Glimpses of The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 2

Al Bezanson submits-

Glimpses of The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 2


Mystic Seaport’s BRILLIANT, first in the medium class this year in Gloucester, was among the few that finished early.  Most of the fleet was well astern dealing with light air, then heavier headwinds.


WOODWIND runs public sails out of Annapolis and is a consistent winner in this race. She is of lightweight construction, built by John Scarano in Albany in 1993.  Every year, after the pig roast, there is a famous rum party aboard for all the crews and volunteers.


APELLA, 2nd in class in Gloucester this year, with PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II.  She is a Shearwater 45, designed by Dudley Dix and built in South Africa.


This was the 25th GCBSR and LADY MARYLAND has sailed in most all.  She is a pungy, built in 1985 by Living Classrooms in Baltimore and used for hands-on multidisciplinary education for students of all ages.


A J MEERWALD of Bivalve, NJ is the state’s official tall ship.  Built in 1928 for oyster dredging, she is fully engaged in educational programs with the Bayshore Discovery Project.


FAREWELL, built in a backyard in Annapolis and launched in 1972, is a scaled down Grand Banks schooner design by Peter Van Dyne.  FAREWELL and GREEN DRAGON were rivals in Class C in six of these races between 1997 and 2009.


Brett Ramsey took time out for a high speed drive to VA over the weekend to talk to boat owners and sample the legendary hospitality that is the feature of the GCBSR.


On  the inside, TOM BOMBADIL, Pasadena, MD with ISTAR, the 37 ft schooner launched this summer in Provincetown by Stormy Mayo.  ISTAR has been a project for nearly forty years, and would have been at the Gloucester race this year had she not been held back by headwinds as she returned from Maine.


Dr. Al Roper, President of the GCBSR Executive Committee, was up all night managing docking and seeing to it that every schooner got a full measure of southern hospitality.

More to come, including the race results in Part 3 of this series.

Al Bezanson

October Nor’easter Storm Snapshots

Eastern Point Seagulls ©Kim Smith 2014Out on Eastern Point this morning great flocks of seagulls were riding the waves while the Niles Pond swans and ducks were tucked into their shoreline retreats. The cormorants were many and could be seen clustering on rocky perches all around the inner harbor.

Niles Pond Swans ©kim Smith 2014Gloucester’s DPW crews were out and about clearing the streets from downed limbs.Gloucester DPW ©Kim Smith 2014

I only stayed for a moment at the Brace Cove berm because the waves were so tremendous that it really didn’t feel safe. I am glad to report though that at 10:30 this morning the narrowest slip of land that prevents Niles Pond from becoming Brace Cove’s salt marsh appears to have weathered this October nor’easter.

Brace Cove seagulls ©Kim Smith 2014

storm damage Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014Downed Tree Mangles Portable Potty

Live Blogging: Market Basket Shuts Down

It felt very creepy yet calming at the Basket a few minutes ago. Some might it was bordering on pre apocalyptic.

As we walked through in silence, the only noise being the shuffle of people’s feet and the squeaky wheels of the carts, I realized just how loud all the compressors really are when all the power is running.

The shut down was happening as we shopped. Slowly all of the isles were blocked in the frozen sections, then the curtains cam down on almost everything.

We managed to escape with the goods we grabbed, and swooped up some Halloween candy on our way out before we had to start chopping off Zombie heads!  Spoooooooky!

DAVE SAG’S BLUES PARTY WITH SPECIAL GUEST: Brian David Templeton, William Loosigian & Dave Mattacks @ The Rhumb Line 8:30 to 11:30

dave sag rl mo


It’s He-Man Week™ as I drag in the limb-crunching behemoth of the blues: Mr. Brian Templeton. Last time he was here, severe shock and awe erupted on the dance floor and mere mortals (not you) quivered with trepidation at what might happen to their booty whilst under his spell. He’s a really big guy, physically and tonally. Makes me look like Barney Fife. He’s really a great frontman, singer and harpist,and a joy to work with. He’s bringing along Mr. Billy Loosigian, rocket-propelled guitarist and veteran of many an ear-exploding night on this same stage.He’ll be the one in the red cape. Range-finding co-ordinates supplied by the atomic clock, Mr. Dave Mattacks. I’ll be on base. hours: 8:30 till11:30, and, no, we’re not changing them anymore for the winter.



