GloucesterCast 106 With Guests Donna Ardizzoni, Kim Smith, Toby Pett, Paulie Walnuts and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/30/14

GloucesterCast 106 With Guests Donna Ardizzoni, Kim Smith, Toby Pett, Paulie Walnuts and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/30/14

Topics Include: Winner Of GloucesterCast Subscriber Contest #2 Is Leslie Heffron, Week Three GloucesterCast Podcast Subscriber Contest: One of the first ten subscribers to the GloucesterCast this week will win a mini framed sketch from Paulie Walnuts of your local scene request, Toby Pett Wearing Sailing Arch-nemesis Fred Shrigley Boat Shirt despite intense sailing rivalry, Is There A Bigger Drinking Institution Than The Rhumb Line In Gloucester Since The Old Timers Is Gone?, Is there a better feeling than having your Christmas shopping done early?, Donna Ardizzoni still smiling after falling and bruising her ribs half way up the Lobster Trap Tree, Kudos To Hiltz Trucking for trucking the Lobster traps for the lobster trap tree and Sticky Fingers for treats for the builders more kudos to come, Buoy Painting At Art Haven For The Lobster Trap Tree , GMG Holiday Party December 19th, A Present To Me would be If Someone bought a gift for them self or for a loved one from Fred Bodin at Bodin Historic Photo, Mini-Rant- Local retailers That Don’t retweet or share Dawn at La Provence or Susan From Toodeloos efforts to promote shop local initiatives that would help them out, Shopping Local Is So Much Less Stressful and studies show that over 50% of the money you spend locally stays and gets re-spent locally, Just a Few Local stores to get great gifts- Toodeloos, Island Art and Hobby, TBT Post, Premier Imprints, Pisces, Palazolas, House Of The Raven, Cape Ann Olive Oil, Alexandras Bread, The Cave, Savour Wine and Cheese, Bookstore of Gloucester, Main Street Art and Antiques, Pearls, Ace Hardware, Building Center, Ect Ect Ect, Donna has pillows which she can put any of her photos on them for a gift, Cape Ann Giclee, Confused Over The Flap Over The Increased Cost for The Post Thanksgiving Gloucester Daily Times, Christmas Tree Talk, Lumberjack Kim Smith, White Lights vs Colored Lights, C9 Ceramic Lights, For Anyone That Is Doing The Home Energy Assesment Please advocate To Get As Much free Stuff as Possible Including Free Lightbulbs, Free Power Strips,  Efficient Shower Heads, and Electonic Thermostats, Going To Find Out If The Functional Lights We Replaced are of use at Second Glance, Shout Out To Steve Corbett Electricians, What Kind Of Savage Eats Mince Meat Pie?, Pie Pole Adventures With Kim Smith, Secret To Non-Runny Pecan Pie, Donna Is Not A Pie-Eater, Rocky Neck Holiday Art and Craft Show, Magnolia Historical Society Art In The Schoolhouse, Rusty and Ingrid, Local Colors, Joe Higgins Gyotaku Prints, Brother’s Brew Donuts Mandatory Mention, The Reach of The Blog, Judith Sudduth on Eastern Point, Reminder: How To Get a Free GMG Sticker , Brodies Pub, The Secret To Brodies Steak Tips, What Other Places Are North Shore Drinking Institutions Like Mattys In Marblehead, Brodies in Peabody Square and The Rhumb Line In Gloucester?, GMG Holiday Party December 19th, Toby Is Getting a Knee Replacement, Councilwoman Melissa Cox, Killer No-Brainer $300 Camera Recommendation.

Joey Toby Donna Kim Podcast 105 Paul Frontiero


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The same camera that I use but was two generations older captured these images-

Brace, Brace’s, Brase’s, Bracy’s ~ How Do You Refer to Brace Cove and Brace Rock?

Brace Cove Panorama ©Kim Smith 2014Click to View Full Size

Reader Cynthia Hill wrote the following in response to a recent GMG post, Thanksgiving Day Brace Cove Gloucester:

Hi Kim,
Can someone prove to me that this is Brace Cove, when for 65 years it’s been Brace’s Cove?
Old maps show it both ways, but I spent a third of my life there ~ always at Brace’s Cove.

When I was small, all our parents “managed Brace’s”, kept it clean and raked, had many a great
clam bakes in front of the Kaknes’ house, all to keep us kids safe during the polio scare.

Every time I see your beautiful photos, I think Brace’s Cove….I’ve explored maps at Fred’s.

Would love it if an “old timer” such as myself, could help sort this out.

Happy Holidays,

Hi Cynthia, Here’s what I found in Joe Garland’s book Eastern Point, page 11, 2nd paragraph:

“Incidentally, this is one of the earliest references to what should properly be called Brace Cove, variously identified as Bracy’s and Brase’s in contemporary documents.  Viewed as a proper name, the etymology leads to a dead end; but rid yourself of that mental set, and the derivation is surpassingly direct: a brace, from the Middle English and Old French, was an arm. Brace is an obsolete word for an arm of the sea, an inlet–a perfect figure of speech in the case of the stunning cove whose waters are so nearly embraced by the lethal, pincer-like arms of Brace Rock and Bemo Ledge.”

Cynthia, I too have seen it spelled several different ways on antique and newer maps. Perhaps if they have a spare moment, some of our “old timer” readers will weigh in–it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Brace Cove Vertical Panorama ©Liv HauckVertical Panorama with Moon Courtesy Liv Hauck

Santa Parade

Ho Ho Ho, Don’t forget to go!

