, California, Arkansas Visit Gloucester


Couple from Ohio, enjoy Gloucester Harbor


Couple from Alabama, ski in Colorado in the winter and visit Gloucester in the Fall


Couple from the San Francisco Bay area love the east coast


River Barge Operator from Arkansas loves Gloucester’s open harbor

News from Magnolia

Welcome New Board Members! The MLCC is proud to announce four new board members, please join us in welcoming Donna Ardizzoni, Curt Henderson, Alana Horne, and Keith Shatford. Their fresh perspectives, great ideas, and desire to make the MLCC all that it can be was obvious in the first board meeting of the year held in September. Stay tuned – it’s going to be a great year at the MLCC!

Upcoming Events:
 Story Hour & Crafts – is there any better way for you and your little ones to spend the last Sunday of every month? This month we’ll be reading, “Click, Clack, Boo!” and doing some sort of scary craft (October 26: 11:30am @ the MLCC). If you or your organization are interested in reading a story and/or want to sponsor a craft hour, contact Erin Pequeno:

 The next Indoor Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday October 25, 8am – 2pm… no early bird shoppers (we mean it). Set up at 6am or the night before. If interested in a table contact Walt TODAY: Tables are $25, 8’ (will be provided) with some peripheral floor space.

 The annual Halloween Party, sponsored by the Magnolia Lions Club is scheduled for Halloween night! Stop by for some pre- or post- trick-or-treating fun and enjoy some (more) treats. 5pm – see you there!

 Don’t forget to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 4. The West Parish Elementary will be having a bake sale, so celebrate your right to vote with a big fat cookie! …mmmmm…freedom…

 The Taste of Magnolia is scheduled for November 21 and planning is well underway. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please contact Donna Kecyk: If you aren’t familiar with the event, it involves a magnificent spread of food, wine, games and prizes, silent and live auctions, and the drawing of the winning ticket from the 50/50 raffle that has been going on for the past year – if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, contact an MLCC board member:! ALL proceeds benefit the Magnolia Library and Community Center, ALL participants have a wonderful time!

 The annual Christmas Party is scheduled for December 7th – come by to help light the tree, sing some carols, and get a final word in with Santa before he finalizes his nice/naughty list.

Awesome Gloucester is looking for ideas… do you have an idea to make Gloucester even more awesome? Every month this group awards $1000 to the person with the best idea. Seriously. Check it out on facebook: or on the web:

That’s all for now – watch out for falling acorns and Happy Fall!

Doug Shatford –President
Tim Nolan – Treasurer
Bobbi Lemay – Secretary
Donna Ardizzoni
Curt Henderson
Alana Horne
Donna Kecyk
Walt Kolenda
Rosalie Lentini
Jamie O’Hara
Janet Powers

Community Photos 10/16/14

Cruz Ferreras submits-

Olivia and Ava had a picnic brunch at the Benjamin Smith playground on Cripple Cove on a perfect Autumn Sunday morning.

photo 1photo 2

That Nutty Redhead submits-

Hi Joey, this just in this morning, if you’d like to share. Many thanks!!!

​Thank you Heather Atwood for a wonderful article, and I thank the Gloucester Times for this opportunity to share my passion for creating a delicious healthy snack!

You can sample these fine gourmet nuts this Saturday October 18th at the Rockport Harvestfest. ***SPECIAL gourmet FUDGE topped with my signature Praline Sea Salt Nuts will also be available!!! I’ll be in the Harvey Park area from 10-6pm. There will be a host of great food vendors and live music on the wharf so come on down!!! 

You can sponsor That Nutty Redhead to get her product into Whole Foods Market here, many thanks for any and all support!

Fred’s Twice–Yearly Haircut

MaherBirdseye4966wm MaherHaircut4957wm

I went to my friend Laureen Maher’s Beauty Bar Salon on Parker Street in Gloucester: My first cut was at Den Mar Nursing/Rehab in Rockport. Because of my cancer, it pretty much stopped growing, except for unruly curls on the sides. Laureen is also a painter, like my sister “Painter Barb,” who took the portrait. Laureen displays some of her work in the salon and has a few pieces my gallery. Thank you Laureen for the trim and thank you hair for not falling out (yet). Chemo treatment #5 today.

Rockport’s Harvest Festival

One of my favorite days in Rockport is coming up this Saturday!  Lots of great music, food, vendors, artisans, and a Seafood Throw Down….plus, adding a beer truck doesn’t hurt either.  T-Wharf will be the place to be from 10-6!  I hope to see you there!


Read More about Harvest Fest here!

Schedule of Events…check this out for sure!

Thursday October 16th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather …

Marine Forecast :
Small Craft Advisory …
Today SE winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Patchy fog. Showers likely this morning…then showers with isolated tstms this afternoon. Vsby 1 to 3 nm…decreasing to 1 nm or less this afternoon.
Tonight SE winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt…becoming S 5 to 10 kt after midnight. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Patchy fog. Showers. Vsby 1 nm or less.

Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Forecast :



Community Stuff 10/16/14




The Cape Ann Theatre Collaborative

presents an irreverent parody of Maxwell Anderson’s 1954 Broadway play and Oscar winning film,

The Bad Seed


A perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

Anderson explores the theme of Nature vs. Nurture. Enter one Rhoda Penmark; a young girl so precious and sweet, every parent’s dream…

or IS SHE?!

Anderson’s 1954 script borrows from the tragedy Medea, while CAT’s production upends tragedy into comedy with the Italian theatre’s Comedia dell’arte tradition, “lazzi” which roughly translates to “funny bits!” This production is loaded.

Come find out just how “sweet” this Bad Seed is!

The Bad Seed is a wildly inappropriate, side-splitting comic romp, yet very PG-13.

Howl this Halloween silly!

Come by and bust a gut laughing!

The Bad Seed is presented at the Gloucester Stage Company, 267 E. Main St. Seven shows only, Preview Performance 10/16, opening Friday, 10/17 running through Saturday 10/25.

Cape Ann Theatre Collaborative

Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930




Hey there Joey! We were hoping you could give Backyard Growers one more blast on your awesome blog! Our application deadline is tomorrow for the 2015 growing season (folks can apply online). If you could include our cute family pics and our logo that would be awesome—thanks!

Lara & Anne (Anne is our new Program Manager—Backyard Growers is growing!)

Backyard Growers Application Deadline Today! Get a raised-bed garden for your backyard for the 2015 growing season!
Would you like to pick fresh vegetables from your own backyard garden next summer? If so, you should apply for the 2015 Backyard Garden program from Backyard Growers, the grassroots nonprofit that brought schoolyard gardens to every public school in Gloucester and has put raised-bed gardens in the backyards of 120 Gloucester households.
Don’t delay! Now is the time to apply — Backyard Growers will be reducing the number of backyard gardens they offer next year to focus more on school and community gardens.
Low- to moderate-income Gloucester families are invited to apply. The deadline is Thursday, October 16. Get your application at