40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, Ma.


Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang

Please come and join in fun:

When:           Saturday, October 25, 2014

Where:          Jodrey State pier

Time:            8:00 am -9:00 am

We will supply the bags, please bring gloves and a broom and pan if you would like.  Please meet us at the end of the pier.

Maybe we will the seal swimming by.

Thank youSeptember 24, 2014 Our Seal



GMG via the Weather Channel From Samantha Wood Goddess

Hi Joey,

When I checked my Weather Channel app on my iPhone this morning to see how the day’s weather was looking (rainy), the attached ad was placed in the middle of my forecast.  Not surprisingly, I thought of you!  Estee Lauder has stolen your tag line!
See you soon!

GMG Estee Lauder

First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery Volunteer Group Looking For Help From Crystal Daley

Good Morning,

I am part of a volunteer group working on First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery.  There has been a lot of talk around about the goats that have been placed there to help out and I was wondering if you would publish my article more about the humans who are working there.  We are in need of more volunteers and would love to segway from the goats into that. 

Thank you very much.

Crystal Daley



Goats are awesome but we need people too.
Up at the First Parish Burial ground the team of goats is happily munching away a section of the brush.  The volunteers however don’t have such luxury.  The overgrowth and neglect that the cemeteries have suffered is great.  We are only three out of town people who are hard at work reclaiming the proud lost history of Gloucester’s people and military service.  It is true that these cemeteries were not designed as more modern one with space for people to visit but we would like the change that.  The first step is getting them cleaned and safe.  We have been working diligently every weekend over the summer and have made giant strides towards that goal.
Now that a lot of the clearing for First Parish has been done it is time to focus on the smaller Clark cemetery behind it.  Rose bushes, berry bushes, trees and bamboo have overtaken this sacred space.  Using the website we have started to connect people with their ancestors in Clark and First Parish.  Those connections to our past are why it is important for us to do this work.
On our first day of clearing a few months ago in First Parish we met a family that had come down to see a grave of one of their ancestors.  They were unable to find it as the age of the stones makes it hard to read them.  But over the course of the day we were able to find it for them and emailed them the location for them to visit again.  The next time we were there a lovely bunch a flowers had been left.
More recently after the first article ran in the Gloucester Times I contacted an online commenter on the article.  He had said that his family owns a plot in Clark Cemetery.  Through a few emails I asked him where the plot was and invited him to come down to show us where to clear out.  By the time he got there last Saturday we had already figured out the location of his family and had cleared it for him.
Robert had not been able to go to his family’s plot since before 2008 due to the overgrowth.  He told us that he used to come a few time a year to see the plot of his Great Grandmother and kin to leave geraniums.  Originally we were told that the last person buried in either cemetery was in the 1920’s but Robert informed us that the last person laid in his family’s plot was in the 60’s. We were so happy that he is now able to go to the plot without having to wade through tough overgrowth and that he is able to come back to continue his tradition of honoring his history.
There are other stories like this but we do need the help of the community.  There are only the three of us doing the work usually (light)rain or shine, with the exception of lighting.  You can find us there on Saturdays after noon; we are Rachel Meyer, Josh Gerloff and myself Crystal Daley. Anyone coming to volunteer their time is only asked to dress for work.  Jeans or other work pants, comfortable shirt (you will get hot working) and comfortable sneakers or boots.  Tools are also welcome to be brought and used.  The most helpful tools we have found are trash bags, tarps, rakes, clippers of all sizes, brush cutters, weed whackers, saws and we could use one or more people with chainsaws for some dead trees that have fallen over.
If you are interested in helping out we are excited to work with you.  We would love for anyone to come down to help out.  There is something for any skill level to do.  If you would rather donate instead of volunteer that is also helpful.  You may email me at and I can answer any questions you might have on donating or volunteering with us.  I look forward to having more stories like Robert’s in the near future.