Don’t forget that the Gloucester Santa parade begins today at 3:00! The route begins at the State Fish Pier and ends at Kent Circle on the boulevard for the annual tree lighting. The tree is expected be lit between 4:30-5:00. I’ve heard differing reports so I’m covering my bases.

Curbside Leaf Collections

Curbside Leaf Collections

The last two curbside leaf collections of 2014 will take place the weeks of December 1- 5 and December 8-12 on your regular trash day.

  • Leaves must be out for collection by 7 a.m. on your regular rubbish collection day.
  • Leaf containers must be physically separated from trash and recycling.
  • Paper leaf bags are preferred for leaf disposal. If barrels are used to contain the leaves, they must be clearly marked “Yard Waste” and covers must be removed so the leaves are visible.
  • No plastic bags of any kind or cardboard boxes will be accepted. No branches or brush will be collected.

Special note: Because separate trucks collect the rubbish, recycling and leaves, the leaves may be collected at a different time of day.

Christmas Tree. Check.

Another successful search for the most perfect of trees is in the books.  Cheers again to the Bertolon Family and Beverly Tree Farm for opening their doors, helping us to create lasting memories, and raising money for The Cabot Performing Arts Center.

Beverly Tree Farm

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Chickity Check It! Darren Taylor’s Now Available At local Colors Downtown

Darren Taylor has close to two decades in the woodworking industry and has operated a fully equipped shop since 2008.  Darren prides himself on the quality of his craftsmanship, and his many years in the finish room produces finishes that are second to none.  From distressed to hand rubbed to poured epoxy, Massachusetts Woodworks finishes beg to be touched and are unequaled in the industry.


Massachusetts Woodworks specializes in one-of-a-kind, heirloom furniture and built-ins. Most of our commissions come from interior designers and  architects. Our clients include discriminating residential end users, as well as commercial accounts.

Community Stuff 11/30/14


Auditions for CAST,s Season Seven production of Shakespeare on Love (February 13, 14, 15) will be held Wednesday, December 3 from 7-9 pm at the Rockport Community House, 58 Broadway. Please bring a 1-2 minute monologue from any genre you’d like and be prepared to read from scenes given to you by the directors as well. 

See you there!

Ashlee Holm

Joseph Stiliano

Hi Joey,

We’re happy to share that the next Cape Ann Contra Dance will be Friday, December 5, 7:30 PM at the American Legion Hall in Gloucester.

It’s the perfect hall to enjoy traditional New England music and dance.

Everyone is welcome!

Thanks so much,

Rose Sheehan, Folk Life Studio

December 5




All are invited to savor the ambiance of an English High Tea with sweets and tea sandwiches!  Experience the fun of shopping and socializing away from the crowds in the quintessentially New England charm of the historic Cultural Center at Rocky Neck.

Enjoy your choice of an exotic or classic variety of organically grown teas.  Then sip your special tea from elegant porcelain cups while you ponder gift ideas from among splendid art and crafts creations exhibited by local artists:   wearable and functional art pieces, jewelry, pottery, books, calendars, cards, photographs and paintings.  Share with friends a fun High Tea Holiday afternoon of casual elegance as you sip and shop.  Open to All!  Refreshments and admission free.  The RNAC Holiday Art and Crafts Show continues 12 – 4 pm, Friday-Sunday,  through December 28th.

More information on all Cultural Center events is available by visiting our

website at, by email

or  telephone 978 515-7004.


The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA 01930,

the official Welcome Center for Rocky Neck and home of the Art Colony, hosts exhibitions, workshops, meetings, lectures and cultural events of all kinds. The Center accommodates up to 100 people. For information about renting the facility for a meeting, theatrical or musical performance, a small wedding or anniversary, both private or for the community, please

RNAC 2013 Holiday Show TeaRNAC High Tea Image

Thank You Nichole Schrafft for the Beverly Tree Farm Recommendation!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany thanks to Nichole for her wonderful recommendation to purchase Christmas trees at the Beverly Tree Farm. Nichole wrote of her family’s tradition in this week’s “Nichole’s Family Picks of the Weekend.” Although we don’t have little ones any longer living at home to enjoy the wonderful hospitality provided by the Bertolon Family, I needed a freshly cut tree that will last through an extended holiday season. Usually our tree goes up the second week or so in December, but as our daughter won’t be home for Christmas she asked if we could get the tree up and decorate while she is visiting.

The dork that I am, I showed up at the farm by myself and without saw–I thought it was pick your own, not saw your own, too! Fortunately, the very sweet Mrs Bertolon had just the solution, which was to select from a small pile of trees that folks had cut the previous day, but had left behind.

My next dilemma was the fact they place the tree on top of your car, but for liability reasons cannot tie it down for you. After watching the dad in the car next to mine expertly tie his down, I attempted to secure ours. I couldn’t have been more inept and within a few moments, the super nice dad had successfully tied mine down, too (he mentioned that he formerly worked at a tree farm). Thank you beautiful family from Marblehead!

The Farm is only open tomorrow, Sunday, and next weekend, December 6th and 7th, or only as long as this year’s crop of harvestable trees last.

For more about Nichole’s family’s experience read her post here and visit the Beverly Tree Farm website here.


the-girls-and-JacksonMrs. Bertolon (holding her granddaughter)

Images courtesy Beverly Tree Farm Website