Thursday October 23rd , 2014 Cape Ann Weather ..

Marine Forecast :
Storm Warning :
High Wind Warning :

Today NE winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts up to 55 kt… Diminishing to 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 45 kt this afternoon. Seas 9 to 14 ft. Patchy fog. Widespread showers. Scattered tstms this morning. Some tstms may produce heavy rainfall this morning. Vsby 1 nm or less…increasing to 1 to 3 nm this afternoon.
Tonight N winds 15 to 20 kt. Gusts up to 45 kt… Decreasing to 35 kt after midnight. Seas 7 to 10 ft. Patchy fog. Numerous showers. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Pod Cast Weather :
Hourly Forecast



Last Night Reporting In Nor’ Easter !









The Crew Michael Oppelt , Mikey Stevens And Myself … Yup where CRAZY!!! 🙂

Tourists–From New Jersey

This couple are from Little Egg Harbor New Jersey, not to be mistaken with Big Egg Harbor.

Named by the American Indians, because small birds laid their eggs in Little Egg Harbor and Big Birds laid their eggs in Big Egg Harbor.



Community Stuff 10/23/14

Jewels of Gloucester Moving-


Jewels of Gloucester is excited to announce that in 2 weeks we are moving to 242 Main St. Next to Stone’s Pub and across from the Liquor Locker! Over the next few months we will be upgrading our workshop so we can provide even better and faster jewelry and watch repairs. As always we will continue making beautiful handmade jewelry, as well as offering our Cash for Gold service.

Thanks for your support,

Jim Hyatt
Owner, Jewels of Gloucester

Follow on Facebook:

Follow on Twitter: @jewelzofglostr


Last Three shows-


Oceanside Hotel Info

I am writing the history of an organization called the Southern Industrial Educational Assoc. 1905-1926. Part of their mission was to provide a marketplace of selling Appalachian craftwork. 

The woman in charge of marketing the crafts outside of Washington DC was Augusta S Stone. I know she spent summers with her daughter in Magnolia and that the large hotels sold Appalachian crafts in their gift shops. She may have stayed at the hotel.

Do you know the contact information for someone who might have photos of the old hotel, possibly interior shots, or other memorabilia that might help me with my research. I notice that George Krewson III seems to be interested in the hotels history. Is there a phone number or email where I could reach him?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. 



Resident Fellow, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

Kathleen Curtis Wilson

Fellow, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities


Hello we at dawns studio of dance is hosting a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. The fundraiser is for our dancers to go to disney nxt oct. We were wondering if u cld just put the add up for us. It will be November 13th at the D.E.S hall from 5-8. There will be a raffle basket with the frozen characters and more. Cld u plse let me know if u can do that for us, my email is ty very much

Help Eastern Point Day School “Drive Toward the Future”


Eastern Point Day School, formerly Saint Mel’s, needs your help! More to the point, future students do! EPDS is hosting a fundraiser event and silent auction to raise money for our Scholarship Fund. 

Why should you help out EPDS?

We offer an outstanding academic experience in a safe and nurturing environment, where students learn respect for others and blossom with self-esteem. We embrace local partners including YMCA, Maritime Heritage Museum, Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester Stage Co. and NOAA. Our students work together across all grades – supporting each other and learning critical problem solving skills as a team. It truly is a place where kids can be themselves and genuinely cultivate a love of learning.

1/3 of the families at EPDS last year received some form of financial assistance and/or scholarship.

When you support EPDS, you are keeping educational diversity alive on Cape Ann and giving a child in our community the gift of a bright future. Thank you. 

How can you help?

A variety of ways! Volunteer your time and talents to the school. 

Or, donate to our fundraising efforts. 



Tickets for this event on November 8th, can be purchased HERE

Your contribution to the EPDS scholarship fund extends this opportunity to children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford tuition.

With your support, we can continue to promote the advancement of Cape Ann’s next generation of inventors, artists, environmentalists, athletes, politicians and humanitarians.